Dockside Restaurant & Marina


Not worth the trip

This says it all.

Dockside...only for the view

Having grown up in Wilmington, Dockside had always been a favorite of mine...until the new owners. The food has gone down and the prices up. I was even shocked to find that when we ordered a to-go item we were charged an "environmental fee" because all the boxes are biodegradeable. I commend them on using things other than styrofoam but an enviromental charge is ridiculous...I have not and will not return until there are major changes in food quality!


I agree, what a disappointment. We have been going to this place for years. We went last night and for 10.00 my salad was so small I could have put the entire contents in the palm of my hand. We had a male waiter from New York, who practically threw our plates on the table. We had 5 in our party and we were seated at a table for 4 the the host was also rude. I have not had such bad serive at any other place in Wilmington. We had to flag someone down every time we needed something. Apparently the waiter thought that he did a better job than we did as he smugged us off with a smile of discuss when we handed him his tip! In my opinion he should not have gotten anything!

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