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Four suspects arrested in crime spree

A collaborative investigation between three local law enforcement agencies has cracked six armed robbery cases. Turns out it was a robbery spree that started on Monday in Columbus County, then moved over to Wilmington, where there were three incidents in three hours yesterday. The Wilmington Police Department, the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and the Columbus County Sheriff's Office helped each other bring in four suspects; Norman Dixon, Richard Simpson III, Anthony Little, and Yvette Simpson. They've all been charged with numerous counts of armed robbery and felony conspiracy and remain in the New Hanover County Jail.

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Suspected Felon

Yesterday at about 11:45 a.m. a friend and I were driving back to Little River, S.C. from the Wilmington airport. The traffic on 17S was starting to hold up. I looked ahead and saw a police officer in the middle of the lanes with a shotgun. The traffic haulted. The driver in the vehicle in front of me parked the car, exited the vehicle and turned around with his gun pointed at my drivers head. The shotgun officer steadily paced toward my vehicle with the barrel aimed at us both. We were directed off the side of the road. It was the beggining of the scariest moment of my life. My vehicle was approached by all angles. Approximatly 10 enforcement vehicles all over the area. Other vehicles and pedestrians staring in awe. I felt like I had done something wrong. My first reaction was no reation. Just a blank look with a racing heart. I followed all instructions. Was hoping it would all just go away. I didn't wake up, because I wasn't asleep. The police said we matched the description of suspected felons in the area. Once they identified us, they must not have been satisfied with mistaking my identity. As if I hadn't been through enough embarassment I was accused of smuggling weapons and drugs. My persons and vehicle was searched. Everything came up clean. I felt as if my rights had been stripped along with my dignity. What is this country coming to? I haven't been able to find the detailed information about the apprehension of the suspects. I am curious to know what the personal and vehicle descriptions givin to law enforcement were. And if i really matched the profile or was it another case of racial discrimination.