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Former employees talk about problems at senior care facility

READ MORE: Former employees talk about problems at senior care facility

Yesterday we told you about several cases of elder abuse at Glencare assisted living in Wilmington. A DSS investigation revealed violations ranging from sexual abuse and rape to poor distribution of medication.

Our investigation was sparked by an e-mail from a former Glencare employee. WWAY's Joe Mauceri sat down with that woman and another former employee who say conditions have not improved since last year's DSS investigation. Corey Rotella says residents at Glencare have "inhumane living conditions." Rotella says she tried to alert DSS, government leaders and other media about the deplorable conditions before she was fired.

"The longer I worked there the more I saw that things weren't making sense," Rotella said.

Glencare of Wilmington hired Rotella as a housekeeper last June. After a month or two she was promoted to nurses aide in the Special Care Unit. Rotella says the unit, which houses demented and other special needs residents, was always short on supplies.

"When I would go to them, they would say, 'Make due with what you got,'" she said. "We had toilets that would break down the entire shift. The entire shift. And we only had two wheelchair accessible bathrooms, so we had to use them anyway."

She also says residents would often have unexplainable bruises.

"There's one resident, I walked in, black eye, knot on his head, little mark on his nose."

Problems with this facility are nothing new. Before Kornegay Healthcare bought it, it was known as Jasmine Cove. Before that the Meadows. Under both names it had a history of violations.

"Over the three name changes since I've been there, nothing has changed," another former Glencare employee said. She is a certified nursing assistant who asked that we hide her identity. We'll call her "mary". She confirms Rotella's story.

"The hot water problems. Staff not being properly trained to take care of the elderly. Residents come up with bruises. No one knows where they came from," Mary said. "They blame each shift for it."

Mary says she documented everything she saw and reported it to her supervisors.

"When you report it, it's like a chain of command," Mary said "But in that chain of command, it's like nothing is done after we do our part as far as reporting."

Glencare's own policy says the administrator is responsible to report accidents and incidents. But DSS says the incidents these employees are telling us about were never reported. In fact, employees were asked to stop documenting problems altogether in the Special Care Unit.

Rotella says she's not just a disgruntled employee. In December, more than a month before she was fired, Rotella sent an e-mail to DSS asking if the incidents she witnessed were typical in three-star assisted living facilities and even asked what she could do to help. Rotella also contacted a patients rights advocacy group and says she began to voice her concerns around the facility.

"They had us have a meeting," she said. "They sat me down and another employee down and they said we feel like you're stepping on our toes."

After a year and a half on the job Glencare administrators fired Rotella, saying she failed a drug test. But Rotella refused to leave until she saw the test results and had to be escorted off the property by law enforcement.

We contacted the Department of Labor to find out the law regarding employee drug testing. The department told us a company does not have to provide the actual test to an employee, but the employee must be told what she tested positive for in writing. The employer must also tell the employee she has the right to have the sample tested by an independent agency at her own cost. Rotella says that never happened. She says there is no way she failed the drug test.

Since Rotella was fired, Glencare has taken out a restraining order against her claiming she threatened the administration before she was fired. Other employees who've raised concerns about resident care have also been accused of threatening administrators.

In December, Ann Kornegay, Vice President of Kornegay Healthcare, testified about another former employee who threatened "to get them back". We asked Mary, who was also fired from the facility, if she was just a disgruntled employee.

"My life goes on," Mary said. "I look at it as one door closing, another one is opening for me for the better. It's not about a vendetta. It's because I care about the people that live there, that reside there."

The two women say the only reason they decided to come forward was to protect their elderly friends.

"You have some residents that don't have any family come see them," Mary said, "so they basically need a voice to speak what goes on in their everyday living for them."

Glencare owner Glen Kornegay declined to comment on any of the accusations. So far this year DSS has received eight complaints regarding Glencare of Wilmington.

Since being fired, Rotella has started a petition to reform the laws and regulations for adult care homes in North Carolina. Click here to check it out

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I'm surprised @ ur ignorance!!!!!!!

