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Follow-up on weekend assaults

READ MORE: Wilmington Attacks
Wilmington police say the same man may have attacked two women. The attacks happened over the weekend, and may be connected to a downtown rape last month. Police just made that announcement this afternoon, two days after the latest attacks. Some residents are upset police did not notify them sooner. Investigators are being very tight lipped about the attacks, and that has some local people taking it upon themselves to raise awareness. The attacks happened early Saturday morning. Police say around 4 a.m., 20-year-old Roxanne was carjacked from a gas station on South College Road. She was told to drive to another gas station on the corner of Greenville Loop Road and Pine Grove. That was when he beat and tried to rape her. She managed to get away, and run to safety. The second attack happened 2 hours later, when a 40-year-old woman was jogging near Holly Tree Road. These two incidents, and last month's stabbing and assault downtown, has downtown businesses concerned for the safety of their staff. Elijah's Restaurant manager Ryan Piraneo said, "In the meeting that I did, I just told especially all the female servers especially when you're walking out at night to grab a male just to be that presence to walk out with them." Both victims of this weekend's attacks say their attacker resembled the man in the sketch put together by the victim of last month's assault. Police are not ruling out the possibility that it could be the same man in all 3 attacks. The car Roxanne was driving was found Saturday in Onslow County. Police say they are stepping up patrols around Wilmington. Roxanne contacted WWAY because she wanted to make sure the public knew this guy is still on the loose.

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same guy??

Has any one tried to do real research on if this truly can be considered the same guy as the downtown attack? Usually when a criminal attacks somebody and it works they don't change their method. His method of attacking in a dark secluded place with a knife worked for him. Why change it to a possibly busy gas station, or busy street using a gun as his weapon. I do not think that this is the same guy. It's easy after you've heard of a rape and then you are in the same predicament to think "this is the same guy". There are more than one out there in our area. My thoughts are the guy that committed the downtown attack is sitting in the dark in his home scared to death. He stabbed the girl 8 times. That tells me that he didn't want her to survive to be able to describe him. Well she did survive so now he's in trouble. He's not out committing more rapes. He's hiding. We've got more than one man out there doing these horrible acts. What are we, as a town, going to do about these things? Wilmington is a great place to live, beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, great shopping. The full time residents shouldn't live in fear. We should be able to fully enjoy our city. I have two small children. I am scared to death of them starting school soon. These men could be waiting at the bus stop for these unsuspecting kids. What is Wilmington trying to do to solve this issue?? I haven't heard anything from the police department or the sheriffs department with a plan of action to take to finding these guys and putting them away. I'm sure they have one and are executing it, but have they told the public of it? I think it would make us feel better to hear what their plan is, so that we know there is a plan and they are working on it.

Roxanne Attack

First of all thank you to all of the officers that risk their lives every time they go to work. I've been there and like the officers have stated you see people in pain and at their worse. Very few people thank the men and women that patrol our streets. I deal with law enforcement daily, and I know first hand the hours and mental abuse they endure. For those of you to want to critize the police why don't you get out and ride around and spot the "Offenders" and then contact them to make an arrest. Gang members have more loyalty to each other than the rest of us do, and maybe that is the only good thing about them. Everyone should be on the lookout for their fellow man. If anyone sees someone that looks similar to the pictures released and they have unexplainable cuts, bruises or other indications that have been in an altercation contact law enforcement and let them know. Together we can as a city catch this guy and work with our local police department and become a team against crime. For those of you that have the "fix" to the problem I feel sure the city council, Chief of Police, Sheriff and our District Attorney are eager to know this. Our Police officers are far from perfect but at least they are trying to make a change.... can you honestly say that?


Why would a 20 year old female be out a 4 am alone???? Im very sorry that she was attacked, but that was crazy!!!! Maybe this will show people that bar hopping and hanging out all night is just not safe.

Re: Why??

Maybe this girl had just dropped her friends off at their home, or maybe she had been travelling and stopped for gas. Maybe she was visiting a sick relative at the hospital, woke up and decided to leave for her home. Don't just assume this girl is somehow "bad" because she was out at 4am. This attack could have happened at any hour, and by your comment I hope she doesn't somehow feel she is to blame for being at a gas station in the middle of the night and that its her fault this sick jerk commited a crime against her.

