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Flag flap continues after Leland council's decision

READ MORE: Flag flap continues after Leland council's decision

LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- Eleven feet wide and eight feet tall. According to the owner, they're the measurements of the American flag flying at the Buy and Go gas station in Leland. Town Council members say it's too big, and customers are split over whether the flag should continue to fly.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous," customer Rachel Hawes said. "There's no reason why you should ever have to take down a flag."

"I think they need to leave it alone," Sheila Jordan said. "I enjoy looking at it, and it doesn't harm anyone."

Many customers at the Buy and Go are upset by the the town's decision to stick with its existing ordinance. Thursday night the council said it would notify the business to take down the giant American flag or pay the fine.

According to the Leland town ordinance, a flag pole can't be more than 40 feet high, but the one at the Buy and Go gas station is 60 feet high, and even with the additional height council members are worried, when flown at half staff, this flag won't fly properly.

"Let's tell them on the next holiday, 'Fly that flag at half staff the way it should be flown,'" Councilman Herbert Barnes said. "They can't."

That's because according to federal law, "the flag should never touch anything beneath it." But when flown at half staff council members say this flag would touch the trees below.

"It's bigger to me than the height of the pole, the size of the flag. If it's at half mast and it's dragging the ground, that's wrong," Buy and Go customer Rodney Cheek said.

Barnes is also worried it's being flown for commercialism not patriotism.

"I fought to have the flag flown as it should be flown," Barnes, a Purple Heart recipient, said. "That's not the way it should be flown. It should never be flown to advertise business."

Whether the giant flag stays or not, some people feel everyone should use the controversy to find out the right way to fly the flag.

"It ain't about this flag," Cheek said. "It's about the flag."

The Buy and Go gas station owner was not available to talk on camera, but the manager says they have to speak to their lawyers before they decide whether or not to take down the flag.

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Leland Flag

Keep the flag flying. We love it. When Brunswick County folks have to ride to Wilmington, we love seeing the flag. We love Old Glory. Shame on the town board. Can't you find other things to do in your town besides taking down this beautiful flag?


I can not believe we are still fussing about this FLAG!!! There are many things this town needs to fix and this should not even be on the list let alone at the top of the list. Town Council GET A CLUE!!!!

US Flag

Having a son that has been to Iraq twice and is a student at UNCW, it is a crying shame that ANY town would try to enforce any type of law that would keep our flag from flying high and proud. Many people have died over the past 224 years for our flag and if any elected officals vote to stop the flag from flying then they need to be removed form office then and deported somewhere. They swear on a bible to uphold the law of the land and then want to take down our flag, this group may next outlaw preaching on Sunday. If you can't respect our flag leave our country. Bunch of dumba$$ elected people.

This town needs to get a

This town needs to get a clue!!! The proper and correct to fly a flag at "half mast" is actually lowering it to a position of 3/4, not half-way down the pole! In a ceremony, you lower it down 1/2 way and then go back up to the 3/4 mark. case anyone cares. It bugs me to see a flag 1/2 way down the pole! It's wrong.

What is the point in flag

What is the point in flag pole height, anyhow? Just government at its best, trying to control every aspect of our lives. If the flag cannot be flown half mast without touching the ground, either take it down temporarily or install a longer pole. Leland is a little crap hole trying to act like a big city in their city hall way out in the boonies, nowhere near town.