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Flag flap finished?


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- Leland Town Council decided a giant American flag must come down. Back in April, the town threatened to fine the Buy and Go gas station off US 17 because its flag was bigger than an ordinance allows.

The flag does not meet federal standards because it's too big for its pole and would touch the ground if flown at half staff. Town Council is also worried it's being flown for commercialism not patriotism.

"I fought to have the flag flown as it should be flown," said Councilman Herman Barnes. "That's not the way it should be flown. It should never be flown to advertise business."

The council decided to stand by the town ordinance. The business will now get a notice it is not in compliance and have to bring down the flag or face a fine.

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Leland Flag

I am offended that any American citizen would be told to take down the American flag in America, rules or not. It seems like every time I turn on the news someone somewhere in America is being told they cannot display the American flag in AMERICA because of some stupid "rule". Rules can be changed & this is one rule that should be changed.

Who are the elected officials of Leland to judge what is in this man’s heart? He’s a new American Citizen & wanted to display his pride at being an American & what better way to do that than to fly the biggest most beautiful American flag you can.

Councilman Herman Barnes said "That's not the way it should be flown. It should never be flown to advertise business." Well if that is how Mr. Barnes feels than he should request the taking down of ALL American flags at ALL businesses because they are ALL flown in some way to advertise businesses. So What!

I don't see the Town of Leland telling Hardees to take down their sign because it's too tall & too big. I can see that sign from the Thomas Rhodes bridge, but I can't see the American flag.

Stupid rule enforced by stupid people. The flag should stay!

This is to the Brunswick

This is to the Brunswick County citizens, where I am proud to make my home. I want us all to pray for our leaders that has been given the authority to make decisions regarding the US Flag.
It has been said that the Leland Town Council said that the US Flag must come down. It's to big, it's in the way, its blocking view or whatever. Is this a reason to dishonor this great flag for what it stands for and our military in harms way. Many of men and women lost their lives for what this flag stands for. Have the town of Leland's administrators changed since voting time? It not only effects the Leland community but also all the surrounding coummunities. Leland, the gateway to Brunswick County and all that pass through these major highways. I am proud to see that US Flag every time I go by. I ask that this rumor of taking down the big American Flag stop right now. Bad Choices Make Bad Consequences. This is a bad choice and I want no part of it. I am gonna wait and see and then make my vote count. Whoever is going to do the right thing has got my vote.

Flag Flap

If this flag is not in compliance with Federal guidelines, then how come it was manufactured? I'm sorry, but there are thousands that fought for the right to fly the flag and not just Mr. Barnes. It was as if he was speaking on behalf of all veterans. What gives him the right to do that? Do all the service men feel the same way as Mr. Barnes? Does it mean that because he says so it is absolute!!!!!
Why don't the representatives from the town and the owner of the flag sit down and work it out. Can the flag be flown at half-staff properly? If the pole were the fall, could it do damage to the surrounding areas? and Why was it put up in the first place? It is as if the Town is saying "you will play my way or not at all". I know that we have to have rules and regulations, but let the town and the owner finally work this out and get on with more important business at hand.....

Flag and patriotism

The United States Flag is a symbol. Patriotism is a way of life and though the flag is a symbol of our great Nation, the two do not have to go hand in hand.

How would you feel if the owner's of that gas station were from Iraq or Afghanistan or Iran and they were flying the flag of their home country. I bet you would people would be the first ones in line at a public hearing insisting that an ordinance be enacted to force them to take it down.

The damn flag is too big, it is not in compliance with the law. Take the thing down and replace it with one that meets the standards of the local regualtions and the Federal guidlines for the display of the American Flag.

I am a Patriot, I love my Country, I respect my veterans but I also respect the process of how an why laws are made in this country. They protect my freedoms, health, safety and general welfare. Being a patriot is defined as a person who vigorously supports his country and its way of life. Our way of life has rules. They should apply to everyone.

Is this protecting your freedom

Your way of life definitely has rules and the 1st amendment to the Constitution is a big one. Liberty means that a person is free to make choices about, for example, what to say or to do. A primary purpose of constitutional government in the United States is to make the liberty of individuals secure. I can see doing something to protect health, safety and general welfare but not at the expense of other freedoms. If something is written that is in direct conflict with the Constitution then it should be changed and until it is, the intent of health, safety and welfare is void. As a “patriot” you must have studied history and seen where ignorance, hatred, etc. has guided some of our nation’s laws, in particular some of the zoning laws. But given time, with analysis and people standing up for their rights, laws have been changed for the betterment of everyone. If not, we would not be the United Sates of America we would still be the British Colonies. I’m not suggesting that we don’t need laws, I’m suggesting that emotionalism is taken out of the picture, that everyone quit trying to prove they right, that the Town study the ordinance completely, address any safety issues if there are any and make the ordinance Constitutional. In other words quit defending what is there just because it is there. Use some common sense, some judgment. No one’s rights should be stomped on just because an ordinance is an ordinance. That is why we have leaders. It is their job to take everything into account, study, seek guidance and make sure that they are obeying the laws themselves when they are writing or implementing their ordinances. And if they discover that they are wrong they have an obligation to correct it not to continue it


This clearly an issue of power and control by the town council. They just can't admit they were wrong and are going to dig their heels in to prove what big babies they are. They approved the flag pole and should give the business a break for that reason. They were wrong and now have made two wrongs, which makes TWO WRONGS - NOT A RIGHT!

