Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn


Best Spin on Tex Mex in town

I just saw the two reviews from 08 stating that the food is tasteless "American Mexican" food. Also that they would pick San Felipe or another authentic mexican restaurant instead. Clearly they don't have a clue, as San Felipe, El Cerro Grande, La Costa, etc are all extremely americanized versions of mexican food. How many of you really want tripe tacos? For authentic food, hit one of the local taqueria's. Not one of the americanized mexican restaurant CHAINS!

Now, as for flaming amy's, whats all the hype about?! You get huge burritos and tacos, with BOMB salsa and LOTS OF FLAVOR in an INCREDIBLE SPIN on TEX-MEX! Guess what else?! It won't break your wallet to eat there and get stuffed!

Highly suggest it, or their truck if you can find it in the area ;)

Too the reviewers, clearly you don't have the palate to even be reviewing restaurants if you think a commercial chained mexican restaurant is AUTHENTIC.

Love it!!! It's the best

Love it!!! It's the best deal in town for a family dinner. Try the fried chicken burrito buffalo style if you want something tasty.

Nothing Special

I agree with the last reviewer. My family and I went in to see what all the hype was about and all we got was some American Mexican food that wasn't cooked very well. If I want Mexican, I'll go to San Felipe or another authentic Mex restaurant (that serves excellent food!). Our food was tasteless and I was shocked that this was what everyone had said was a great place to go eat. Now, the one positive thing was their excellent homemade salsa, but that's about it.

no spice at amys

never had a burrito w/ no flavor at all. It tatse like cooked chopmeat with none of the fat drained out and not one bit of spice added to it.dont understand all the hype.

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