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Flooding in Carolina Beach

READ MORE: Friday nights storm caused Carolina Beach flooding
The roads are dry and the rain has subsided, but Kelly's Beach Bar is still all wet. A combination of high tide, heavy winds and plenty of rain flooded the business Kelly Fowler has owned for the past six years. “We had minnows in the women's room, things were floating around, we had more water down here last night than I can remember," Fowler said. By the end of the night, Fowler said she had about a foot of water in the bar. She has seen her fair share of storms, but said her bar has not been damaged this bad since Ophelia flooded it in 2005. She is still in good spirits because she planned for things like this. She has flood insurance so the carpet, titles and fixtures will be replaced. "It's water, we can deal with it and I can stay open through the process. Everybody pitches in and helps, we'll be fine, Kelly said. The aftermath of a flood did not stop her regulars from coming by for a drink, even without her sign out front. Her street sign can only handle winds up to 65 miles per hour so she took down in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna and did not put it back up just in case. “We were going to put it back up but I said no, let's just leave it down. So I'm glad we left that down, I didn't lose my sign,” added Fowler.

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There is probably minnows in there every day. This place is nasty and disgusting, and until Carolina Beach can figure out how to get rid of dumps like these, most visitors will continue to consider Wrightsville Beach as the beach of choice. I personally, enjoy Carolina Beach more than Wrightsville, and love what they are trying to do to the boardwalk, but if I am there at 8:30 pm on a Friday night and see a drunk stumbling down the boardwalk, dropping cigarette butts along the way, that is what makes me want to go home. Figure out a way to get rid of the trash, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have better idea if you

I have better idea if you see trash pick it up, if you don't like it then you're right GO HOME.


if our bordwalk disgusts you so much, why bothr to come to begin with. the only problem i see is rude people who think they are better than anyone else, coming to a place, that all they wanna do is complain about. do both of us a favor and stay home next time. while i've only been in kelly's twice, i found the patrons to be very friendly, unlike you, which is probably why you don't fit in to begin with. Kelly's has been a staple on that boardwalk for years. she pays her share of taxes, and how are you so sure the "stumbling drunk" was from her bar and not one of the 9 other bars there? i wish she had a sign, "no whining adults allowed"

CB Flooding in Kelly's Beach Bar

Maybe some flood water will clean out that nasty place!

former guest

It's much better since you stopped coming in.

former guest

couldn't have said it better myself. lol kudo's to you!

Having lived in Carolina Beach...

for over 8 years, flooding on the northend isn't new or news. Until the town of CB decides to address this issue, in compliance with the rules and regulations currently in place, flooding will continue every time GOD decides to make it rain. What the answer is, I don't know. But I do know the residents of that area are tired of hearing their town leaders do nothing pay lip service to the problem.


Maybe they'll dig the yacht basin deeper so the water will have somewhere to go. Geesh, what can they do to prevent flooding that comes in with a storm? Nothing. Well, they could haul in loads and loads of dirt to bring the ground level higher. That's not practical, so learn to live with it or moved.