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Former police officer convicted


A Brunswick County jury convicted a former Leland police officer today.

The jury found Brett Hobbs guilty of felony larceny and felony possession of stolen goods. The case stems from an incident at a convenience store in Holden Beach.

Hobbs resigned from the Leland Police Department in 2005 after a conviction for selling drugs. A judge sentenced Hobbs today to five to six months in prison.

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If your friend was convicted

If your friend was convicted of conspiracy (to do what) and received a 7 year sentence it’s probably because he had a lengthy criminal record to begin with as I suspect so do you. The sentence this dirt bag received is the norm. I deal with this day in and day out and this sentence is not out of the ordinary. No one, especially other cops want this POS on the streets any more than you or I. Yes, State Government is full of corruption and there are bad cops, but don’t judge them all by what one does. Remember the next time the cops are breaking down your door for selling weed, if you stop breaking the law the cops will stop “harassing” you.

you are right

The point is. he is a cop. he should get twice the time as a normal person. not half the time or even a fourth of the time.
and for your info.
I dont sale weed or any other drugs. havent in over 10 years. cant afford to. im not loosing every thing i worked my butt off for.
got a great bizz started saving lives and keeping the street safe from drunks and careless drivers.,
and I know all cops arnt bad. in fact I have a lot of friends that are cops. good cops that belive in doing what is right.
im just saing the crooked ones should get way more time then they are giving.To ruin a mans life for doing the same thing that you are doing. that just isnt right.

bad cops

If a reg. person does this kind of stuff. they get 5 to 10 years for their crime.
let a cop or a politition do the same crime they get a few mounths.
All I want to know is wy???
A old friend of mine got 7 years for consperasy to do a crime. didnt find nothen messed his whole life up on alagations. he got 7 years. his 2 kids messed out on being with their dad.
this cop gets cault in the act. gets 5 to 6 months you call that fare.
I think cops should get twice the time.
and before any one talks crap on my selling i'll do it for you. My spelling sucks. but I know you are smart enough to make out what im saying.
just shows the state gov. is crooked.

I sat in the court room for

I sat in the court room for this trial, it wasn't mentioned at all the he was a cop. I was surprised to find that out just now. Don't think that the judge knew it either. For his part in the incident 5-6 months is about right. The other people he was with were actually the ones the committed the crime.

I think you need to reread

I think you need to reread the article and know alittle something about our current justice system before you comment. According to the article the guy is a "regular" person as you put it (althought technically there is no such thing as a regular person). He hasn't been a law enforcement officer since 05 so his status as a "ex" law enforcement officer would have no bearing on his sentence, only his pass criminal record.

Now, if you did know anything about our current justice system then you should know that the sentence put out by the judge is based on a number of factors. These factors include, as I said before pass criminal history, what level offender he is, the crime itself, and his time served for the current crime, among other things.

Now with that being said, is our justice system fair and without problems? No, it needs a lot of work. However, if you wouldn't do the crime then you wouldn't have to worry about the punishment.....

The only fault in your "old friends" case is his own. He wouldn't of been sentenced to "7 years" on just allegations. He was either convicted by a jury of his peers or he admitted his guilt and pleaded out. So again don't do the crime unless your willing to pay the price.

Hoke County here we come

Enjoy your Hoke County vacation. Loser.


this guy was holding a baby and was not involved in stealing the money whatsoever. both the video tape and the confessions of the people who actually stole the money both proved that he was not involved in the theft.yet, the actual people who committed the theft only got probation and hobbs got 5 months probally because he was once a his former police officer past hurt him because it always makes the law look good to bust a former cop. it also makes better reading for people and generates more comments such as these. this was a travesty of justice committed to put a feather in the da's hat. please print this because it is actually the way it went down and you can check the records to prove it.