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Friday's update on Alan Rickenbacker

Alleged serial burglar Alan Rickenbacker made his second court appearance last night via video from New Hanover County jail. Initially set under a $125,000 secured bond after his first appearance, Judge Carroll granted the bond be unsecured and placed Rickenbacker under electronic house arrest. The difference between secured and unsecured bond is a secure bond needs to be paid up front.

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RICKENBACKER, very sick person, indeed!!

Just ran across Slade's picture and WOW!!...brought me way back! I was 23 yrs old,in a Treatment Center with him back in 1993? He had family member's (not naming) that felt immensely guilty and somewhat responsible for "lack of involvement & direction" for Slade growing up and "paid" for his habit of narcotics. Both directly & indirectly. They would "bail him out", pay his bills...any and everything. He was then staying with his bedridden grandfather on Echo. He was a player back then and I still see he's a player. I was invited to move to Wilmington out of the TC. I thought he was cool and all! I can start a new life! Why not? Well, within 1 week, he had convinced me to see a "Dr" in Wilmington...For pain med, I first tried heroin with Slade, he did water softener "selling & servicing"...while "customers" were at work, he was "servicing" more than just their water softeners! From the time he woke till time to "pass out"...nothing...absolutely nothing going on in his head, but scheming, lying, cheating, stealing...ALL for drinking/drugging. I'm so fortunate that that lifestyle did not consume me, I'm grateful...that could've been me!!OH YEAH!!!, he forgot to tell me something when he had inviting me.... he was engaged to another girl!! HOW SICK IS THAT? He didn't tell her about me and didn't tell me anything about her. What was he thinking? I'm lucky that was revealed, because that was initiated me INTO recovery!! He was living in a fantasy world. Mental Health crisis!! Talking about his wife... (unsure if same girl from then) CHECK OUT HER RAP SHEET ON THE NC DEPT OF CORRECTION website (Allyson S Boudreau. The reason Slade doesn't have alot of convictions is because he stuck it to her!!! Her criminal history isn't as lengthy as his...but her's probably was initiated by him. I remember how persuasive he was. I'm sure he played a great role in her criminal history. She needs to be free from him and find peace, and he needs the same! But sincerely, he's very sick (alcoholic /addict)!!!! HIS "FAMILY" MUST LET HIM PAY HIS's like they continue to pass him the "gun" playing russian roulette. They have had many many many missed opportunities to HELP him. STOP PASSING THE GUN ONCE AND FOR ALL!! The help he needs is WORKING a 12 step program and a relationship with God! It's too late for ANYONE else to help him. Let him beg, cry, plead...what would you rather see? A crying "man" or a dead one? This will kill him UNLESS he's allowed an opportunity to recover. I wish to see NO ONE in a coffin!!! Everyone needs to let him go, with love!!! He WILL continue to do the only thing he's been "allowed" to do for more than 15 years! Lie, cheat, steal, beg...and IT WILL GET WORSE!!!! I just hope no one dies!!!!


This guy has stolen items from credit card fraud, B&E, forgery of checks, identity fraud and motor vehicle theft. Then don't forget the many drug offenses. He has proven he can't live in a civil society, time to put this mutt down.

If anyone reads

the article in its entirety, they would note these were not new occurances but rather incidents which predated his earlier court appearances. Why throw stones at Judge Carrol? He merely follows guidelines for bail over which he has no control or say. If you want to be up in arms, why not ask where a member of the DA's office was during the bond hearing. Where were some of the posters to this site who have been up in arms over his ability to walk. Be up in arms over 2 earlier bonds being secured and this third bond being unsecured. But give the guy his unbiased day in court so he does not walk on appeal, in the event of a conviction, becuase of the postings to this site.

No control?

You are wrong about Carroll having no control. Carroll COULD have kept this bail secured. Carroll didn't HAVE TO reduce the earlier bail. The judicial guidelines require uniform fairness, not the state being a total sucker and lying down for the criminal. Our problem is an entire criminal justice system (from police up to judges) who view property crimes as no big deal. I'm still wondering how he even got caught, considering the time and effort investigators DON'T put into breaking and entering. (That's because of their workload, not because they don't care.) Rickenbacker is total slime and if the criminal justice system doesn't adequately deal with him and his ilk, law abiding citizens will have to pick up the slack. (San Francisco was a wide-open, lawless town until vigilantes started hanging a few of the more notorious dirtbags. Things got fairly quiet after that.)

