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Follow-up on weekend flooding in Ogden

READ MORE: Follow-up on weekend flooding in Ogden
Parkwood Estates in Ogden is an area that floods practically every time it rains. WWAY spent almost two hours on the phone trying to get help for the residents that live along Asheton Road. We learned that home owners are responsible for cleaning debris out of their ditches. If a resident complains about an ongoing problem, it's up to county engineers to come out and inspect the area. Rita Mole has lived in the neighborhood for eight years, and has seen a number of floods like last night. "I've called the county to be referred back to the city and for the city to refer me back to the county," said Mole. "It's usually an hour -- each and every attempt is an hour to be able to speak to absolutely no one that can make a difference." After our calls, the county inspectors went out to Asheton Road again and discovered that the DOT needed to clean up one of the pipes under the road. The DOT says a crew will fix the problem first thing tomorrow morning.

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Ogden flooding

I live in the neighborhood of Ogden Pines & it floods a bit too. My lot is raised higher than my neighbors so I had a ring of water around my lot & my neighbors had lakes in theirs. Someone is developing all around the back of our subdivision, big trucks driving through 7 days/wk & are tearing up the roads which can't handle this type of traffic. The drainage pipe under the road has exposed ground & won't be long before it collapses, sink holes at the entrance of the road but county isn't accepting responsibility but they are raising my county property taxes. I guess it'll have to collapse before they'll do anything. The trucks should find another way into this new development cause they haven't even begun to construct.

Flooding NewBury Way

I live at 6617 Newbury Way in Wilmington where you guys came and took video of the flooding on Sunday. The flooding takes place in front of my house and on the side of my house. I was not at home to give my comments. I have complained several times about the issue to the builder Southern Home Builders who is suppose to be responsible for that property beside me. One of the issues is the engineering was not done correctly when those ditches were made. The drainage hole where the water is suppose to go down is not in the ground correctly. It stands higher than the water in many cases which cases flooding. Also the ditch is not correct because it is not deep enough. I will be sending an e-mail to the reporter who covered this story.