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Flemington residents upset over water bill

READ MORE: Flemington residents upset over water bill
Residents of one local neighborhood have not paid a water bill in nearly 30-years, and say they should not have to start now. Back in the 1980's, New Hanover County agreed to subsidize water bills for residents of the Flemington neighborhood. This was after the E.P.A. sued the county for building a landfill in the area that contaminated the neighborhood's water supply. Assistant county manager David Weaver says those subsidies expired last month, when the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority took control of the county water services. Flemington resident Kenneth Sandlin said, "We're mad about it. We're absolutely upset about it. We feel like the county is not living up to their end of the bargain." Weaver says the lawsuit obligated the county to supply an alternative water supply system, not provide free water. Weaver added that free water for 28 years was merely an added benefit for Flemington residents.

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What's in the actual settlement?

The filed court documents...if the county agreed to provide free water ad infinum as a line item in the settlement, they cannot simply decide to reneg on the deal now. The new Cape Fear Formed Against the Voters' Wishes Public Utility Authority would be obligated to assume all liabilities of the prior agency unless they went to court to have the settlemet modified. (That's assuming there was no sunset provision in the settlement.) If, however, the settlement did simply call for an alternate water source, and the free water was a perk that was simply thrown in by the county, not a part of the settlement, then the homeowners don't have a very strong case. I'd still get a good lawyer and see what you can do. Anything that works AGAINST this new Goliath will benefit all of us....because quite frankly, "You ain't seen nuthin' yet. Their very name tells you where they plan to intrude into your lives....

Why Care About Flemington Now?

As a resident of Flemington Road for nearly 8 years, I can say that the quality of water here is bad and I don't think has been tested since I moved back here in 2004. Also, those who decided this don't realize that this is a blue collar, hard working, poor community who do not have the same benefits of those who live in Wilmington. We can't even get TimeWarner cable or Charter here. New Hanover County barely knows we exist as a community that pays taxes and contributes to this county. The County does not meet it's end in making sure we have the same services as the rest of the county like having bus service. Many think we are part of Brunswick County! Considering what is not offered to us since we live across the Cape Fear Bridge, the least they can do is offer free water! This is a tacky time to be greedy in light of the economy and seems the County used a magnifying glass to squeeze all the money they can gain from a 'unique' community that consist of mostly elderly people and blue collar citizens who don't even feel that New Hanover County even cares about them or their needs in 2008! By the way, when was a WATER TEST last done on Flemington Road? When was bus transportation offered? When was cable TV offered? When did WWAY TV 3 or WECT TV 6 come in clear with rabbit ears on Flemington Road? Did the County care when tropical storms and hurricanes hit Flemington Road and caused floods and damage? Does the County care about the industries across the road that blow an awful lot of smoke drifting in our area when the wind is just right? The county thinks we are fools and the County just don't care or think with their hearts or brains. Why don't they go pick on Landfall and those rich communities for the extra money they think they need so badly!

Can't these people contact

Can't these people contact the EPA and get this back in court?


WHOLE THING STINKS and it stinks HORRIBLY. The county and city have done this to further screw over its residents by not doing the jobs they were elected to do in the first place. I don't even know HOW IN THE WORLD this thing got passed to begin with! I HOPE that everyone returns the favor to these IDIOTS in November!