Yosake Downtown Sushi Lounge


Don't go

While the wait staff is great and the mojitos are fabulous, the food is subpar. Menu and chef changes have ruined a once great place to go.


I don't eat sushi so I ordered Thai noodles...I've never had Pad Thai that was so sweet before, in fact, all the "spicy" dishes were way too sweet (and I'm not big on really spicy food). I had to send my dish back. I would not go back, the wait, the slow service, and the prices do not justify the mediocrity of the non-sushi dishes. I cannot speak about the sushi.

Re: Love the sushi special

The special menu is great for an after work "sushi fix". The service can be a bit slow at times but we just plan ahead for it to take a while to eat! It is worth the wait for sure.

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