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Former Pender jail officer pleads guilty


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A former Pender County detention officer has been ordered into a sex offender treatment program after pleading guilty today.

Deputies arrested Sherwood Anthony Pickett last summer. The victim was an inmate who showed up late for serving a weekend jail sentence. He was told to go home. Pickett followed him home and solicited sexual favors in exchange for fixing jail records.

Pickett pleaded guilty to extortion and solicitation of crimes against nature. The judge suspended his 16 to 20 month sentence for four years.

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What matters is that he did

What matters is that he did something wrong and hes being held accountable for what he has done. at least he register and cant go in a community doing it again. thats for if you think that what hes done is a reason to shout hooray than pity on u and good luck with life...hes still a sickco.

"The judge suspended his 16

"The judge suspended his 16 to 20 month sentence for four years."

What does that mean? WHAT does that mean?

It means

For 4 years he will have that hanging over him. As long as he behaves he will not have to serve active jail time.


Sad to see this happen to this man. We all make mistakes...some worse than others. I just Pray that he has the Wisdom to learn from this one. He's not a bad man just bad choices!

Yeah Sad......But

I also know this man and Ive also have worked with him. I look back at the things that he use to do at work and look at the situation hes in now. Yes you give people the benefit of the doubt and i did. But you have to see that he went to someone and committed several crimes. He had a choice of getting off of work and going home but instead he decides to follow someone home and at that a MALE to do something he knew was freakin wrong. Thats the stupid thing on his part. So yeah you can say hes a good man but hes someone that had a choice of right and wrong. I think that his sentence isnt harsh enough think about if that was a little child and he succeed at what his intentions were. So put your child(ren) in that hands of an adult and maybe you can see what the worse would be. Oh yeah we do have a lot of the some worst than others here in the world such as like the ones that we suppose to have protecting us.