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Former teacher pleads guilty to sex crimes against student


A former Williston Middle School teacher could spend years behind bars for sex crimes against a former student.

Wednesday afternoon Jessica Wishnask pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent liberty with a minor. Each count carries a penalty of 14 to 17 months in prison. Wishnask must also register as a sex offender for 30 years.

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THE REAL STORY!! (family member of the boy)

First of all, the boy and the teacher were both wrong on all of the same levels! they both knew right from wrong! the boy snuck out of his window at 3 in the morning to meet the teacher. to answer the question "where were the parents?" ummmm.. try in the bed asleep like normal people. we have been put through crap over this mess and i dont think its fair to judge the parents for this!!! you give ANY young teen boy the chance to sleep with his teacher i bet you that over 80% of them do it!... so on behalf of my family im telling you that the parents were in the bed while this was happening and the boy snuck out.. the boys mom was heart broken and still has problems dealing with this mess!!! so pplease think before you post rude comments about my family!!

I think some are missing the point

If this were a 14-15 year old girl having sex with a male teacher, I doubt any of you would be defending the teacher. What she did was wrong period. For those that say big deal, I ask: What if she had given him HIV? STDs? What if she had gotten pregnant? She could haven ruined this boy's life. I have 3 sons and if it had been one of mine, I would have kicked her ***.

Don't Understand

OK after all this being said,where is the boys parents?Why can a 15 year old at the age where he can run the streets at his will?I am sorry but the parents need to answer to some of this.

DA Hicks sent 4ft 9in tall boy 2 prison 4 sex with 15 year old!

And this boy, he's on the registry too. Ruined his life. Ruined his family's life and business. What good did this do society? Not sure which DA is involved, but for sure, Assistant District Attorney Charity Hicks is completely obsessed with labeling this kind of thing as ' sex crimes '. I don't know any 15 year olds that you can keep them from having sex with whoever they in their own mind and elevated hormonal state want to have sex with.

This has been blown all out

This has been blown all out of proportion. The student was not a little kid. I don't really see such a big deal. He's probably strutting around feeling proud. Wish I could have had a teacher like her!

School Teacher chared with Sex crimes

The previous commentator was full of self righteous anger to full in my humble opinion. Was the boy forced or seduced if he was more than willing lets look at it that way. Most teenage boys suffer from a sever case of testosterone poisoning and think with the wrong head maybe she did him a favor by easing his overwhelming sexual stress factor?


Our system really amazes me. To get away with murder like this is just unreal. I do hope the women there take care of her. Our system really saddens me to let someone take a plea and get a slap on the hand and just drop all what she has done. I hope she thinks everyday what she has done to her daughter. She will also get punished someday from the maker!!! And what has happened to the people who was involved at school? Have they been punished at all? I guess lets just get this all over and be on our ways. I feel sorry for the kids there if this is the administration they have there. I HOPE YOU ROT IN PRISON JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the hurt you have done to your family

I agree, she should have

I agree, she should have rec'd more time. This is a pattern in her behavior and I believe she will continue to molest young boys. I didn't see any mention of mental treatment for her as part of her sentenicing. Maybe I missed that.