It's so funny how you can say the public is ignorant but it is painfully obvious that you can't even express your own opinion without using foul language. So who's the ignorant one? ANOTHER example of the sooooo PROFESSIONAL people that Glencare hires. The only people that are trying to defend them are corperate (of course) and the employees that know that if they get shut down their Background records are too disturbed to get another job. I mean honestly, anybody who has worked on the floor first hand whether it was a pca or a med tech, certified or not, ya'll ALL know that whether it's on purpose (or by accident) those people are being neglected. It took the state just to make Glencare of Wilmington get new Hot Water Heaters that have been broken now for how long? The lady from The Divison of Health Services called me personally and told me that they were finishing up their investigation and they found SEVERAL violations. And as soon as they reveal them, everybody will see the truth... Now that is straight fact not fiction. Deal with it.

suprised at the ignorance of so many people

After reading the comments of various people in the blogs, I am really surpised at the ignorance of some people. It is obvious that most of the people that have made comments have no knowledge of the elderly. As a person ages, their skin is much thinner and bruises quickly. It is not from abuse or neglect. It is just a part of aging. As for the derogatory statements against the Kornegays,
how is this helping the situation. The employees that were in question should be adult enough to admit they did wrong and go on with their life. It does not help to try to run down a facility or administration when they are caught. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are a lot of people employed at different GlenCare facilities. Not everyone would turn their head if even a little part of abuse or neglect is going on. When have you ever seen a person get fired and not try to blame someone other than themselves. As for the children and pets, these old people LOVE both. They don't have their own families around all the time but you should see their faces when they can hug a child or hold a pet in their laps. This is truly a precious moment. So you ignorant people, grow up. If you are unhappy with where you work. QUIT!!!! But quit showing your IGNORANCE. This has gotten out of hand. What started as a news piece has turned in to a BITCH session for the mentally impaired people calling themselves the public.

What a joke!

You claim that the comments of the public are so ignorant but it is painfully obvious that you can't even voice your own opinion without using foul language. I really think you need to take a step back and see your own ignorance. I wasn't terminated. I quit because I did not like the fact that everytime I followed the chain of command to report alligations such as these nothing was done about it. And it's obvious that there's truth because in case you didn't know, the restraining order against ms Rotella was dismissed. Also I recieved a call from the division of health services and from what I gathered many of the complaints have been substantiated. A lie has to be remembered but the truth flows naturally and it will set u free everytime. I don't think the Konegays are bad people. But what can I say? I have never seen or met them a day in my life. I just think they need to spend more time at their facilities and stop taking administration's word for everything because it is painfully obvious that they haven't been and aren't doing their job. Before you call somebody ignorant, define it and you will see that the ignorance lies with you!

unprofessional at most

your comments are very unprofessional. You have many mispelled words and improper use of grammar as well.

again I ask, why did this Lady have the rash for so long ?

Please answer this question.

"You have not done an investigation at all! Number one there was NO bodily fluid and second of all the redness was a rash!!! A rash that the resident suffered from long before and long after this bizarre accusation. It would be interesting have you talked to the family members involved? The investigation should be on DSS not Glencare. These patients were never assaulted and Glencare did follow their policy and procedure. The reason it was voted 6-1 no penalty was because it was obvious that the investigation was flawed by DSS. DSS did not show up for the hearing and could not be reached by the state for over an hour.

Who is avioding who? It is a shame that you print and slander a company on the word of an irrate former emploee rather than people who truley care about the elderly."

Glen Care---Warsaw

its all true about the incidence that occur at Glen Care facility in Warsaw.....there are dogs and uncontrollable children running around in the facility...and in the EBC there id a broken window....what would happen if one of the resident cut themselves on the window or freeze to you tell me would you put your family member there?....Also the staff members are abusing the resident in the EBC....I only wish that someone have the courage to stand up for the residents....and i can only hope and pray that state comes in and really do an inspection....they also have a shredder to distroy important records....THIS HAS TO STOP....EVERYONE DESERVES A FAIR LIFE....


I am an employee with Glencare, Glenn and Anne Kornegay has been very good to me and my family. They try to help their employees when they can. I know them to be the kind of people who would not tolerate any kind of abuse to residence or employees. They believe in giving people a second chance even if others don't. They don't judge people by what others say they form their own opinion. I do not believe any of this gossip. Please keep an open mind when you read this stuff, we are talking about real people who care about others.


