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Follow-up on fire hydrant being turned off

READ MORE: Follow-up on fire hydrant being turned off
Earlier this week, firefighters lost precious time when the hydrant closest to a burning house didn't work. That hydrant is now up and running, but neighbors are still concerned. City officials say they are still not sure who was responsible for turning the hydrant's water valve off, or why it wasn't turned back on. City officials say the only people authorized to turn the water valve off are city employees, and they only do that if a repair is requested by the fire department, or if a developer gets a work order to have the valve shut off. The deputy fire marshal says the hydrant was checked within the last six months and was working fine. City officials say there is no record of the city ever turning this valve off, so whoever did it was not authorized to do so. Neighbor Tom Walsh said, "I hope this is a lesson learned. I feel sorry for the people who lost their home. It's a terrible, terrible situation." Sity officials say because there is no way to track who turned off the valve, or when, there is nothing they can do. Officials say the only thing that can be done to prevent this from happen again is to make sure anyone tampering with a fire hydrant is a city employee. If you see anyone working on a hydrant that is not with the city notify the Wilmington Fire Department at 910-341-7846.

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City Water

The City of Wilmington owns the fire hydrants and the water system. This includes the water system outside of the actual city limits. This might be one of the rare occasions that your tax dollars are being spent wisley since the city and the county do not maintain separte water systems. In addition there are cenrtainly more people authorized to work on hydrants than city employees. Both county and city fire departments use them, as well as mutual aid departments. In addition, water can be purchased through a hydant for mass use by a private individual.

A little confused...

Correct me if I am wrong, but is not Snug Harbour outside of the city limits? But the City of Wilmington is responsible for the water? Huh? How is that suppose to work? I see firefighters out checking hydrants all the time. But when Ogden has a broke hydrant, they have to call the city to fix it? How many people does that request have to go through? Is it like Bill will tell Bob who tells Jill who has to approve it through Dave to tell Charlie to fix it? Does the story change two or three times? Yikes! My heart goes out to the family that lost their home. I hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery from this situation. To all the firefighters that were bustin' their behinds in the heat... THANK YOU! You guys and gals are fantastic! You don't get enough credit (or pay!) for what you do! As a homeowner you need to pay attention to who is touching the hydrants in your neighborhood! And if you are still concerned about the fire protection in your community, go to your local fire station and ask how you can help. I'm sure Ogden, Wrightsboro, and Castle Hayne can use some volunteers!


area isn't in the city...why is the City of Wilmington messing with hydrants outside of the city limits???


Ah, city tax dollars hard at work. And they want more....