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Forum aimed at informing locals about Titan Cement

The effort to stop a cement plant from going up in Castle Hayne continues to mount. Tuesday night, the League of Women Voters of the Lower Cape Fear hosted an informational forum about the proposed Titan Cement Plant. Pediatrician Ed Hoger spoke to the crowd about the dangers of toxic emissions, like mercury. Attendees said they came to learn more. “I teach environmental science at Hoggard, and I just really wanted to make sure that a lot of the information I’m getting about Titan is really accurate so I can share that with my students,” said Sarah Aimone. Moran Graham added, “I really think that this is dangerous for all of us, especially our children; I’m in the process of learning more about it myself, but I just believe that this is something we don't need.” Last week, the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources signed off on a draft air quality permit for Titan America to build a plant at the site of the Old Roanoke Cement Plant in Castle Hayne. There are still several other environmental hurdles to clear.

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They also voted for Obama

They were wrong on that one. Maybe they are trying to do right by denying Titan and earning some credit back. Don't "think" it is dangerous, KNOW that it is!

Happy for my children

After reading all of these, I must say that I am quite happy for my children. I knew my children were smart, but after reading some of these post and what "PEOPLE" think they know just proves that my children will grow up as genius's compared to some of the "END of the WORLD" is coming people out there. Let's be real, I am sure the majority of the people who oppose Titan is driving around in a prius or some form of a hybrid (NOT). What about all the "Bottled Water" (in plastic) you drink a day (which I am sure you recycle every-single-bottle), or maybe even the electricty you used to fire up your computer and internet so you can waste 5 minutes of your life that you will never get back by complaining about Titan and the "JOBS" most of you say will not be offered. One person wrote that it was all automated. Interesting... after I did some research, they are quite right, however, the average cement plant that I found employed well over 150 people. Not to mention the hundreds, that's right, H-U-N-D-R-E-D-S of outside contractors. Which by the way... these people will also spend thier money in that location. But hey, the local community won't benifit from that. Amazing---- As far as killing and Harming our children. Puh-lease, everytime you drive your kids down the interstate you put them at risk. That may sound "stupid" but lets check the amount of fatalities on the highways vs. mercury exsposure. Pollution??? What do you drive??? Where does your electricty come from? Do you own a windmill and refuse the electricity that is made by Coal or Nuclear energy.. Last but not least- AS I SEE IT... Most of you complain just to complain, you like to hear yourselves speak (by the length of this-I like to hear myself speak). Your so unhappy that you need people around to be unhappy just so you feel a part of something. Good luck in life and thanks for making my children geniuses!

One Question

Why did city offical and all those that sit on the board ask them to come to town ? In the first place

Titan just got shutdown

WETLANDS and DENR just pulled the plug

Kinda quiet on thos board

I guess all the true, looney-toon, "Titan will destroy the world" nutjobs are up in Pittsburgh, protesting the G-20 meeting.


Instead of bringing companies that are known to pollute why not bring in companies that have vision, that can be better for the environment plus create jobs. They are out there but we have a society that still have their heads buried in sand & can't see that we've got to do better for our planet. Quality of life, clean air, water, public health & safety mean something to me. My father is suffering a terminal lung disease from a construction material that "they" said would cause no harm & would create jobs. Many of the employees of this plant on 421N have died, my dad will be on that list. From most of the comments these folks would rather have money & good health be gone.


hate to ruin your kook aid drink...but there ISN'T a manufacturing company ANYWHERE that doesn't pollute...I know the bunny hugging we are the world comic books show it...but they don't make a side of the fence or the other.

Welcome to reality

Every single urban area needs jobs that span the entire indutrial and services spectrum. Not everyone is going to be a lawyer, a banker, or even just an office worker. Some people are going to be garbage men, chemical workers, or work at a cement plant. People who barely made it out of high school, or possibly even dropped out of high school still need jobs. It is completely naive to believe that a city can only attract neat, clean, white collar jobs, and still have a vibrant, growing economy that benefits everyone.

Titan Cement Plant

I wonder how many of those opposed to the plant, which will bring much needed jobs to the area, are using those energy efficient light bulbs in their homes and schools. Remember, they have mercury inside, and if you break one, you must dispose of it as hazardous waste.

Titan brings Robots, Not Jobs

FACT: Titan will have at most 160 jobs, and few of those will be filled by locals. CEMENT PRODUCTION IS AUTOMATED. For those of you with an eighth grade education that think Titan will bring jobs, that simply isn't the case. That's why other communities, even in third-world countries like Vietnam, are turning away plants like Titan. These plants pollute and hire few people. Its all machines. Even in Vietnam local politicians, famous for being corrupt, are less corrupt than our county commissioners, city council and state Democratic mafia running Raleigh. Titan won't bring jobs. Whether it will destroy the environment and cost jobs is a different debate.


So.... [quote]FACT: Titan will have at most 160 jobs[/quote] yet the last paragraph..... [quote]Titan won't bring jobs.[/quote] So which is it? I guess that 8th grade education tripped you up eh?


EVEN IF not ONE job is filled from locals...that 160 extra individuals won't spend a dime in the that what your property taxes, no state taxes...I mean..they just work and live for free...right? FACT Titan WON'T destroy the environment...PERIOD.

Issue like this

With an issue like this, it has become nothing more than a witch hunt. People will not listen to common sense no matter what the truth is, the fact that this is going to bring more jobs and money into the economy and they will already have to pass EPA regulations and other environmental groups. People are just going to believe the mass histeria and drink the koolaid


like most of us are already educated...its just the lefty nut jobz that always refuse to see the truth...even when it's in their faces... "I teach environmental science at Hoggard, and I just really wanted to make sure that a lot of the information I’m getting about Titan is really accurate so I can share that with my students,” OH GREAT...leftist lies used to brainwash children...we have already dumbed them down enough..dontcha think...they are already raised up in school to HATE their country...

Well now...

That was some of the more pointless, idiotic, vitriolic drivel I've seen in some time. It served no purpose, you made no counterpoint, and said absolutely nothing rational. Amazing. If you think yourself so intelligent, try writing something that actually sounds so. You know... like actually debate what as being said using using actual facts, figures, and other data.


have weighed in on the SCIENTIFIC parts of this debate MANY times in comments on this very site...however the FACTS don't deter you why bother

The process...

The process that is in place will take care of this whole situation. The loons are only hindering the process but they can't stop it....thankfully.


Looks like SEEMS has already had a little too much mercury exposure already. I think when you love your country, you hate to see it destroyed with pollution. But, hey SEEMS, anything to make a buck, right?


I bet your naked and walk everywhere you go...hypocrite! I DO love my country...I just hate to see it destroyed by LIES, DECEIT and LEFT WING NUT JOBS!