I worked for Glencare and never seen the owners visit the facility I worked at. They could care less about what goes on. The residents call it Glen Careless and its dead on! The buildings are nasty, the admin sits on their rear ends doing nothing. Charting isnt done right, people over medicated, employees treated like crap. I would NEVER put my dog in there. Not only does the Wilmington facility need to be checked into but so does the other ones.. Glencare of Holly RIdge, Glencare in Pink HIll too!THings arent charted and reported to DSS.. Hope someone shuts this place down. These so called Christians are money hungry inconsiderate people who dont care about staff or residents. Hope they shut em down once and for all!

Former Employee Also

I worked for the Kornegays in one of their other facilities for quite awhile. I left on good terms but can also be objective and listen to both sides.
I have never been in one of their other facilities that looked like this one. I haven't been in the Wilmington facility though I have been in several of the others.
Looking back over news articles and googling previous names and owners, it appears this facility has had poor management since the very beginning. It will take longer than just a few years to get it back into shape. They must have a very strong administrator who will get oversight from the home company. Then they must have Department heads the administrator can count on. And they must hire staff that can work with this type of patient. It takes special people to work in a Special Care Unit. Either Anne or Glenn needs to be in that building several times a week and take a hands on approach. The current administrator may need to be replaced or may need more training. I really do not believe the Kornegays condone the activities that have been reported from this building. It is a business and businesses are expected to be profitable but this is not the way they have historically done business. Otherwise, they wouldn't have lasted as long as they have. Both of them have extensive background in Long Term Skilled and Assisted Living Care environments. This is an anomaly.

some of this is very true

I am a former employee to that worked these halls for about 7 i wasnt fired ...i left for a better paying job...and no i am not disgruntled
not once did i ever see the owners come to visit though its possible they were there on my days off
yes the building needs a major overhall things breaking faster then they can be repaired at times and yes i to saw many times when the bathrooms were not working or they had no hot water
ive seen the people in charge who were on call when these things happen never answer their pages
ive seen heard then seen aministrators check the med logs and find that meds were not given out properly or at all and then fill in the books so they were up todate
i saw one medtech fired for stealing drugs and then 3 months later saw her rehired
ive seen them hire underqualified people to deal with these very sick people and offer them no training on to handle them
i saw the same patient who has been violent over and over before hit many people and even after no reports are made nothing is done for the saftey of the patient or the worker
ive heard of some workers being repreimanded for getting high at work yet others were let off because they had friends in high places
i know this facility has a high turner over rate of emplyess which should draw some kind of warning

and i do know there are some employees there that dont care about the place just there to get a pay check and i know others are there and really care and i know some of the patients are very difficult and need supervision all the time

as far as the owners being good christians maybe so but that truely doesnt have anythiing to do with how their facility is being run
go and work there a week or 2 and then u tell me what u see
and whether these employees are digruntled or not if any of there complaints are true then its time someone stood up and said something and make a change


Was it legal for the fired employee to take pictures with her cell phone? She showed a patient's arm. Though she was not identified, was it still legal?


My mother stayed there less than 24 hours one day last year. I did not have the opportunity to see the place before they transferred her there from pulmonary rehab. Otherwise, she would have never stepped foot in the door. That place is not fit for animals to live in. They say they remodeled not long ago. I don't call painting remodeling. The place smells awful, is dirty, and the management their was rude. It took us several phone calls to get our money back as we had prepaid for a month. This place has been on the news for years for the same issues. What is it going to take to get something done to make better living conditions for these people. I feel sorry for the residence. And to the people that commented that work in the corporate office, maybe you should go for a visit to the facility. The people that own it may be nice but maybe in the wrong business.


I have worked for Anne and Glenn Kornegay for almost 3 years in the corporate office as an accounts receivable specialist. I have only seen them show the up most care and concern for all of their residents. I have seen them take in the homeless who showed up on a facility door step without any compensation for this. They are Christian people who care about their fellow man. To say that they don't care for their residents is absurd!!!! These are false allegations. The news channel should be ashamed of spreading lies.

You work @ coorperate. You

You work @ coorperate. You don't work first hand with the patients so you don't know what is fact or fiction. Maybe you should change a pamper or two. Then you can talk. Until then quit trying to defend them when you have no idea what you're talking about. Stick to cutting checks (which i'm always missing hours on my check) because thats what u know.

Oh please!!!

