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Flu epidemic upon us

READ MORE: Flu epidemic upon us
WILMINGTON -- If you've had the flu lately you're not alone. According to local doctors the flu epidemic is upon us. Wilmington Health Associates Dr. Jonathon Suita has been very busy the past three weeks. He said, "Flu is running rampant in the Wilmington area as it is in North Carolina and across the United States right now." From January to February doctors in the area say they have seen almost 8 times the number of patients come in with the flu. "We have had many people come into our office in the last few weeks with influenza. It's affecting children, adults and the elderly," Suita said. Doctors say flu shots helped relieve some of the effects, but didn't prevent the flu because it wasn't a positive match with the current powerful strand. "If you feel that someone is sick with influenza actually staying clear of them because it's spread through droplets if they were to cough or sneeze on you," Suita said. Dr. Suita says if you do get sick, though, there's relief. "If you feel like you have the flu seek medical treatment within 48 hours, because if you do have influenza that when the anti viral medications are most effective." The best way to stay healthy is prevention. Wash your hands throughout the day and try to avoid others who are sick. And if you're sick don't go to work or school, it'll only hurt those around you. Suita says you should pay close attention to your baby's behavior. They may have the flu if they're fussy, have a runny nose or gastro-intestinal problems.

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response to flu epidemic

what i should have stated in my comment about dressing for the weather is that your resistance to catching colds and flu is lowered when its cold and or damp lose alot of your body heat from your head too. anyone with half a brain should not go out in shorts and flip flops in 50 degree weather its common sense. we have beautiful weather here, but unfortunately, people rush the warmer season by going out unprotected and they get sick and pass it on. you will catch those germs easier when your resistance is lowered.


gee i wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that people dont have the common sense to put warm clothes on in 50 degree weather. we see many people walking around in shorts, tees and flip flops when they should be wearing sweats, socks and shoes. it's one thing if you cant afford warm clothing, but use the brain God gave you and dress for the weather.


I have not heard that being outside in the cold (or even with your hair wet) makes you get the flu. It is a germ...... not a condition of the weather. Silly poster:))

That's the dumbest thing

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Temperature and clothing do not make people sick. It's germs/bacteria and the nasty people who spread them by not washing their hands and covering their mouths when they cough/sneeze.

UUUHHHHHH the kind of

UUUHHHHHH the kind of clothing you wear dosent prevent germ's. Proper handwashing and avoiding the sick will do just fine. I think it has everything to do with the public thinking if they wear sweat's it keep's the flu away THIS COMBINED WITH PEOPLE JUST NOT STAYING HOME.