Thank you for your service.

SGT Jason, Thank you for your sworn service to this community by working to remove this animal and “the like”, off our streets. It is by human nature that ‘we’ are quick to criticize and not reflect on the accomplishments or positives. Never mind those who ‘pretend’ to know all that you do. Please keep up the good fight to catch this scumbag who deserves no less than a wet chair with 2000 volts supplied to it!

Concerned ...

I am concerned because I don't hear much about what is being done to catch this guy. Unfortunately, I'm not home much to watch the news, so I just get on the websites as often as possible. The reason I'm not home much is because I work two jobs & go to school - one of my jobs being a job at night, and I go to school at night. I say this because it worries me that this guy is still out there & he obviously doesn't have a certain area he's sticking to. I work very close to the gas station where the young lady was forced into her car. The school I attend at night has security that patrols the parking lot, but there's usually only ONE security guard at night. CFCC & UNCW, thankfully, are putting extra measures in to help with safety, but I haven't heard anything about the school I attend stepping up their security. I am just worried because most of what I do at night, there's not another MALE figure that can walk with me to my car. I guess I'm just venting. Things like this happen alot around here, but for some reason, this one is worrying me.


With the recent events, and I know you are concerned about your Wellfare, walking back to your car. Please, like I tell anyone, call 911. We will be glad to escort you to your car,We probably can't get there on a minutes notice based upon pending calls or priority calls. My best suggestion, sometimes we are in the area, and if it takes longer than you can wait, call a friend and let them know where you are, or go next door to an open place and wait there. Stay in TWOs. We do our best at times like this. I have spoken to several people and they always say, " I don't want to bother the Police because they have better things to do." But don't think that. If you have a concern, don't hesitate to call. Our Dispatchers are very considerate to anyone that calls them. If we can be pro-active to your concerns, I and my fellow Officers would rather be there with you than after the fact.

Read The Story Below

Read the below story about downtown residents protecting their own... Since the police are not doing what you feel they need to be doing, become part of the solution and not the problem... Start a community watch program in your neighborhood and force the crime out yourself. Criminals will not stay in an area that they cannot be criminals in and are afraid to be arrested or to be shot by a homeowner that finds them in their home... (Self Defense only of course...) The number we called for downtown is (City of Wilmington Police) Crime Prevention at (910) 343-3945. Since "they" won't do it, step up to the plate and do it yourselves... Scare the criminals out.. That is the only way they will leave.

weekend assaults

Obviously this attacker had no fear of the police looking for him. He hung out in the same neighborhood with a stolen car and grabbed another two hours later. I live only a few blocks from the second victim and over Easter weekend several homes were broken into. One neighbor believed the intruder to still be in her home as she drove up and saw the door open. It took the Wilmington Police FORTY MINUTES to arrive. Who's Watching Wilmington? Has anyone EVER seen a cop drive through Hugh MacRae Park after dark. Not once in five years.


Why are you hanging out at Hugh MacRae Park after dark?

Weekend Assaults

I don't know who GuestWWW is, but I will tell you who I am. My name is SGT Jason Tyson with the Wilmington Police Department. Your post is totally wrong! Over the past 5 years, I have sat on occasion at the Entrance of Hugh McRae Park, watching "speeders" going down S. College Rd, because we had received complaints about that. So don't tell me, you haven't never seen a cop near there. And, I know, you will leave a comment about this, that we need to look at more important things. But guess what, when perps commit crimes, they usually "SPEED" away, and we have caught a bunch of perps like this, on routine stops. And by the way, it's a County park, and is OFTEN patroled by my brothers with the New County Sheriffs Department. Open your eyes. If it took 45 mins. to get a response, since you so eloquently "trashed" us, state the case by time of day, and have the "lady" file a complaint and not a third party. We will look into why it took so long for a cop to get there in a "Crime in Progess" We are looking for this guy, thank-you. It really "erks" me when we get people like you playing "monday" morning quarterbacks and documentation to back it up. I have been there, seeing people shot, killed, raped, for no reason at all. WE have feelings too. And when I see that, I do my best to try to catch them, and not sit in my four walls "judging" others. I'm out here for you too. But don't slam me or anyone else for not doing our jobs. I work 10 and half hours trying to catch them, and I will continue to do this. I am open to suggestions, and if you care to give me call, like any citizen in Wilmington, you can call me, and we can discuss your issues. Call me at 470-3734. That's my Wilmington Police Department Cell Phone number. Thank you.

