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Friends, family help woman build new house

READ MORE: Friends, family help woman build new house
WILMINGTON -- As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. That's especially true for one Wilmington resident whose friends, family and co-workers are helping to build her first house after a long personal struggle. New homeowner Wendy James said, "At some point there's just a light at the end of the tunnel and you just go for it." James has come a long way. Eight years ago she divorced an abusive husband and fell on hard times. "When I left them I lived in the domestic violence shelter for three months and I started from nothing." On Saturday she broke ground for her first house. It was a gift from Habitat for Humanity and New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where she's worked for the past 20 years... New Hanover Regional Medical Center President Jack Barto said, "When we can help one of our own that's just a wonderful thing to do." The hospital contributed $60,000 to fund the project. It's also contributing the labor. James's colleagues will help build the house over the next few months. "This is a family and you look around. Wendy's got two families, the family that she was raised with and the one she works with," James said. Wendy's friend and co-worker Rochelle Brittany says she admires James's determination and she's happy to help. Friend and co-worker Rochelle Britton said, "There's not more of a person deserving of this home than Wendy. They picked the perfect person." James said, "I'm excited and just very blessed and happy." She will live in the house with her four children. The house should be completed by mid-July.

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You go girl....

I was so excited to see this article online. You and your kids do deserve this blessing and trust me that is what it is. I am so glad you will soon have your own home. May the Lord keep the blessings flowing for you and your kids.

Keep hanging in there

I am happy for you and your family. I realize it has not been easy for you or your family. Many years ago I had to walk away for an abusive marriage and start over. It was hard and like you I stayed hopeful. When I left I was unsure of the future but I knew where I was was not where I wanted to be. My children had no future being in that type of environment and they need to be in an environment where love was always flowing. (Being in an abusive marriage had no future.) I sometimes look back and I thank God for all He's done. It has been 15 years now and I am still thanking God. Be bless and keep looking up.

Wendy & Scottie

Wendy & Scottie please do not give the people who have posted negative comments here a second thought. I do not work at the hospital and I don't know you, but I'm so happy for you and your family. I donate to this worthy cause when I can and I hope some of the little I have been able to give has helped you and your family in some way. God Bless You!

Thank you java1

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.Me and my children are still happy and will continue to praise our blessing no matter what people say. Thank you

Friends, Family Help Woman to Build New Home

What an amazing dialogue. I would like to say that as a nurse on the 3rd floor who has worked with and known Wendy for 9 years that she's a most deserving woman/mom/worker/friend. She has volunteered to help elderly people with dimentia, a young man struggling with mental illness, and so on. She is an outspoken advocate for the local Domestic Violence Center, and has helped raise money and awareness for this important cause. I am very proud that NHRMC's administration is support one of it's own by giving her a well deserved helping hand. This is NO freebie... she has to put in 100 hours of sweat equity (work), and pay the mortgage. I truely feel sad for those of you who choose to be jealous or angry about her good fortune, and hope you can turn your heart from a place of envy/fear to one of hope/love. Peace, Nora

subjects Nice & In a way i kinda agree with you get a life!!!

Who ever wrote Nice & i kind of aree are so dumb cause you do not know nothing about habitat for humanity. So instead of trying to put someone down you should congradulate my mom. You dont know what my mom has been through to keep her family together. she did it by being positive and staying positive. somehting that you need to learn how to do. And who ever wrote the comment 'Nice' is rude and disrespectful. All your worried about is making money by saying we should use the money to get a raise. For the last 20 years my mom has done nothing but good for that hospital and everyone who works there. Life is not just about yourself its about everybody. And dont forget god is watching your disrespectful and self-centered comments.luv u mom signed ~scottie~ her son

Scottie, I am happy for you

Scottie, I am happy for you and your family and I wish you all the best. Your mom has alot to be proud of, and it does my heart good to know that your family had this opportunity. God bless!

Here are the facts

This message is for all those who are confused about Habitat for Humanity: 1.YOU MUST WORK AND GET PAID SO YOU CAN PAY YOUR MORTGAGE 2.YOU MUST VOLUNTEER HUNDREDS OF LABOR HOURS BUILDING HOUSES FOR OTHERS. 3.YOU MUST PASS A CREDIT CHECK Other information visit your local Habitat for Humanitys web site. As a citizen of this community I would like to Thank Habitat for Humanity and other organizations that make this possible for people in our community.

She does deserve it!!!

she does deserve it so instead of you being ignorant and disrespectful you need to go and get a dictionary and learn how to spell. Get a education off of that!!!