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Follow-up on misconduct allegations within NHC Fire Department

READ MORE: Follow-up on misconduct allegations within NHC Fire Department
More tonight on the allegations of misconduct within the New Hanover County Fire Department. Former firefighter Jeff Curran told WWAY yesterday he believes he was fired from the department after bringing concerns of others' misconduct to light. Today we spoke to county officials who say a third party did conduct an investigation into an alleged on-the-job affair between two fire department employees. County spokesman Mark Boyer said that one of the people accused in the incident passed a lie detector test during the investigation. Curran said in his original e-mail to county officials that he would be willing to pay for a polygraph of his own. Curran says that he received a letter from the county today indicating that a full investigation into the allegations has been conducted and the matter is considered closed. The letter also said that Curran will remain under investigation for an incident involving missing decals from a county vehicle. Curran's personnel file indicates Curran was let go for what Chief Hall describes as "discourteous treatment of other county employees." New Hanover County officials won't comment directly on what led to Jeff Curran's dismissal, except to say it was not related to his complaint about an inappropriate relationship between supervisors. But, Boyer said today the county did investigate Curran's complaint "thoroughly." Boyer said in the end, the complaint was dismissed because there was no evidence the incident ever happened. Yesterday Boyer told us the county does not have a policy prohibiting relationships between employees. The county's "Respectful Workplace Policy," however, "prohibits disrespectful behavior, including offensive and inappropriate remarks, gestures, material and behavior."

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firefighter case- just sour grapes

I think this situation is nothing but sour grapes. Obviously, he had some other issues with getting along with the other firefighters, or else they wouldn't have let him go. Also, he was only there for 2 months, so he was probably still on probation. Isn't that what a probationary period is for... to see if the person is competent and if he/she is going to work out in that position? As far as his report, the county has already addressed that the investigation had been complete and that the incident did not occur, as verified by the lie detector test. So, no, the two who were accused should not be punished based on one person's unsubstantiated allegations. I bet that he was already in trouble for something else, and then decided to dream up these sexual misconduct allegations to deflect attention from himself!

Who Investigated Whom?

Well, it would be interesting to see who did the "external" investigation into this situation. If the former employee did see 2 employees involved in a form of extra cirricular activities reported it, then why did they deny it happened? I find it somewhat comical as well as antiquated that there is no County policy against workplace affairs. It only destroys the agency to not have some policy. In the fire service male and female employees together for 24 hours is a mix that in some cases is a fire just waiting to happen. Why not blame the 2 employees? It takes 2 to tango. If they could not hold their urges until they were off duty, then they are just as much to blame. It is time to open up the can of worms and see what falls out

maybe the reson that they

maybe the reson that they don't open the can is that one of the party is in another relationship

No problems, huh? Global warming anyone???

"Yesterday Boyer told us the county does not have a policy prohibiting relationships between employees." Does this mean that if a relationship exists between 2 employees that it is okay to display intimacy on the employers property while on the clock of the employer? Very doubtful. Let's see employee claims to witness a sexual act in the workplace by employees in the work facility during work hours. This employee feels compelled to write a memo to his superior asking how to handle it and is fired 2 days later??? So...we are all supposed to believe that he imagined this incident, it never really happened, but he had to write a letter about it anyway and is then fired? Uhhh...helloooo...... Chief, I really hope you have it together on this and future incidents, if not, there are qualified replacements waiting. This kind of scandal is unprofessional and uncalled for.