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A fox terrier was the topic of latest Dangerous Dog Appeals Court

READ MORE: A fox terrier was the topic of latest Dangerous Dog Appeals Court
Rebecca Blackmore is a 5th District judge for Pender and New Hanover County. In a judicial setting she's normally in charge, but in this court her role was reversed. The judge witnessed a violent attack from a white fox terrier. “The dog had the hind end of the cat and the tail of the cat in his mouth and he was shaking his head back and forth like that," she described. The cat died a few days later due to complications from the injury. The declawed cat belonged to Mary Brickels. Claude and Joan Marshall own Molly, a 6-year-old, white fox terrier that somehow got off their property. Both parties were civil about the matter, but the panel was divided; a split vote does not occur often on Dog Court. Whitney Doremus upheld animal control's previous dangerous dog verdict. "My feeling is the dog is already living like a potentially dangerous dog would live. The dog did kill a domestic animal. I feel like we have a dangerous dog.” John Barger disagreed. He found the terrier not guilty. “A fox terrier is going to go after something that it sees. It's a sport. I don't think it's a vicious dog and it's a shame this happened." After much debate, Joyce Bradley voted to uphold the dangerous dog decision. As a result, the fox terrier will have to live by all the restrictions that a dangerous dog label carries. Some of the restrictions for the dog include being muzzled while outside, being in a secure enclosure and the dog will have to be supervised at all times. The dog will also have to be micro-chipped, and the owner will have to post "Beware of Dog" signs and “Dangerous Dog” signs.

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With all the crime happening in this town, they really had "DOG COURT" Come on really....

This story is incomplete.

This story is incomplete. We really don't know which animal was in the other animal's yard or if they were both out running loose. I feel sorry for the cat owner, but the story here says that this cat was declawed. A declawed cat should never be allowed out of doors unattended. You have removed its main defense when you take those claws away. It cannot fight and it cannot climb to escape. Animals are just that. Cats kill birds, rodents, baby bunnies. Dogs chase and if possible do harm to cats. Many dogs who attack cats or even other dogs rarely turn against people. A lot of it is territorial issues and in the case of terriers, yes they are bred to hunt. Want to see a real vicious breed? Try a dachshund. That's right, those cute little weiner dogs will tear another animal up. They were bred for centuries to go down badger holes and pull them out. Their tails are actuially an extension of their spine that hunters used to grasp to pull them back out with. Does it make them vicious to humans? No, you could step on them. It sounds like the dog court is a little out of their element here. The dangerous dog label should be applied to those dogs who show aggression towards humans or animals who consistently attempt to go after other animals. As far as animal injuries or death go, we all bear a responsibility towards our pets. If the dog was loose and went in the cat's yard, then the owners should be cited for violating the leash law. There is no leash law for cats but that does not obsolve cat owners of responsibility if their cat goes in someone else's yard and comes to harm. Again, I am sorry for the loss of the cat, but as a cat owner, I would advise anyone with a declawed cat to keep it indoors or on a leash when outside.

What is so hard with keeping

What is so hard with keeping pets INSIDE or on leashes or in fenced yard (dogs)? Cats should not be roaming outside, they should stay indoors and if you know your dog attacks animals don't let it out of your site! I think these people need to both have signs that say "Dangerous Humans with Animals" put on their property!

Dangerous dog...get real

Anyone who knows anything about dogs would know that a "Fox Terrier" is a predator driven dog. They were bred to hunt and with that being said there aren't very many dogs that dont act the same, if there is a small animal or rodent the dog WILL go after it, thats there breed. This was simply an accident and it does not make this dog a "Dangerous Animal".

This is stupid

Anyone with any sense knows that a terrior will go after any small animal like a rat, cat, rabbit, squirrel, etc. It is their nature and what they were traditionally bred for. This is not a dangerous dog. If the cat had killed a bird would the verdict have been the same. Get real. A dangerous dog attacks people.