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Food Lion pulls milk

If you've bought milk from Food Lion recently, you may need to return it. Food Lion has pulled milk from the shelf. The company says it's a shelf life issue because the milk didn't meet quality standards. The Food Lion milk has a product date from January 11 to January 20. The milk is part of the Food Lion brand. Here are the serial numbers of the affected milk. Food Lion 128 oz. HVD 35826-02551 Food Lion 128 oz. 2% 35826-02552 Food Lion 128 oz. 1% 35826-02553 Food Lion 128 oz. skim 35826-00447 Food Lion 64 oz. HVD 35826-02555 Food Lion 64 oz. 2% 35826-00343 Food Lion 64 oz. 1% 35826-02007 Food Lion 64 oz. skim 35826-00460 You can return the milk to Food Lion for a full refund.

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Food Lion Milk

I just bought 2% gallon milk today in Morrisville. What is price? 4.49 with tax outrageous. Why one should ever go there? I get it for 3.19 at HT/Walmart. Never again.

I buy my milk at Dollar

I buy my milk at Dollar General. The milk is always fresh and the price is good. After I purchase milk I bring it right home and it is the 1st thing I take out of the car. I put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator where it is the coldest. When I pour my milk into a glass, measuring cup, cereal or whatever I do it on the counter right beside the refrigerator so it does not stay out of the refrigerator long. My milk always lasts beyond the expiration date sometimes up to a week longer.

Gratz! Who cares that you

Gratz! Who cares that you buy your milk here. I don't think you said anything about the issue. Not to mention who dosn't know to refrigerate milk. GMFG guys.

I buy the organic milk..

I buy the organic milk.. (any brand is wonderful) and I have never had a problem with it. I'm aware its costs alot more but, organic farmers really care about the product that they bring to consumers. It seems to last much longer than non-organic milk...not to mention it tastes wonderful. They take care of their cows never injecting them with hormones and feed them grass without pesticides which is very important to me. Switch to organic milk..its one of the few things i must have organic bc its worth the money..we all need milk for healthy bones and teeth.

Thanks Britt

I appreciate the information on organic milk. Don't know what made me come back to this site but nevertheless, I believe that things happen for a reason. Thanks for the suggestion! After this GOD awful incident it was a about 2 months later that I gave my daughter milk. Of course the day-care continued to provide her milk during snack and lunch time. Again, thanks for the info.


To: Das Weibstuck Are you kidding me? Did you read the part where I said my daughter passed out from profusely vomitting? Now she's riding in the ambulance and the paramedics are rushing her out of my house and I'm supposed to think about taking the milk to the E.R. Excuse me, but what if I would have taken it and they wouldn't have tested it? Now what? Easier said than done. HAVE COMPASSION! WHAT PART DIDN'T YOU PEOPLE READ! SHE IS 3 YEARS OLD. WASHING OR NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW SICK MY DAUGHTER WAS! ANYONE THAT KNOWS ME WILL TELL YOU THAT I HAVE O.C.D. ITS SADDENS ME AT HOW SICK YOU PEOPLE CAN BE AND NO COMPASSION. ******I'M NOT GOING TO GET INTO A LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN WITH YOU PEOPLE. SOME OF YOU JUST DON'T AND WILL NEVER GET IT! PRAY IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOUR KID. THEN YOU'LL BE ALERTING AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN; IF IT'S NOT TOOOOOOO LATE! ANGRY MOM!


you are not alone , my son inlaw has it and is coping very good with meds and lots of prayer, you do whats best for family forget the rest, it's whats between you and your lord, i am praying for you now, just had to comment sorry.Don


I refrigerated my milk immediately upon purchaseing and going straight to my home. Now what's the cover up and excuse for my 3 YEAR OLD SUFFERING AS SHE DID? ARE YOU KIDDING ME (someone that has sense)? You can't be! AGAIN PEOPLE, THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I'M JUST WARNING YOU!

Food Lion Milk

I'm sick of Food Lion's Milk prices.

Make sure that you

Make sure that you refrigerate your milk and it won't go sour on you. Remember, that perishables should only be out of refrigeration for ONLY four hours total.


All: My daughter awakened at midnight Sat. night(2/9/08) complaining of a stomach ache. She vomitted uncontrollable for approximately 6-8 hours. During that time she passed out from severe vomitting twice. She was transported to the E.R. and diagnosed with food poisoning. I told the paramedics as well as the E.R. doctor that it had to have been the milk that I just purchased. It wasn't until I returned to work 3 days later when I was asked by a co-worker what happened. I told her my instincts tells me that it was the milk. She asked where it was purchased and it was then that I found out about this article. OH MY GOSH! I looked at the 2% milk that I purchased and it has the same serial number as was listed in this report. It has been 4 days and my daughter is still weak and her eating is not up to par. By the way did I mention that she received an IV at the E.R. because she suffered from dehydration from vomitting. FROM A HURT MOM, PLEASE BEWARE!