Tell your buddies on the

Tell your buddies on the force to start busting red light runners more while your at it!

reply to Sgt Tyson

Dear Sgt. Tyson, My comment said police never DRIVE THROUGH the park after dark. Radar traps on the main drag do not count. I am not blaming you. I have a number of friends who are police officers and you do the best you can with what you have to work with. Instead of spending millions on luxury items like museums we should be hiring more cops and paying them like New York Police since our town is more dangerous according to the FBI! On any given night in the park there are registered sex offenders hanging out by the toilets. One slow pass through by a cop would put them on notice.


We need to get rid of City Council so the spending on frivolous things can be stopped and the City can be given more resources to hire more officers. We can't blame the men in uniform, their overworked as it is. Tell City council to spend our money where we need it most, in the streets." Help end the rampant crime in this town.


Dear GuestWWW, I understand your post. Keep in mind. Hugh McCrae Park is a County Park. The Wilmington Police Department does not have "Jurisdiction" in that Park. In your post, you blamed the Wilmington Police Department for doing nothing about it. I have personnaly drove through the park at night on several occassions, and have seen two or three NHCSD cars there. I also know that they have had several unmarked cars there and their undercover vice units there trying to catch "sex offenders". You negate your prior post. It was my impression, that you were asking, "Where are the cops when you need them". Buddy, I'm here, they are here, sometimes citizens don't see them, because, guess what, that's why we have unmarked cars, and undercover Law Enforcement, so we can try to "catch" them. Like I said before, you got my name, we have an excellent ride-a-long program and we are always accepting applications for anyone that are interested in following in our "shoes".

Next time you need to make

Next time you need to make your comments more clear and understanding. I know what its like to be apart of the Law Enforcement Family and having my spouse working 24/7 to catch these "Bad Guys" and not having time for family and watching our kids grow up....they are all tring to make our community a better place to live...So I Thank You All for a wonderful Job that you do.....God Bless YOU

Here here!

Here here!


Hey "weneed" where were YOU when the assaults took place and why didn't YOU stop them? Why don't YOU go find him since YOU have the answers? Better yet why don't YOU move to Miami? Thanks for all your support, the long hours, lousy pay, the mental, physical problems that go with the job and the bad attitudes like yours that offer NO solutions. Break out your crystal balls cause I'm tired of busting mine for people like you!

I hope you aren't a police

I hope you aren't a police officer because you sound very childish, however, I feel you are. Look, most of us out here know you guys are trying but I do understand the comments about Hugh McRae Park. I for one, don't go there anymore for walks with my dog because I was slowly followed by a car along the trails and when I warned another woman who didn't have a dog with her, she informed me that park is well known for men looking to pick up other men and boys. So, I hope ya'll are there undercover looking at this because there are busts just waiting to happen. I am a daugter of a retired police officer and I appreciate all of you putting your lives on the line everyday. Keep up the good work and try not to let negative comments affect you so much. Police officers are suppose to rise above such things.

Onpoint, from your tone I am

Onpoint, from your tone I am guessing that you are a police officer. Please understand that the citizenry is scared and concerned about the violence and other crime that seems to be increasing in our city. Helplessness can bring out the worst attitudes in people, but you have to understand that, right? Instead of being defensive, why don't you tell us what is being done to protect and serve? Alot of us truly appreciate our law men and women, but we are still frightened...

Just maybe

Just maybe they cannot relay what is being done in case the perp is reading this. It is not always smart to broadcast how they are trying to catch him, so he cannot avoid. I think the public deserves to know he is out there for sure!! However I think we may just need to let the police do their job. It is only a matter of time before they will catch him. We really should support their efforts and not criticize.

I am not asking for intimate

I am not asking for intimate details of this, or any other investigation. What I am asking, as a concerned citizen, is for *someone* in the police department to come forward with their general plan of action as these incidences of crime and violence increase in our city. I don't think that is too much to ask.

