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Foreman files lawsuit in Oak Island Bridge collapse


Another worker involved in the Oak Island Bridge collapse has filed a lawsuit. John Keel filed the suit last week in Craven County against the contractor and two engineering firms working on the project when a girder collapsed in December 2008. The accident killed one worker and injured another.

Keel also filed a complaint against the state DOT. Attorney Richard Flexner says Keel, who was the foreman on the project, has not been able to work because he is suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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So what about all these men and women fighting overseas who see their friends die next to them. What happens to them when they come home? Who can they sue because they are depressed & suicidal?

I feel bad for this guy -- I'm sure it was traumatic -- but will money really make him not be depressed anymore? Give me a break.

One of the

Hardest working people I ever met. He worked his way up and no one in the industry would use the word deadbeat in association with John!

He's still working hard

Working hard at winning the litigation lottery.

I was working on a

I was working on a constructon site that had a bad accindent a couple of men die and a few got hurt pretty bad it took some of us a while to get over so i know what you going thur god bless all of you don"t pay negative people no mine

Yeah, and when I was nineteen....

I saw three of my best friends killed by an NVA round right in front of me.

You keep going. You keep moving. You keep doing your job. You cry when you're alone and when you have time.

Then you dry your tears, you pick up your pack and you move on. You grab life by the butt or it will most assuredly kick yours.

I am lazy. Will Flexner take

I am lazy. Will Flexner take my case, because it depresses me and I am shocked that I see others working?

What a deadbeat!

"...has not been able to work because he is suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder."

Let's hope the judge heaves him and his ambulance chasing attorney down the courthouse steps for wasting the court's time. Oh, and don't forget to slap him with the defendents' legal fees.

He's suing everyone in sight - going for the deep pockets, hoping they'll settle.


the insurance carrier will weigh the cost of litigation and settle out of court. Watch the dollars flow when the blood sucker gets 55% of the amount settled for.

Great gig

Wow, that is even better than the scam I came up with. I just claim to be tired.

Put this clown in the same

Put this clown in the same catagory as the woman who spilled hot coffee in her lap and the woman that set the cruise control on her motor home and left the driver's seat to make a sandwich.