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Foster Care Crisis

Kim Wilkins doesn't like the negative stigma she says is placed on foster children. "They need love," Wilkins says, "and unfortunately society see's a foster child as troubled children." Wilkins adopted 3 children from foster care, 9 year old Melaina, 7 year old Denny, and 4 year old Allie. Allie has Cerebal Palsy, she's partially blind and needs nurses care 10 hours a day. Wilkins is an advocate for special needs children like Allie, who she says often times are overlooked. "I'm forty-six and I don't know if I have time to get old, she makes me feel like life is worth living. she's what gets me up in the mornings." Wilkins says. Julie Steinbeck is the director for foster care services in New Hanover County. She says our region desperately need more foster care parents. -Onslow County has 300 foster kids with only 36 foster parents. -Brunswick County has 138 foster kids with about 40 foster parents. -New Hanover County has 353 foster kids with 106 foster parents. -Pender County has 91 foster kids with 70 parents. -Bladen County has 34 foster kids and 20 parents. Steinbeck says all types of families are encouraged to become foster parents. "There's really not one cookie cutter family that's appropriate, we need different kinds of families to come forward and take in the different kinds of children that we have." Wilkins says foster kids just want to be loved. "You just gotta open your heart and your home and your mind up to them because they want to be loved and that's what it involves having a family and someone to love you." There is a screening process and training that you have to go through to be certified as a foster parent. If you're interested contact you local Department of Social Services. New Hanover County DSS: 798-3488 Columbus County DSS: 642-2800 Brunswick County DSS: 253-2077 Pender County DSS: 259-1240 Bladen County DSS: 862-6800 Onslow County DSS: 989-0230

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Fostering children

We live in such a disgusting county, that even the best of families can not foster children. I am a stay at home mother, wife, and Christian lady who would love to foster children. I have had nothing but trouble with NHCO DSS. They have judged me because I have 4 children. I supposedly will not have time to foster other children. I have a stable home, a husband, and stay home to take care of my family. I am active in church, and volunteer in the community. Why then, do I see poor people out fostering children? They do it for the money. I don't need the money, I just have love to give. So sad that our local system is run by ignorant people.

Mrs. Kim your an Angel, we

Mrs. Kim your an Angel, we need more loving people like you in this world. God Bless you and your family, your truly an inspiration!

Foster Care

My sister became a foster parent a few years ago in NHC. She had a teenage girl after 1 month (she had mental disorders) had a temper tantrum, destroyed the bedroom & threaten to kill herself. When she called on a weekend to DSS for assistance they told her to wait till Monday because there was no one to go to her home to help. She told them she was going to call the police, the girl was destroying property & was trying to commit suicide. The police & the ambulance removed the girl from her home & took her to the hospital for proper care, which is the right thing to do. She saved her life but DSS black balled her for this so she is unable to have children in her home again. Now tell me why is the system having problems finding foster parents.

Why I won't go thru the Foster Care system.

We are a family in the process of going to Eastern Europe to adopt. It is a very difficult and expensive process. But, we have chosen to go this route because at least when we get the child, she will be ours. This very flawed US court system makes you and your family go through Hell to get the child only to return them back to their crack-head moms. I have had 2 of my friends' kids taken away this way. The bio-mom, even if she is totally incapable of taking care of the child, has a $9.00 an hour job and a live in boyfriend, has priority. Really Sad!!!

I would like to comment on

I would like to comment on this subject. I was a foster parent in NC for many years. I have had a total of 15 children come and go in my life. I also have adopted 3 children through foster parenting. I jumped thru all the many hoops that is required to be a foster parent only for the children to be returned to parents who turn around in a few years and return the children back to the system. My husband and family have moved to New Hanover county in Jan of 2008. I have been out of the system for several years but my husband and I decided being foster parents was something we wanted to do. I contacted New Hanover County only to be told to wait to July 2008 for next class. After waiting for the class, we were told we had too much going on in our lives to be foster parents. PLease tell me what families dont have things going on in their lives? I would alsolike to add that both my husbands as well as my job require criminal checks and both of us have been fingerprinted. We have CLEAN backgrounds and not even a traffic ticket. They say they need foster parents????? Well, if they are looking for "PERFECT FAMILIES" they will never find them!!! In the end the kids suffer!!! We have 5 bedrooms and a lot to offer children. So who loses in this situation?

Now you see why people don't

Now you see why people don't even try.


ISSUE is that these people tie MONEY with happiness....if you don't have basically can hang the idea of ADOPTING UP...I have heard of people having to go to RUSSIA, CHINA, etc to adopt children...which is REALLY SAD when you think about the children in our OWN COUNTRY. Course...we just rip them out of the womb and throw them in the trash anyway...

Foster Care

That is why I haven't tried to be a foster parent either. I have heard of too many decent people trying to help these children have a home that is safe and loving only to be turned away for who knows what reason. maybe one of these social workers will reply with some common reasons why they won't let regular families take in these children. We aren't criminals nor addicts. What exactly are they looking for when all these children are sitting somewhere waiting for security while so many of us are turned down. I hope a social service worker in the foster care area will respond and help us understand.