No Control

And it will be posts like yours in which you presume guilt before a fair and unbiased trial which will give any half baked attorney all he or she will need to get this guy off on appeal if he is convicted. On another note, it is interesting to remember the Duke lacrosee players, whom everyone including the DA, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton presumed guilty. Later investigations led to a dismissal of all charges and multi million dollar settlements. But of course, no rush by the many media accusers to offer an apology. I'm not saying this fellow is innocent. I am saying he could well walk on appeal solely on the basis of all the "assumed" postings on this site.

RE: The Duke LaCrosse Players

I don't recall any of them having page after page after page of previous convictions, as Mister Rickenbacher does.


Convictions for what? If, as you state, there are pages of convictions, one must question why the DA's office did not present that evidence. Of course if the convictions, to date, are for drugs or DUI, they really have no relevance on his other court challenges. But if I understand your "logic" anyone convicted of DUI, jaywalking, or spitting on the street, or back talking to their mother-in-law will automatically be presumed guilty of any future crime they are charged with. So just forget a trial altogether, after all they were convicted of jaywalking. Save the taxpayers all of that trial related money. Send him straight to jail or the gallows whichever is more appropriate. Perhaps what is needed is a stronger set of laws and punishment which will deter repeat offenders. In some parts of southeast Asia, the first drug related conviction results in a public flogging. Second offense results in 2 years hard time. Third offense can result in death or life imprisonment. They documented that on 60 Minutes some years ago. In Islamic ruled countries, the second offense for theft can be the removal of one's hand. That was documented on 60 Minutes also. Of course, they used to do that in Europe 300 to 400 years ago. But one thing is certain, the alleged thief or druggie does get a trial before punishment is meted out and applied. Of course too, adultry can result in stoning to death. Think what could be accomplished in our society with local area quarries. Give the guy his day in court; and when he is found guilty then do the snoopy dance while he is loaded for transport to a state facility.

Are you a lawyer?

Likely not, because if you were you'd know that such an appeal could only succeed if it could be proven that the jurors had been exposed to this site. You are not going to stifle public comment and debate for your buddy's sake. His previous record of convictions more than justifies any comment and any punishment. He is truly worthless.

are you

a Lawyer? Clearly you are not based on your comments. Our judicial system is clogged with appeals and court cases with little merit but which are granted based on perception or the persuasive silver tongued rhetoric of a good trial lawyer. In this case, Pee Wee Herman could get this fella an appeal during which he will be released on bond. So why not give him his day in court?

Study Shepherd v Maxwell

Pretrial publicity is not the issue. The issue is, are the jurors quizzed to ascertain whether they have been exposed to enough press to form an opinion. Any juror who answers, "Yeah, I read what Truth Hurtz said on the WWAY website, and I want to hang him" must be excused. Trust me, there won't be many who say that. Meanwhile, bear in mind that the First Amendment is JUST as important as the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth.

Are you

incapable of reading? If you read my entire post, you would note my call is to delay public outcry and comment on alleged guilt or innocence until after a trial. What is so hard for anyone with half a brain to understand about that? If this individual is everything everyone alleges he is, one would think you would want him to have an unbiased trial so he can go to jail; directly to jail; not pass Go; and not spend years free during various appeals which of course will all be funded by taxpayer dollars. Far be it from me being "his buddy". One must assume it is folks like you who are his buddy as you feed the appeal process with mindless fodder. Other than DUI and drug related incidents, I have yet to see any account of conviction for feleonies or misdemeanors. Go figure, all of you who make mindless posts on this site will give any half baked attorney more than ample fuel for a lenghty appeal or a no active time to serve plea bargain.


Why is this man out of jail?

He must be related to Judge Carroll

That's the same judge who lowered his bond last week. The guy is a career druggie/drunk/thief/worthless bum with a record that goes on for pages, but Judge Carroll obviously thinks he's the salt-of-the-Earth, and we need him out here. After all, if that's not the case, the only other explantion would be the good ol' boy attorney's network of "pay me more and I'll get you out." Our criminal justice system is collapsing around our ears. I'm beginning to think that those motorcycle officers in "Magnum Force" had the right idea.


Or...Judge Carroll is still ticked off that he was demoted as Chief Judge and replaced by Judge Corpening. :o

So he can repeat his crimes

So he can repeat his crimes until he's caught again . . . .