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Former GOP candidate for Congress now backs Democrat McIntyre

READ MORE: Former GOP candidate for Congress now backs Democrat McIntyre

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Ilario Pantano's and Mike McIntyre's race for Congress is picking up momentum. Now, some are wondering if an endorsement will be a speed bump to one candidate's campaign.

Just when you thought we had heard the last of Will Breazeale, the Republican candidate for Congress has come out saying he will now support his former Democratic opponent. The reason, he says, he couldn't stand on the sidelines anymore.

"Even though I initially distanced myself from endorsing anyone, after watching the debate last Friday, it became very apparent for me that I need to get involved and make a decision," Breazeale told WWAY by phone today. Breazeale's decision: to turn his back on fellow Republican Pantano and throw his support behind Democratic incumbent McIntyre.

"It became obvious to me that Pantano is about sound bites and emotion. McIntyre is about knowledge, qualifications and leadership," Breazeale said. It's a much different tune than Breazeale sang during his 2008 campaign against McIntyre and even during the Republican primary this year.

"One of my major beefs with McIntyre was he refused to endorse me," Breazeale said. "In fact, he refused to endorse anybody since 1996, since he was elected. He has responded this time, and has agreed to additional debates so it's hard for me to criticize him on that anymore. He has stepped up to the plate. He had an open debate that was televised, so that concern has gone away."

Breazeale admits his endorsement may have not have happened if McIntyre faced someone other than Pantano. Pantano's campaign manager said in a statement, "We are disappointed at the levels that our opponents would be willing to stoop to slander our good name... The issues and challenges are too great to be side-tracked by a failed candidate who was soundly rejected in two straight elections."

The criticism against Breazeale's endorsement does not stop there. Frank Williams, the 7th District GOP Chair, said in a statement, "If I were Mike McIntyre, I would not want this endorsement from Will Breazeale's 'Sour Grape Express.'"

We called Rep. McIntyre's campaign manager and office several times to get a response to the endorsement. So far, no one has not called us back.

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Schizo Bumper Stickers for losers, 101

Will, dude, a tip for you at no charge: Mike McIntyre is against the Fair Tax. Soooooo ...some people (I'm just sayin') consider it confusing and bad form to have a "Fair Tax" sticker next to a "Mike McIntyre Works For Me" sticker. Maybe you should move one of them to the front bumper or at lease to a side window. To think I supported you in the primary. Damn. You, sir, have no honor.

I don't understand

Why is this the only Media outlet that
Has this story posted ?

What does Pantano do for a

What does Pantano do for a living? Has he ever answered this question?


According to both and, Pantano is a best-selling author.

I honestly have no idea what his residuals are from such, but quite honestly, it's none of my business. He's made his money honestly... it's HIS money, not mine.

So I'm not going to get wrapped up in any crazy Crow-like conspiracy theories.

BTW, he also worked on Wall St until he "resigned in disgust due to the culture of corruption". He also had the guts to start-up two (successful) companies in NY.

But like I said, it's his money, not mine. Good for Pantano.

Or is being successful now illegal?

Somebody PLEASE tell me on

Somebody PLEASE tell me on what important issues Mike McIntyre has sided with the liberals in DC.

Reply "what liberal issues?" for McIntyre

For the past Congressional sessions, he's voted for Nancy Pelosi to be 2d in line for the Presidency of the United States of America. He's also a "Senior Whip" for the Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda.

Is that liberal enough for you?

Will you please just go away

Will - you're shaming yourself and your family. I'm a former supporter and you've made casting my vote for you the biggest regret I ever made in the voting booth. You are doing your reputation, what's left of it, irreparable harm. Mike McIntyre doesn't want your support. He's laughing at you. Stop this now. Be a man and move on.

Gee, that really backfired, eh?

You couldn't get a much worse response than these comments! Wow! I'd hate to be in your shoes, Dude. Bummer!

BREAZEALE, you give all Republicans a bad name!

It sickens me when a Republican backs a Democrat! Breazeale has no principles! You need to finally come out of the closet you RINO!

Proud to Support Ilario Pantano

I supported Will in '08 and again in the primary this year. I am very disappointed in his actions since he lost the primary. I am happy and proud to support Ilario Pantano in the general election.

How someone could run against McIntryre, support the Fair Tax and claim to be a conservative and then come out in support of Nancy Pelosi's lap dog, Mike McIntyre, is beyond my understanding.

I am disappointed in Will Breazeale's actions to say the least. Will, I heard that you were moving to GA, maybe now is a really good time to go.

NO need for me to respond

You hit the nail on the head, I could not agree with your comment more. Its no wonder he lost two runs for office. We see you through you Will, you claim to be a conservative, but obviously you would stick your contituents just like you just stuck the republican party. YOu make us all sick and a vote for a Democrat right now is a vote for more Pelosi. Don't run again Will, your done

What a megalomaniac!

