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Former Brunswick County sheriff has new job

Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett is back on the job, but not as a law enforcement officer. Hewett is working part time for Brunswick County developer Mark Saunders. Hewett was transferred to a halfway house in Wilmington after being released from federal prison, and is allowed to have a job. Company spokeswoman Nita Hill spoke with Hewett who declined an on-camera interview with WWAY. Hewett worked for the company before he was sentenced for embezzlement and obstruction of justice. Hill told us they are pleased to have his talent and experience back.

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A body guard for Saunders?

Congratulations Ron Hewitt -- you have now made the big time!!!! One must wonder why a company such as Coastal would hire yet "another employee" in these hard economic times, who has an extensive background in the LAW business. People still seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to try to find out why they can't have roads in front of the high priced lots they purchased years ago, before the economy tanked--or even the amenities promised but never built in Mark Saunder's "flagship" visionary development! Hopefully you were hired to keep the peace, or should I say, "create" the peace between this shabby organization and the public it has repeatedly let down! I'm sure it will take many years of hard work to achieve that kind of goal!!!Good Luck! _

irrelevant repsonse

"Hopefully you were hired to keep the peace, or should I say, "create" the peace between this shabby organization and the public it has repeatedly let down!" When did Coastal Development become an entity serving the public? It appears the poster is a property owner in one of the subdivisions that Coastal Development acted as the developer (at one time or another). Issues such as this should be taken up with the POA/HOA of the community not a response to an article about a former public official that fullfilled his/her debt to the public and is on work release with a local building company.


Birds of a feather flock together.

Second Chance

Ronald had completed his sentence that was handed down to him, and just like anyone else that has been jailed and did their time he deserves a second chance and the right to make a living. I don't condone what Ronald did but do feel like it's time to allow him to live his life and support his family in the private sector.


So Ronnie is out and about again. I still feel he has not served the sentence that was given to him.I know of no one else who has gotten such a short sentence for good behavior.I really hope he realizes how he abused the power of his office and how he failed so many.I am ashamed of Ronnie

Go Ron!

I wish you all the best!

Can you guys not let this

Can you guys not let this man rest?????? He did his time and he has to make a living. Since he did his time (which I think he didn't deserve but, that's just my opinion) now it's time for the others to do their time. So I ask you other than getting good TV ratings for finding out 1st about where he works or what he is doing do you think that maybe just maybe you could leave Ronald Hewett ALONE??????

Mark Saunders has cut his

Mark Saunders has cut his staff and cut staff salaries recently, but he still has room for and some kind of allegiance to Mr Hewitt! Hewitt was a sheriff deputy from the time he was 18 until his arrest two years ago. What valuable skills could he really bring to the table for the floundering development company?

NO Valuable Skills???

I’m not assuming that this was your true intention, but do you really believe that because someone has twenty to thirty years in law enforcement, they have NO “valuable skills?” Beware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

I cannot imagine what skills

I cannot imagine what skills in Construction and Land Development MR Hewitt brings to the table. It was the Coastal representative that said he brings "valuable skills" to the table. Unless Mr Saunders is setting up a private police force, I cannot see how Mr Hewitt's skills are so valuable. All this while other employees, who have years and years of experience specifically in the businesses that Coastal specializes in, are let go or have their pay reduced.