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Four New Hanover County students have H1N1

READ MORE: Four New Hanover County students have H1N1
It's official; the H1N1 virus has made it's way to our area. With a little over week left before school ends in New Hanover County, two elementary schools are now dealing with the flu. "We have three cases in one school and one in another that we are currently tracking," said NHC Health Department Director Dave Rice. In a Thursday afternoon news conference, officials from the New Hanover County Health Department and school administrators discussed the flu cases. Three Gregory Elementary School children have the virus, and one child from Snipes Academy. Officials would not say what grades each student is in. To prevent any spread of the virus, the four students have been required to stay home for a minimum of seven days. Administrators are now working to determine who else might have been exposed to the virus. The health department is warning families to be cautious. "If your child is sick, you should not be sending your child to school,” said NHC Health Department Medical Director Janelle Rhyne. Since April 15, probable cases were sent to the state lab for testing. In the batch, four came back positive bringing the state wide total of swine flu to 18. Parents, students and everyone else is being urged to practice good hygiene, like washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, avoiding close contact with those who are sick, and staying home if you do get the flu. "We are all at risk to H1N1 flu virus and parents need to follow preventative measures with their children,” Rice said. The health department says there is no need right now to close Gregory or Snipes elementary, unless more cases are discovered. For now, school nurses are on site to keep an eye out for students who show symptoms.

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I believe they should close

I believe they should close up the school's for the remainder of the year just to be safe....EOG's are done and the kids are watching movies...

slow reaction

my child goes to Gregory elementary and most of the kids he knows were out for some kind of illness. Might not have been the swine flu, but the school should have notice that something was wrong when a large percentage of your students are out sick. With all the media coverage of this virus that would have been my concern.

This is ridiculous. My

This is ridiculous. My child goes to Gregory as well. Just as with any illness, there is the regular flu going around, a stomach bug, and a cough. Just a plain cough as well. We MUST use common sense, every single day we are exposed to germs. They are everywhere and if we go and start screaming about Swine Flu we lose focus on the real importance which is keeping kids home when they are truly sick, and using good hygiene. WE are never going to be able to keep our kids safe from harm, and to keep kids out of school now. HELLLLOOOO they've already been exposed. That's the sneaky things about viruses, they lie dormant and then show symptoms when it's too late. I'm sick and tired of the media blitz about Swine Flu and cut out the mass hysteria that is going around.

Parental responsibility?

You must admit that is not the school’s responsibility to explore the medical needs of each child; parents are accountable for that. With the “all the media attention” that you mention, parents should be taking the steps necessary to have their children properly examined by medical professionals to make a determination of their illness. However, schools should notify parents if their child is sick and deny admittance until they have been medically cleared. Let’s pray that this outbreak does not spread to others.

The end of year testing is

The end of year testing is done.. Keep the children home.. Working in the school system for many many years parents (not all) use the school as free baby sitting.. Keep them home before it's too late..