The Food Lion milk had a product date from January 11 to January 20. The serial number is the UPC code which is the same on all the milk they sell even today. I hope you did not have milk that when out of date Jan 20th, I doubt it. If you thought it was the milk you should have taken the milk with you to the ER and had them test it. I had this happen to my son when he was 10 and i took what i thought was the offending food with me and it was not that food. Unless your daughter only drinks milk then you can not tell what it was. It could have been from dirty hands as well.

We, too, have purchased milk

We, too, have purchased milk at Food Lion that went sour prior to the expiration date. We also had the same skim milk we always get not long ago that we all decided didn't taste like milk. It wasn't sour, it just tasted like water. We have also had problems with spoiled meat on several occasions, not to mention seeing the molded refrigerated products such as strawberries and packaged herbs while shopping. I send an email to Food Lion's corporate office customer service department with every concern that I have, and always participate in the online surveys indicated on my sales receipts. MY concern is that I have never once received a letter, return email, or phone call from these people letting me know the problems are being handled.

We drink lactose free milk,

We drink lactose free milk, and the new carton I opened this week gave my husband a severe stomach ache, lasting 24 hours. Is this milk on the list or should it be? Should I return it for a refund. It has a February date on it.

Whole Foods milk is cheaper,

Whole Foods milk is cheaper, hormone free, and lasts well past the due date. I won't buy Food Lion milk again!

food lion milk

I poured out the rest of my milk because it spoiled before I heard about the recall. So from now on I'll keep buying staples (canned goods, packaged foods) from Food Lion, but I'm buying Whole Foods' milk. Its always CHEAPER, it's hormone free, it tastes more like MILK, and the last gallon I got lasted well past the date.


We have had to throw out the last two gallons we bought at Food Lion cause it went bad before the date so this isn't a new problem

bad milk

Perhaps this is why I was spent most of yesterday throwing up. My mother on the otherhand only had a stomach ache. This is what I get for eating cereal for the first time in maybe 3 months.

Can you get your money back?

Can you get your money back? who wants more milk from them?

Out here in Leland all we

Out here in Leland all we have is Food Lions please somebody build a Lowes foods out here Food Lion is terrible.

Food Lions

We also have a piggly wiggly, and they are going to put a Harris Tetter out on 17, right by waterford. There is a big sign out out there that says "Future home of......

Food Lion recall

My next door neighbor and I took milk back to our local store yesterday and we couldn't have been treated nicer. One of the girls at the cash registers knew what was going on the minute we walked in. She told us to put it down at her register and go get another one. When we came back, she told us there was nothing wrong with the milk that had been recalled, they had changed the labels and the tops of the can, but the labels weren't up to Food Lion standards. If the pet recalls didn't stop me from shopping at Food Lion this certainly won't. The only other grocery store in my town is Piggly Wiggly and I don't really like to go there. It's an old building, and it's not that clean. I don't care that much for the people who work there, but most everybody at Food Lion is very nice and helpful.

Well, she lied to you

The reason for the recall is right in the story: "The company says it's a shelf life issue because the milk didn't meet quality standards." It definitely WAS a shelf life issue, as the skim milk I had that was dated 1/7 had already soured and was undrinkable by 1/5. Anyone who drinks skim milk knows that it is still good four to five days after the date on the jug. I agree that Food Lion is a good company, staffed by good people, but they need to clean up their act regarding the recurring "milk problems." If they don't, the greatest employees in the world won't help them. They suffered for years after that pro-union hatchet-job on "20/20," and the sudden inability to provide fresh milk is an invitation to another media investigation and PR nightmare.

cheap milk ain't no deal

Buy cheap milk and keep washing it down the drain with your money. If you buy Pet milk or other name brands you can expect them to be fresh 7 days AFTER the date. They are guaranteed and returnable. Of course many folks leave milk sitting out too long or travel too far with it and that is why it doesn't keep as it should.

ummm...I already drank that

ummm...I already drank that milk. Am I gonna get really sick now?

You know what?

If they expect me to pay $4.00 for a gallon of milk,I expect to be able to drink it.

Isn't that the dam* truth!

Isn't that the dam* truth!

Food Lion milk

More then once I have had to throw out milk from Food Lion (Food Lion brand) that had gone bad before the date listed on the carton. There is no excuse for this happening on a regular basis.

Food Lion

We have shopped at Food Lion for years and have had no more problems with them than with any other food store chain. They have always handled any problem we did have with courtesy and consideration. I too have a half gallon that will need to be returned but I don't anticipate any problem and will certainly not stop shopping at Food Lion. PK

Ah, but this is the second time in the past few months!

I shop at Food Lion, and in fact am a shareholder in Delhaize, their parent corporation.... ....BUT I buy only canned, frozen, or packaged foods at Food Lion. I buy all fresh produce, meat, and now, milk at Harris Teeter. Two reasons: A can of brand-name soup at Food Lion is just as good as it is at Harris Teeter, and usually about a nickel cheaper. Food Lion OBVIOUSLY has a distribution problem that has impacted their meat and produce in the past, and is heavily impacting their milk deliveries now. There's absolutely no excuse for that kind of negligence.