Just how does working as an accounting clerk make you an expert on the issues surrounding patient care? Just what kind of responsibilities did you have where you actually SAW the conditions in which the residents lived, or INTERACTED with the residents to understand their concerns first-hand? Admit it. Your job involves sitting at a desk behind a computer, and your comments about the facility and owner are merely what you would like the public to believe ...

glencare of wilmington

setting behind a desk all day behind closed doors does not give you the right to speak up. unless you have worked on the halls or in rooms where you have had hands on experience, or have sat and listened to the voices of the residents complaining about not getting enough food to eat, or not having soap to wash with, or i dont know where all my money is going. not getting there medication on time, so you corporate people that thinks they no whats going, you dont, i have worked in a facility i never saw the administrators come down the halls and even speak to our residents. i have witnesses ann korneagy coming into glencare of wilmington and not even knowledge the residents whom lived there. so yes you little pencil pushers dont know,

If she is so sure she would

If she is so sure she would not test positive for drugs take a blood test and prove it! Would need to be a blood test not urine that way it is not tampered with and all concerns of foul play would be out of the question.

If you had listened to the

If you had listened to the story, you would have seen that Glencare did not follow the labor laws which say she should have been told what she tested positive for and been given the results in writing and tell her she could have the sample retested by her own doctor. She offered to do so and the company refused.
I invite you all to go to GlenCare of Wilmington tomorrow and look around for yourself and see if you would want your family member placed there.
I would be more impressed if the Kornegays and their employees would take the high road and not respond to this with their talk of being "Christian" and how much they do for people. It would be much more impressive if they would all do as Mr. Kornegay is doing and just be quiet and wait for the outcome.




I have been employed with Glenn and Anne Kornegay for eight years. Currently I am Corporate Office Manager for Glencare. First I'd like to start by saying these are alligations that have NOT been substantiated.
These alligations are stemming from disgruntled employees, we all know how vicious some people can be when they are fired. I know for a fact that when Glenn and Anne Kornegay took over the Wilmington facility they paid the salary's of those current employees, because the previous employer left and would not pay them. They did not have to do that, however they did because that is the kind of people they are. Not the kind that stand by and let residence be raped or abused. There are some good hard working employees working for Glencare and it is a shame that those employees were not interviewed before this misrepresentation of Glencare was reported. Shame on this station for running with a story swirled with lies and not facts. It is a sad day when the first Amendment is used to slander good people for the sake of a story. If these disgruntled employees really cared about the residence and their former co-workers they would not be telling these vicious lies, which hurt the residence and other employees who really love their work and the residence. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

The Kornegay's Should Be Put In Jail!!!!

The Owners and upper staff should have to live like these people for a while then they would be thankful of their lavish lifestyle. I think that they are the most sorry people there is. I would put them in jail for stealing my money. I do not live or work there but I do know a little about the things that go on there.


I have known Glenn and Anne Kornegay for several years through the Glencare facilities. I have never seen or know of any horrific conditions such as the ones described in this article. I know Anne nor Glenn would never let abuse, misuse of residence of any kind go on in their facilities. I know they are Christians and only want the best for their residence and families. I also know these are aligations and not facts, I just hope people are open minded enough to realize that.


I have learned in life that the "Christian People" are the most greedy and non-caring people among us. If all of these allegations are false then where are all of these pictures coming from. I am glad that WWAY told this story. It will open the eyes of people who have loved ones in these places.


Let me start by defending cory. First of all I have been going to glencare for many years now and I have never seen someone more dedicated to their job. She is only one of maybe 2 or 3 that really cares about the residents. Before you talk about someone you do not know you should get the whole picture. There is nothing this girl states that is not true and she cannot prove, by god she gave you pictures what more do you need. Tell you what if you are so sure she is a liar take your family member there and leave them. Another thing all you guys and gals in the office sitting behind a desk yes you may know the owners as who they are as far as a person and that is to state maybe they did not know what was going on at glencare. When you do not visit a facility constantly then you just take the word of the administrator what is happening. That is another thing why is only one emplyee mentioned in the paper by name and not the administrator. That person is the head honcho and knows everything going on in that place unless she is not doing her job. So it is not fair just to name one when it is more than one. Another thing about cory is that most of you talking junk would not know is this young lady rode a bike to work everyday in the rain and the cold to be at work at 7am in the morning if that is not dedication than what the hell is?


i agree with you 100% why isnt the administrator speaking up about all this mess going on. i will tell you why she is related to the owners of glencare of wilmington