Attention Will! Attention Will! Earth to Will!


I am less embarrassed for having voted for Richard Nixon than I am for having voted for this border-line psychotic in the primary.


I guess this shows that the better man DID WIN in this case....this guy is a sore looser, plain and simple. Hey...why don't you just flip sides and put a D beside your name while your at it...

Will who?

Will who?

Sore loser

He's is a piece of work

Breazeale is a FOOL with a capital F

Breazeale, you are a fool! You lost to a better man, and you just can't let it go, can you? And the worst part is, you claim to be Republican but your antics put us all in a bad light by party association. Why don't you stop lying about Pantano, and just admit you are democrat and have always been a democrat. What is your obsession with the man, anyway? I've never seen anyone so paranoid, delusional and self-destructive as you are with these rants about someone you don't even need to concern yourself with because you lost the race. It's over for you.

McIntyre wouldn't debate you in '08 because he thought you were a clown with no chance of winning. It's killing you still, isn't it? That's why you are so obsessed with Pantano, right?

Grow up! Get a life! And most of all, stop calling yourself a Christian because you display the most un-Christian behavior I think I have seen since John Edwards.

Oh, and by the way, staying in a union-job and staying in the guard to collect taxpayer money for your measly amount of time spent doing nothing of value that could easily be done by a civilian, does not make you a superior being. It makes you a union-loving, pension-loving, soak-the-taxpayer twit! Just the kind we need off our welfare rolls.

A real Republican
Jackie Meisner

Is that a good thinig ????

Is this a good thing for Mike McIntyre to have you back him? I think not. You have proved that you are a short fuse and if I was Mike McIntyre I wouldn't want you anywhere near me.
As I read your press release it really doesn't make sense (AGAIN).
You stated that Pantano had an unstable work history are you kidding. I ask you Mr. Breazeale would you quite a very good paying job on Wall St. and enlist in the Marines and serve your country?
That is what he did right after 9-11.

What exactly did you do in Iraq? Now try to be honest you know we can look it all up. Did you see any combat?
Before you cast stones take a good long look at yourself.

Your backing Mike McIntyre is NOT a good thing for Mike. All it does is put your name in the news again. Your 15 minutes of fame are over..

Maybe he would like some

Maybe he would like some cheese with that whine.


Thank you, Will Sleazeale, for so enthusiastically endorsing your former opponent after YEARS of sliming him during your two filed campaigns. You have once again proven that you don't have one single principle you are willing to stand by.

Sleazeale, you are the single most inept, unprincipled wanna-be politician I have ever come across and I can only thank you for endorsing Incumbent McIntyre and taking all your ugly, personal baggage with you to the other team. Good riddance. You always were a Democrat, despite your failed campaigns as a confused Republican, and they are welcome to have you back.

Will don't go away mad, Will

Will don't go away mad, Will just go away.

Just go away Will..

It doesn't take a genius for anyone to see that the only thing Breazeale is concerned about is himself and power.

It started with him whining about losing to Pantano wanting the local RNC to disallow the victory. Now he sees that Pantano has a good shot so he sees his political future going down the drain. If McIntyre gets re-elected then Will can run again for congress. If Pantano wins, he is shut out for a while.

Will, the only thing I remember about you is being in a Chicken suit at Leland's Founders Day in 2008. Right then, it was clear that you are not cut out to be a US representative. This recent press release confirms my belief.

Will...just go away...and grow up.

Breazeale is a very, very sore loser!

A traitor to his political affiliation and a true alliance to none. It's a good thing the voters were able to see through this guy in the primary and keep him out of office. Now, he shows his real colors, his untrustworthy demeanor and his inability to accept the truth. We simply don't want him in the political arena representing the people of District 7. The more he rants on and on, the lesser his chance of being elected to anything higher than a metermaid supervisor.

Thank you for showing us who you really are Mr. Breazeale! I'm not sure if it is honesty or uncontrolled anger that uncovered it for you, but I lean toward the latter. Most politicians lie about that too!

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to convince the people that voted for you to turn coat as you have and promote more Pelosi politics!


What a tool this guy is, sounds to me like he is a sore loser! Macintyre is not the right choice for our congressman as he has sided with the liberals on way too many important issues.Our country is in a tailspin right now and we need real leadership to get things done in Washington and to get rid of these morons in charge now.

Looks to me like this is

Looks to me like this is great for Ilario. Anyone who still had doubts about what "could have been" if Brazealle had only one, will now be able to fully back Pantano. Even though I want McIntyre out of there badly, I have to feel real sorry for the guy. Who the hell wants this nut-job to back them! And like others, I choose to be a coward and not use my real name. I can't believe they let this guy fly planes with people on board. Next time I fly I want to know who the pilot isn't!