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Flemington Road Shooting Investigation

Neighbors describe the victim as a menace, with a history of drug problems. They say he and his girlfriend, who he had been living with, argued often. Shane Holloway was shot just before noon Tuesday and was later pronounced dead at New Hanover Regional. He was living with his girlfriend Betty Malpass and her mother on Flemington road. Holloway's friend was at the scene Tuesday. He said the victim's brother lives next door and that his children were playing outside and heard the gunshot. Shane Holloway has a criminal record, and is a registered sex offender. Investigators say he was shot with a .22 caliber rifle in the chest. Authorities arrested Betty Malpass for second-degree murder this afternoon. Malpass is in the New Hanover County jail Tuesday under $500,000 bond. She is scheduled to make her first court appearance Wednesday. At this point, there is no motive, but the investigation continues.

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Shane was cremated this gave him a jump start on burning in HELL where he and ALL his family belong.

4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been Four years since Shane Holloway was sent to Hell. As the father of the children he molested, I can truly say he got what was coming to him. It is my sincere hope the rest of his family joins him there soon. There were many post on here that have been removed, and I would ask WWAY to put them back up if possible. They show just how stupid his family is, and everyone should be able to see this for themselves. Shane along with his sister (my ex-wife) Ellen Phillips and her husband did these things to my children, and they got caught. She lost the children and they never looked back and had a good life growing up. So to the Holloway and Phillips family we win and you lose, and Shane is rotting in Hell, where he and the rest of you belong.

Don't know anyone involved

Don't know anyone involved here but just from reading the posts, sounds like this lady might have been performing a public service.


Betty got nine years and it is a damn shame.the justice system sucks

I hope

I hope Betty gets out this year and she is not tried for the death of Shane Holloway. As I have said before she just took out the trash. Good luck Betty and Bless you.

The New Year

Happy New Year to Betty and her family. I hope you are home soon and all the charges are dropped. You did a good thing by getting rid of that trash Shane Holloway. You deserve a medal for your actions.

Have to know

Let me begin by saying that I have no connection with either party, just reading about recent murders and happened to see the comments. To all women who were mistreated by these people - Why did YOU let it happen? It sounds like these two are/were some real trailer park treasures, and yet it also sounds like the women posting here were flocking to them. I just don't get it, and maybe its because Im from a different background, but if you want that type of thing to change just move out; there is noone to yell at and beat on if the mobile home is empty when he comes home from drinking. Give me some insight into this, please. Oh, and congrats to this woman for making the move society has prevented Darwinism should have. Hope You Get Acquitted!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Betty Malpass and her family. I hope you get out soon and are able to get on with your life. Thank you for taking out the trash.

what is going on

so does anyone have any info on is she doing.did she get charged for the murder.i think she should of been able to move is her family.


I keep checking the court docket but there is nothing about her on it. Do you know where Shane is buried I would sure like to know.


Thanks for the info on Jasper. If you or anyone knows where Shane is buried please post it .

jasper is in court again

jasper has to go to court in newhanover county in may for DWLR i hope the court sees that he has repeated this crime. the judge need to address this problem

doesn't the county have a

doesn't the county have a record of where he is buried? surely it is recorded somewhere.


What he is charged with now are not felonies so he will most likely not get any time. If you look at his record on the NC DOC website you will see he is a convicted arsonist along with many other things. He like the rest of that family deserve the treatment you give a rabid dog and you all know what that is.


Does anyone know where Shane Holloway is buried? Is there any thing going on with his brother Jasper? Does anyone know when Betty Malpass's trial is going to start? If you know anything please post it ASAP.


Why will WWAY not post any more comments about this site I would really like to know?


Does any one know where Shane was burried? Has Jasper been arrested lately? When are they going to release Betty Malpass because she commited no crime? Any one with any information please post it. Thanks much.

Hey for those of you who

Hey for those of you who wants to know when my aunt has to go to court we don't know yet.

so sorry

I am so sorry that betty could not get away from the holloways. I got out years ago.i wonder now if i had stayed would i be in jail too. i know betty and we were friends when she first dated shane. he treated her bad then. she had a brand new blue car. she is a nice girl. i am so sorry for what you and her and the rest of her family are going through. she is not the criminal. she is a victim of battering, physical and mential abuse. i know i live with it for years. they pray on loving woman who will say "it won't happen again he loves me". i am so sorry and God Bless you all we are praying for betty.

Trial and other things?

Has any one heard when a trial date is for Betty? What has been going on with Jasper and that bunch have deputies been around, did they move any information would be good to know. Please post it if you have it. Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Less

2008 is going to be a banner year with one less Holloway in the world.

He touched the kids.... she leveled the playing field

He touched the kids.... she leveled the playing field. No sympathy here.

My family is going to miss

My family is going to miss my aunt for the holidays we are not mad at her for what she did


I'm sorry that your aunt will not be with you at Christmas. Personally I don't think she should be locked up for what she did. God only knows what he was doing to her when this happened. I hope the DA will see this for what it is a battered woman defending herself and let her go. Bless all of you this Christmas season and a speedy return home for Betty.


Merry Christmas YOU SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry christmas

I want everyone to know that I live for the Lord and I forgive jasper holloway for trying to kill me and trying to harm our child. I hope jasper lets the Lord into his heart and gets saved. I have not done anything to jasper but try for years. I will not be harmed and neither will our daughter. so jasper the Lord is trying to change you and your family let him him before you harm anyone else. enough is enough. it is time to grow up and spread you wings and fly. the help is out there just ask. I know jasper and his family have caused alot of pain and suffering. i know and i have scars to prove my pain. but if you can't forgive. the devil wins and you and only you suffer. so merry christmas to all and all a good night. sincerely Me


Have the deputies been to Jaspers house lately?


DOes anyone know where Shane is buried? We are still wondering why deputies were at Jaspers?


Why do you care where he is buried? It's clear you didn't like him so why ask. Just go on about your life and not worry about it.

guess what

even though he does not like shane it was a question and you must be friends of the family Curious. tell the holloways to rot in Hell. I wish that they all would suffer like jasper made me . I will never suffer again because he can not hurt me or my family. so keep your pitty off here. this site is for holloway haters lol. ha ha