Oceanic Restaurant


Pleasantly surprised by the service

I have been in the restaurant industry in Wilmington for a number of years. All I had heard about the Oceanic was great view, ok food, horrible service. Well my mom came out for a visit and wanted to eat there. So I girded up the loins and decided to try it. We wound up going 2 out of 3 days. The first day our waitress was very helpful and made and effort to at least walk by our table every few minutes (we were near the end of the pier). On our next visit I recognized our waiter as a bartender from a chain restaurant that I had been to in the area. He was extremely helpful. He was honest when he didn't know the answer to one of our questions - and he went and found out! As far as the food goes, the fresh catch (your choice of a few different fish prepared one of 3 or 4 ways) was very good. My mom got her fish broiled and loved it so much she got the same thing the next night. Yes there is a lot of fried food on the menu, but to be honest that is what most people order around here (I speak from years of experience). I am hoping that the Oceanic has been making an effort in the training of their staff, because if all the waiters were like the 2 we had I would be very happy.

Worst place ever

I really wish this resteraunt would serve food that was equally as good as its view. Unfortunetly they choose to provide a B- to C+ meal with the worst service I have expereinced in town. I live on the beach, so when friends from out of town came to visit, they wanted to eat at Oceanic. I made the mistake of ordering a bowl of seafood gumbo (everything else is fried and overpriced). I was very sick with food posiing the next two days due to this meal. Like an Alzhiemer's patient, I decided to give the place a second chance about two months ago for brunch (Savannah's has the best brunch in town). Our waiter had no clud what he was doing. He was carrying around two pots of coffee. I asked him to refill my mug, he said that the coffee was "fresh brewed" as he poured. Unfortunetly he was walking around with two empty pots!! about 10 minutes later he showed up with another empty pot! Finally he showed back up and was able to fill up my mug about half way with luke warm coffee.

I quizzed him on the ingredients used. I asked if the shrimp was fresh and local. He said yes. Being a former fish purveyor I called his bluff. Their shrimp is frozen and imported. I decided on a chicken sandwich (by the time this guy was ready to take our order, brunch was over). Everybodies food came cold and with at least one thing wrong. We asked to speak to this guys manager. 15 minutes went by and no mamager. We decided to walk out. On the way out we saw our waiter cutting up with some other employees. I vow to never go back to that resteraunt and my view on other Atlantic Quest concepts is tarnished.

Strange Service

My husband and I were there last year in 2008, and we did not tip our waitress very well because she did not deserve it..when we walked past her she was chatting about how cheap were were to her co worker, and we over heard the conversation....so we called into the restaurant and reported it, they responded quickly and apologised.
We will be giving the location another chance, and hopefully they have counseled their waiting staff on good manners....
I think the reason the waitress did not give us any attention is because she had a four top come in of very nicely dressed, classey ladies..as I recall, and my husband and I were dressed down for the week of relaxation, and we looked kind of rough...so she choose to get a bigger tip out of the four top of society types and dis us...

Lesson to be learned here, is never judge a book by its cover...some of the worst dressed people are very wealthy...only the ones that do not spend their money have it...wink wink...silly young girl....


Under $10...not quite...more like $10-20 for dinner. The food is ok but beware if you are watching your weight or cholesterol as the majority of the menu is fried. I recommend the lump crabcakes (either appetizer for 1 or the entree for 2), the crabcakes are large and just like the name says, very lumpy (almost no fillers). In the summer you will want to call ahead to put your name on the list or get a reservation for a big enough party.

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