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Follow-up on Brunswick County boy hit by bus

Last Friday a four-year-old Brunswick County boy was hit by a school bus. After spending the weekend in the hospital, Griffin Riso is home and recovering. His family did not want to go on camera, but said they are lucky he is alive today. They said he was crossing their street when the bus hit him. Brunswick County schools are investigating the incident.

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4 yr old hit by bus



Social Services huh? Sara Frances - Were you there? NO, because if you were - you would know EXACTLY what happened. This family is DISTRAUGHT - my family! Imagine walking into the emergency room not knowing if your son/nephew/grandson/cousin/friend is alive? The horror of hearing an innocent 4 year old crying when they put a catheter in is a sound I won't soon forget. Besides the fact that my brother, sister in law and their 3 children will NEVER be the same after witnessing such a horror. How dare anyone make a judgement call like that. It is nothing short of a miracle that Griffin is alive and you people have nothing better to do than blog about it. This was nothing but an accident - remember accidents?? God bless my brothers family and God help those that judge others so freely without all the facts.

Are you kidding me???

Social Services should be talking to the bus driver!!!! NOT the family. The mother was there helping the kids cross. The bus driver is the one who wasn't paying enough attention. This is not a case where the parents were negligent. People should stop trying place blame on parents all the time.

Maybe you should get your

Maybe you should get your facts straight. Social Services will not come see a family just because a 4 year old was getting off of a school bus and crossing the street like he was supposed to. The school bus driver needs to learn to LOOK to make sure all of the kids have safely made it across before she decides to pull off.

How does a 4 year old cross

How does a 4 year old cross the street by his self? where were the parents at while the child was in the road?

4yr old hit by bus

The child was getting off of the bus and the parent was helping the kids accross street when the driver took off. The parent was trying to stop the driver and she obviously did not see anyone in the road. The parent was one of many adults at that bus stop. 6 to 7 kids get off the bus there. This parent would make most parents look like sorry parents. I think you should stop and think about how easy it is for accidents to happen and stop judging people and start praying for this family and the child!


To "me"...amen. I find it difficult to understand what satisfaction people get in going on these boards, writing things that "should happen", or telling people that they should "go back where they came from", or making assumptions about stories, families, or whatever, and always ASSUMING they know what should have, or will happen. Does anyone ever stop to think about the feelings of others anymore? Does anyone ever put themselves in the shoes of the hurting people they have just read about? Parents or family members of persons who have been hurt or injured, either due to their own neglect, or due to an accident, are ALREADY HURTING! We no longer stop to think that the words said, on for this purpose, written, are hurtful...and online, will likely be there for a while. Please stop before you write something on here or anyplace, before you open your mouth, and Pretend, if you are capable, that this was you...and your baby, a precious 4 year old was injured; usually, the parent will punish themselves enough that they need no help from the public...I was brought up to tend to my own house, learn from my own mistakes, as well as others, and be never know when YOU will walk in those shoes...and Never say Never. Prayers to this family...and for those who speak before they think.

that is why i was asking the

that is why i was asking the question, because it didn't say on the site why.noone is pointing fingers.

I thought Kids were not

I thought Kids were not allowed to cross in front of a buss, only the rear. Yes accidents happen... very sad

Kids pass in the front of

Kids pass in the front of the bus not behind the bus. The buses are equppied with an arm that comes out in the front of the bus and they walk in front of that. This prevents children from being in the bus drivers blind spot.


The front is the only place they are suppose to cross. The buses have a long swing arm that opens with the "stop" sign so the kids have to walk way in front and the driver can see them.