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Follow-up on this weekend's fatal motorcycle accident

READ MORE: Follow-up on this weekend's fatal motorcycle accident
Larry Barnhill and Joy Walton died after their motorcycle was hit by another vehicle off Castle Hayne road Saturday night. James Corbett was driving home Saturday night when his life changed in an instant. Suzette Corbett, James Corbett's wife, said, "That's something, even when there's an accident, it's hard to cope with. But what I keep reiterating to him is that it was an accident, it was truly an accident." He was attempting to turn left on Rock Hill Road when he hit Larry Barnhill and his girlfriend Joy Walton on their motorcycle. Both were killed. Police say Corbett's vehicle was barely moving when he struck them. He has been charged with driving while impaired, but his blood alcohol level was well below the legal limit. Police say tickets can be handed out even with a blood alcohol level of .03, because there is still a chance it can go up from there. "He was not drunk, that was not the case. We want the family to know that as well, because we don't want them to have that on their hearts," said Mrs. Corbett. Suzette and her husband want the families to know this is a tragedy for them as well. "It was just a terrible accident. Our hearts go out to the families, there were three families, and this was just terrible. And we want to keep everyone in prayer, because this is something that no one wants to go through," said Corbett. WWAY visited the home of Larry Barnhill, but his family was busy making funeral arrangements. His daughter did say that Barnhill loved fishing and riding on his Harley.

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Other reasons

They said impaired, not drunk. Other things can cause a person to be sited for "driving while impaired" other than alcohol.


I can drink at a party on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon still blow a .03.I can take cough syrup oe communine and if it is checked right after.. Still register... This is the blame game. Lives have been lost, and another life has been destroyed forever. Both families must be torn apart from the soul. Stop playing the blame game and let these people heal. My thoughts and prayers.......



My thoughts and prayers go

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved...How can they charge Mr. Corbett be charge with DUI if he only blew .03? I dont understand. I know there is NO since in driving even if you have only had one drink but I truly believe this is wrong. They said he truck was "barely moving" something is not right with this picture.


DUI can be cited down as low as .03%BAC. It is called Driving Under the Influence. Once you hit .08%BAC, you will be cited for DWI, Driving While Intoxicated. It doesn't matter what speed the suspect's vehicle was travelling at. He didn't have to be moving at all. The simple fact that he was operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is the nature of the offense.

No DUI in NC

DUI does not exist in NC any longer. That went away in the 80s when the legal limit dropped from .10 to .08. DWI is the charge used in NC now. If anyone wants to look it up, go to the North Carolina Attorney General's website and search NC General Statute 20.138.1. That is DWI. It will say "....while having alcohol concentration of .08 or more or being appreciably impaired." Someone can be charged and convicted at .03, however, the charging officer will need to be able to show impairment in court. All families involved are in my family's thoughts and prayers. It is just a tragedy for everyone involved. I ride a motorcycle on a regular basis and even when I pay attention to other drivers, I have had close calls. tragedies such as this just make you appreciate how precious life is.

Larry Barnhill

You know what people, this is a sad situation for all three families. We have lost a loved one, Uncle Larry. He has left behind a wife, children and grandchildren because someone decided to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. If you want to drink, stay at home or better yet, make a decision to change your life by not drinking. That would be the greatest gift to give your family by choosing to say "NO" to alcohol. What a difference that will make in someone's life not to mention your own life and your health. We need to stop the blame game and start moving forward with the healing process. I'm sure Mr. Corbett is feeling great remorse with what has happened. Let's just keep all families affected in our thoughts and prayers.

Intersection to blame....BOLOGNEY!!!!

I live in castle hayne and cannot understand how people are blaming the intersection, in part, for the accident sat. night. The visibilty of traffic in either dirrection is excellant, day or night. I drove the route tonight, at the same time as the accident, that Mr. Corbett took sat. night turning onto Rockhill RD. You can see on coming headlights from other vechicles as far as 8 tenths of a mile,(I know I measured it), so what happened to MR. Corbetts eyesight that night??? were they hazy from a little bit of alcohol? "He was not drunk",so that makes it better???, but he still blew a .03, which meant he HAD been drinking, so alcohol did play a factor in it."There were 3 families", think again, there were ALOT of families affected by this, POOR judgement, Larry was a GOOD friend to many, and he will be missed my many.

Drunk Drivers and Wilmington

Wouldn't it be something if drinkers who go into bars are asked to forfeit their keys and a taxi is automatically arranged for their return home! Enough with innocent people being killed by drunk drivers or drivers high on drugs! When is something going to be done as a deterrent to people drinking and then driving? Forget their rights to drive. The fact is: drinking and driving can kill.