Combined with that other fiasco of cracking down on road side businesses, they have clearly shown that they are out of touch with the citizenry. The people of Leland are being stepped on right and left here and need to vote these donkeys out at the first available opportunity. Every single one who stood by this decision should go!

Go Home Barneys!!!

For all of you "law upholding", do nothing else but stir up useless crap politicians, because you have nothing else productive to perform and justify your worthless position, I say:

"All of you silly "law enforcing, Barney Fife's" go home and play with your damn washing machine!"

This will allow "Old Glory" to fly proudly, we Americans happen to enjoy it. And you can let the farmers sell their vegetables on the side of the road as well! Stop screwing with American citizens!

You're a bunch of self-absorbed crooks!

Flag Flap

I guess Leland town council must hate America and love terrorists? Funny how a lot of the same people on here complaining about this violating our freedoms, etc. are the same ones who would complain about someone flying the flag improperly and not knowing their flag etiquette. Can't have it both ways.


Councilman Barnes and the others who stood by their ordinance in having the flag taken down should be ashamed of themselves. I hope these councilmen can be removed at the next election. They do not stand for what the flag stands for, and the freedom it represents. The ordinance could have been revised.

How ignorant

How do we know that is why the flag is flapping? You don't have to advertise a gas station...get real people. I don't think your brains are working with your mouths...or fingers for that matter. It is an American Flag...In God we Trust...maybe, if Americans worked together to fix the really bad things that go on instead of paying politicians to waste money on something petty like this...well...nough said.


This should have been didn't meet the ordinance, it should come down. Case closed.

Not so simple

I need to tell you and the Council you need to read your ordinance very carefully, and then you need to study what you keep referring to as “law". What Congress did was create a recommendation, it is not law. Your ordinance is unconstitutional and you should be sued. Read it, study it, and learn it because if a case comes up and makes it to the Supreme Court you will be humiliated and most likely unemployable in government for a long time. Not because you were "just doing your job but because you didn't do your job". You have an obligation to make sure what you present has been completely analyzed and in compliance. Have you ever heard of the fact that ordinances must be reviewed periodically and changed due to outdated material?You owe it to your citizens to protect their rights as Americans. It is not as simple as saying you want the flag flown right, or that you fought for it, or that our ordinance says so. That is like saying it is because it is. We all have a given right both by birth or by naturalization to expect that the Constitution of the United Sates will be upheld and your ordinance does not do this. By the way, what does your town attorney think? Is he even privy to what you have been doing? Did you seek his advice before you even started down this road? I suspect not.


No it's not simple. It's about our freedom and liberties in this country. Local ordinances should not be in conflict with these. If they are, the ordinances should be revised.


IT IS that simple...first the flag breaks the breaks the flag flying rules based on height of the pole...if the flag matched the is going to be under the ordinance size...

advertise business? dear

advertise business? dear geebus get over your damned selves already. they are showing pride and patriotism, why chalk it off as adverstising? so if they get a bigger pole itll be ok? doubtful, im sure someone would still have something to complain about.

i guess the huge tall hardees sign coming over the leland exit is perfectly acceptable then huh?

Proof read?

Back to topic.. I agree with Mr. Barnes. The American Flag should never be flown to advertise business. I'm sure the owner is a proud American that loves his country, but I have a feeling the large flag is there to draw attention to his business.

If he's flying the flag to show his patriotism, then he should have no problem replacing the flag with one that is in compliance with our Federal Laws.


Who are you to question someone's motives for flying the American flag on American soil? If motives are at issue, then maybe you can take a ride on the weekends through a certain gated community in Brunswick County and tell the real estate agents to remove the flags they put out to attract attention to the homes they are trying to sell. As strict as this community's rules are, they don't make them remove the flags.

Flag Flap

"It should never be flown to advertise business."

Exactly. Good job sir.

Good for Councilman Herman Barnes.

Those Leland hicks are as

Those Leland hicks are as about as un-American as you can get. I guess is a disabled vet in a wheelchair rolled down Village Road, they would throw water balloons at him.

Leland Hicks. I am from

Leland Hicks. I am from Leland and think you must be a very narrow minded person to put everyone into a single catagory. Want to meet somewhere, you are probably more or a hick than most Leland people I know. Would be interesting to see!

When I mentioned hicks, I

When I mentioned hicks, I was referring to the "city" council. However, if the shoe fits......

Leland Hicks??

You might disagree with the decision, which I also do, but your disparaging remards about the citizens in Leland is rude and ignorant. If you want to make a point, it's much more effective to speak your mind without labeling others.