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Former Leland Mayor in trouble

A former Brunswick County politician is in trouble with the law. Former Leland Mayor Franky Thomas, has been charged with possessing and attempting to sell video poker machines. Just possession of a free standing video poker machine is a misdemeanor offense in North Carolina. The charges stem from a three month investigation by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office Drug Enforcement Unit. According to reports, Thomas was trying to sell the machines for $10,000.

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Mr. Franky, and his family have lived in Leland all of his life, just as my family has, and we have known him for many many years. Franky Thomas really has made contributions to Leland as mayor, and has served his hometown, and county honorably. He has been a 'mover and shaker'type politician, and an independent thinker. But it's not just a poker machine that makes us sad, but the fact that he was involved in the possession and sale of them knowing he was dealing with illegal machines. That speaks volumes about character. For those who have written comments making light of the gambling "law" in NC making it legal for lotteries, because the state gets a cut, yet the poker machine is not allowed by a citizen; I agree wholeheartedly. I think its a travesty that government allows the same type of gambling "for the benefit of the kids" and and yet would put someone away for owning a machine for their own profit...or to sell...or whatever... that totally wreaks of the old cliche 'don't you do like I do, you just do what I SAY do.' When government tells us on ONE HAND "not to do" what they ARE doing, WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THAT BRING TO SOCIETY? I remember while growing up I had friends whose parents were chain smokers, or drank alcohol excessively, or had other addictions and problems. They had to tell their kids, "don't you do what I'm doing" you don't touch (alcohol, smoking, etc..) it..."YOU DO WHAT I SAY DO BOY! Just because I do it does NOT give you permission to DO IT yourself!" MANY of my friends that watched their families fall apart, or died early from alcohol, cancer from chainsmoking for years, are today following right in their parents' footsteps. A few, thank God, have overcome, or was able to 'step out of it' and refused to do to themselves what their parents did to them, and their families....What we are talking about here is THE GOVERNMENT'S ROLE IN RESPONSIBLE LEGISLATING. You can't expect the government to say one thing and do another. LOTTERY LAWS DO JUST THAT.... BUT, that is an entirely different story. So we are on the same side, right? Apart from our feelings ABOUT the law, WE DO have laws, and MUST ABIDE by them. Can we agree on that? This is where Mr. Franky crossed that line, and is what makes us here sad for him, and his family. In fairness, I don't think we should be the "first to cast a stone" without examining our own selves. I am not saying this in defense of what he has done, but to keep things in perspective on a personal level with you the reader of this, and myself, and Franky. Franky is a good man who loves his family, and had a wonderful mother and father. We wish him the best and will keep him in our prayers...

QTPI brought up some valad

QTPI brought up some valad history about Franky from long ago ( get the pun for those of you that know ** Long ago ** anyway my father-in-law was on the BCSD back when that happend and was one of the officers on scene at the double shooting. Right there in front of the house.....Ive heard the story on many, many occasions.

Lottery Vs. Video Poker

Gambling is gambling. The state outlawed Video Poker so folks would spend more of their money on lottery tickets instead. They call it the "Education Lottery" to give it the appearance that gambling "for the children" is somehow OK. Your chances of winning at Video Poker are far better than winning the lottery, but the state doesn't get a cut and that is the issue. "For the children" is the shield the state uses as an excuse to put their hands deeper in your pockets while the corrupt politicians fill theirs. The corrupt Child Support Industry is another, but that's another topic for another day.

It's like bingo in

It's like bingo in church-that's gambling but it's ok because it's for a good cause, right?

He should be allowed to sell

He should be allowed to sell them just this once to someone who does business where they are not illegal. It's stupid that they are not legal in the first place seeing how we have the lottery. Maybe if he gave the state a cut....


No one can be perfect We all make mistakes no matter what job we do. He was a good mayor and County Comm. It's a shame we can live better and stop fighting among our selves. We have soldiers over seas fighting there for freedom and here we are not abiding by the law.


Not those horrid video game machines the State recently outlawed so the State wouldn't have competition with their lottery. Now everything is OK. Crime, taxes, roads, bridges, education. You fixed it! It had to be this man and his video game. Thanks.

Brunswick county in the toilet

Do you see a pattern developing here? I guess old EX sheriff ron is taking some friends with him. Just think,Frankie was an elected officials with access to taxpayer dollars. I think this is another one for the SBI. They should do an investigation on the entire Town of Leland while "Frankie" was mayor. $20,000.00 cash, what's wrong with a bank Frankie?, unless you are trying to hide something.....




Thomas was a County Commissioner many years ago before he held the Mayors position in Leland. Thomas is a very significant politician in Brunswick county history. It may be too quick to rush to judge on this one...Thomas has been a mover and a shaker for getting things done for the public good.


If my memory serves me correctly this is one of the guys that had his name in the hat for the big ole sheriff race a while back. Oh yeah, lets just shower this pillar of the community with accolades.'s right there, I feel another memory coming on. Something about someone having an affair with someone else's wife and two people ending up getting shot. Sometimes people just get too big for their britches. An elected title does not give you the right to break the law. Even if you are one of the good ole boys.

We thank Mr. Thomas for

We thank Mr. Thomas for getting things done for the public. However, the point is he was caught breaking the law.


When was he a County Commissioner? He ran for a spot, but I never recall him winning unless it was many many many years ago.


I've been around a long time and I've never known him to be County commissioner. When?

in the late 80's

Mr. Thomas was a county commissioner back in the 80's. Before you leap and run your mouth better check out the facts! He's just got caught and the rest of you haven't.


No one is running their mouth but you. It was a simple question. What facts are their to know? Yes, he got caught. There are other criminals out there, but if I were you I would close my lips on making accusations.