Thank you, Roxanne, for

Thank you, Roxanne, for making the public aware. We need to know that thie predator is still attacking women so that we can take tne necessary steps to protect ourselves. I believe the police should have made it known especially since the police vest and uniform are missing. We need to be on alert that someone may try to use it to gain access.

Thank You Roxanne!

Thank you for alerting the public to this hainess crime. You are a very brave and beautiful young lady that obviously has the will to survive. Best of luck with your future and may God continue to Bless you!

Uhmmm Yea....

All of the LEOs that always post on here what a phenominal job our area's law enforcement does.. In the United States, in cities of a population of 75,000-99,999 Wilmington is racked the EIGTH most dangerous city in the nation beating Miami.. So you all are doing a good job?? NOT! Maybe with DUI arrest and speeding tickets but not with the things that keep us safe. You all have failed us and now Miami is a safer place to live than Wilmington... Congrats!

EZ to judge!

You my friend sound like someone who uses any reason to trash the cops.Go ahead and move to Liberty City in Miami since it is safer than Wilmington.......HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Crime less important than billboards

It's impossible for police to prevent crimes such as these. LEO can't be in all places at all times. Yet, you know we'd have much less crime if our elected officials put the money and time into fighting crime that they put into billboards and convention centers. Think of all the money and time spent on developer's agenda, convention center, billboards, bad that effort wasn't put into fighting crime across the board. You can't prevent all crime, but if we didn't have the horrible real estate hacks in elected office, maybe we'd have more police to at least investigate these crimes when they do happen to get the perps before they strike again. All these incumbents need to be fired!!!

...and the fact that

...and the fact that Wilmington's inability to fight crime is now well-known only further empowers criminals. It's not just local LEO's fault. The judicial system has become far too lenient. Maybe they don't have room to put people in prisons for stuff. I don't know. Maybe we should get more hardcore, start "getting medieval" on criminals, like in some of the Middle Eastern countries. Sounds bad but it would be one hell of a deterrent. Besides, who cares about the needs and rights of these kind of people anyway? Society is a whole lot better without thieves, rapists, murderers, and the like.

There's an Eighth Amendment to deal with

As much as I'd love to see thieves having their hands cut off, and rapists having their......well, it will never fly in our country. Culture and the Constitution won't allow it. But here's what we COULD do.... We could overturn Furman v Georgia and the companion cases, and start applying the death penalty for those who are convicted of repeat violent felonies, or felonies with the potential for violence. Prior to Furman, second and subsequent convictions for rape, robbery, and even burglary could get you the death penalty in several states. Of course, we'd also need to speed up the execution process by limiting appeals to one shot up the state chain and one shot up the federal chain. But none of that is going to happen until you folks make me Emperor of America. Too many sob-sister crybabies would weep and gnash their teeth if we actually started eliminating those dangerous predators who cannot live in society in an orderly fashion. FAR easier would be to simply pass a three-strikes law that MANDATES life in prison without parole for anyone convicted of a felony for the third time. Yes, it's expensive, but ask anyone from California - it works. Of course, the NC trial lawyers would fight it. Their income depends upon a weak, ineffective criminal justice system. These repeat offenders with multiple convictions and releases are cash cows to the lawyers....and since all the legislators are lawyers.....and all the judges are lawyers.... ...well, having an Emperor doesn't sound too bad when you think of what we CAN'T get done in our now-dysfunctional democracy, does it....?

Comminsensenotc...You are hired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say, you are with out a doubt the best in solving our issues. When are you going to run for office?? We the People need to vote you in and the other lame fools out. I agree with you 100% that we should have limits on appeals and vote in 3 strikes you are out. But again, you are right, the trial lawyers will pitch a fit and fight you to the bitter end. Wouldn't hurt to try. Something has got to give. We live in a crime ridden, drug infested town and it's a crying shame. This is a beautiful town, too bad there are those that live on the premise of "YOU OWE ME". We need a change in the laws across the board, get tough on these people who are robbing us of a life without worry. Our children can't play in the streets or parks and our women can't walk alone. Tell our law makers to tighten up. Make sure our judges are imposing tough sentences for the repeat offenders. Even the first time offenders should be scared straight but with the soft sentences, they will be back, no doubt. Wake up Wilmington, time to take back our streets.