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Foreclosure on Senator Boseman's property dismissed

The Brunswick County Clerk's office has confirmed the foreclosure on Senator Julia Boseman's property at 2096 Old Mill Creek Road has been thrown out. As previously reported on News Channel 3 the current residents, the Castillo family, had been paying Senator Boseman through a land-sale contract to buy the land and home. It now appears the Castillo family will be able to stay. The clerk's office said no reason was given for the dismissal.

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Dismiss Boseman

The voters should have dismissed dear Julia from office. Personal character does count. The yellow dog "give me a hand out" Democrats live on.

That's just Julia! I

That's just Julia! I sponsored this ad

muy intersante

would be interesting to know the circumstances and why it was thrown out,inquiring minds want to know.Any inquisitive lawyers, political people out there?thank you freedom of information act.

Julia Boseman did what she said she'd do

Looks like all the Boseman haters have a plate of crow to gobble up now that Sen. Boseman has cleared everything up as she said she would. Those people living there were just looking for attention. You just can't trust them sort of people but you can trust Julia! So much for the bashing, now let's get on with getting laws enacted in this state that deal with antiquated moralistic values such as same sex marriage, giving money to Hollywood so they can shoot movies here and finally lets get a mother's rights to abort carved in stone.

Fraid Not Fan

Banks do not want to foreclose. They will go to great lengths to avoid foreclosure. It is not uncommon for the Attorney reprsenting the Lender to dismiss the action on the belief the borrower is getting the matter corrected. All that happened is the action was dismissed. If she does not follow through, the action can be reinstated. She promised to deed the property to the Buyers. It's not over until she has done that. It's not over until she explains to her constituents why she borrowed $40,000 against a property she was selling. It's not over until she explains where the funds she was paid by the Buyers went to. Then it will be over. She still has a lot to follow through on. So it isn't over by a long stretch.

I just threw up in my mouth.

I just threw up in my mouth. Where do you want me to start with the bashing a Ms. Julia? Trust, a power hungry lawyer, please. Read some real facts.

It's not over

until the fat lady sings. Look at the file. The clerk of the court merely acts on the direction of the attorney representing the lender. That attorney filed for a dismissal. The bank would have the right to come back for the action should the Borrower, Ms. Boseman, not perform as she apparently promised. I am amazed you would point a finger at the occupants of the house. What did they do wrong? And, Ms. Boseman has not done all she said she would has she? Has she deeded the property to the Buyers as she said she would? Let's hope TV-3 continues with the follow up.

You ramble on about

You ramble on about antiquated moralistic values, yet you categorize the people at this home, who testified in court that they had paid over $25,000 on this property, as "you can't trust them sort of people but you can trust Julia." So, your tolerance levels apparently extend to lesbians, the right to abortion, Hollywood celebrities, state senators who concoct illegal property transactions, but your tolerance ends at "them sort of people". Well, let me be the first to apologize to you on behalf of all the people out here who are working to pay their mortgage payments and don't deserve to lose their homes for whatever reason. I'm sure none of us realized how disconcerting our presence was to you.

plate of crow

"Looks like all the Boseman haters have a plate of crow to gobble up now that Sen. Boseman has cleared everything up as she said she would. Those people living there were just looking for attention. You just can't trust them sort of people but you can trust Julia!" Remarkable. Things have really been cleared up. Exactly what happened? Will Julia hold a press conference and explain? I don't think so. "Those people" thought they were buying a home. A home which they had made a down payment on. A home which they had made monthly payments on. You may think it's all cleared up, but "selling" a home that you've sucked all the equity out of is not exactly kosher. In California and Florida these tactics led to arrest and federal indictments. It seems many people have "lost" homes because of rent to own plans that the "owner" had taken out all of the equity. "Those people living there were just looking for attention." I hardly think so. They didn't look the part of slick media savvy hucksters. Of course we'll never know. Ms. Boseman needs to shed light on her finances just like Mr. Wright had to do. I think there should be an investigation. If left up to her, this story will wither on the vine. I may have to eat crow, but until Ms. Boseman explains and comes clean about this deal, I'll put my order of crow on hold. As for "antiquated moralistic values", the lack of values is exactly why the country is in such sad shape. Greed, lack of ethics, and a contempt for the law and fellow man has fed the decline. Maybe Hollywood will make a movie here about a gay mother having an abortion in Wilmington. Of course it would be called "Julia".