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Fund set up for accident victim's children

kristen belair.JPG
A memorial fund has been set up for the children of the woman killed in an accident on the side of I-40 earlier this week. Kristen Belair's mother says her daughter and two grandchildren were driving from Richmond, VA, to meet friends at Topsail Beach when Kristen stopped to fix a flat tire near Burgaw Wednesday. Troopers say the blade of a bulldozer on the back of a truck hit and killed the 32-year-old single mom as her children watched. Sandy Belair says her daughter did not have life insurance. You can contribute to the Kristen Belair Memorial Fund at any Carolina First Bank branch or by contacting Steve Allen at (828) 577-0665 or

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Kristen I'm sorry you had to

Kristen I'm sorry you had to die this way and you are in a better place. I remember how you gave me some very nice hand made soap.

How Can?

How can anyone in their right mind say this woman should share any fault in her own death. These trucks haul oversize equipment all the time and the drivers drive like they own the road just because they are bigger than everyone else. I have driven all over the world and US drivers are the worst for being road hogs I have ever seen. I guess we think we have the right to drive well thats just not true. Driving is a privledge given by the state and they can take it away just the same. A lot of truckers are good and decent people but there are a bunch who have no reguard for safety. I hope the driver of this truck hauling an oversized can live with the fact he or she killed someone, and the State of NC needs to rethink some of the rules for this kind of hauling. She didn't deserve to die and her children don't deserve a life without their mother.

Get a grip

I am sickened and appauled by the screaming and finger pointing going on here! At a time like this, when a mother has lost her daughter too soon, when children watch their mother get killed, and the rest of us lose a ray of sunshine.. You all... people that don't even know anyone involved want to get angry and place blame!! What is wrong with you? Try getting a clue, finding a heart and realize this is a horrific accident that affects BOTH parties terribly! The driver must be devistated, can you imagine how his life has been affected, seeing those children lose their mother instantly, by his actions? And to the people who want to blame Kristen for being too close to the road?? You should be ashamed of yourselves! I promise you that if this were your sister or daughter you wouldn't be questioning how close she was to the road! How dare you? All this arguing and finger pointing is getting no one anywhere-- let the grieving families--on both sides, have some peace and try to get through this awful time without your arguments. Everyone learn a lesson-- slow down and pay more attention when driving, and love those around you like it's the last time you'll see them.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The article on this page was

The article on this page was to announce a fund for these two children. For anyone who has the money to donate to this fund in these economic times, that is wonderful. However, this woman's children need more financial support and will for several years than will ever be accumlated through this fund. If Ms. Belair worked at a job where she paid in Social Security tax, and if she worked it a number of years, then the children may qualify for survivor's benefits. If not, then if her mother or whomever else has assumed guardianship is not well off, and I am assuming they are not or they would not be asking for donations, then the only other option is Welfare. The logical, sensible thing to do, is to file a claim against the truck driver's liability insurance. It is no reflection on him personally. It is not revenge. It is the reason why we, as a mobile society, buy insurance. This is not a frivolous claim. This is not a situation where a city bus gets rear ended and everyone on the corner jumps on the bus so they can sue. Ms. Belair's car was disabled on the side of the road. For those of us who travel on I40, and for those of us who have at one time or the other also been put in danger by a driver on I40, then yes it is hard to excuse why this tragedy occurred. Maybe he simply thought he could get safely by her and he couldn't. Only he knows the truth. Insurance companies are only concerned with who is at fault here. Every truck driver would defend this guy, while everyone who has almost been hit while changing a tire would defend her. If he was on the highway, driving a vehicle with a load that was hanging off the side of the truck, and he hit her, he was probably cited for failure to yield or failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. If he wasn't cited, and the investigating officer attributed the fault to him, then his insurance company is liable. No one on this site that says do not sue would let this pass unaddressed if it happened to them or their family. You can speak of praying, and I'm sure a lot of that has occurred. But it will not feed or clothe these children until they are adults. We pay insurance premiums to cover us when we are at fault in an accident. It would be ridiculous to expect these children to go without the necessities of life in lieu of filing a claim against this insurance company.

Kristen Belair Memorial Fund - accident

As Kristen's mother, I just want to state that this was a terrible accident that breaks everyone's heart, period. There is a hugh hole in our lives that can never be filled. The children will never fully know their mother, will forever have the picture of her death in their minds.. Our family's heart goes out to the truck driver, we can't even begin to imagine what he is going through. Pain is pain and that is enough without second guessing everything that is said and done at a time like this.

Kristen's Mom

I'm so very sorry for your loss.


""BRAVO FOR THE MOTHER"" least someone out there has some common sense about them especially in such a tragic accident. Somehow it seems that there was fault on both sides. I agree a little with everyone (except the sueing part..that's why insurance is so freaking high now) but none the less, both sides I would think are suffering at this time and I'm sure if everyone could redo the incident and it would change the out come they would. But accidents happen everyday, death happens everyday, some are tragic and some are just death. I would only hope that someone who has had a close call and been lucky will think hard when approching a vehicle pulled off of the road or pulling off on the side of the road in hopes that this article is not about them one day!! My heart goes out to both families and my prayers!!

Tragic Accident not woman's fault

Thank you for your prayers, we all need them just to get through the day. Tomorrow, 10/15, would have been Kristen's 33rd birthday. I feel compelled to reply to the comment that there was fault on both sides. Kristen was not at fault here. She had a flat tire and had pulled off the road, well into the breakdown lane. She was standing beside her car when a semi-truck, hauling a bulldozer whose blade overhung the side of the trailer by at least two feet, came into the breakdown lane and hit her with the dozer blade. Her eight year old son was watching his mother out the window when the accident happened so saw it all - not a great picture for him to have in his mind for the rest of his life. Tragic, tragic, tragic is all I can say.

other driver at fault, too

Frankly, the driver in the other lane that would not slow down enough to let the truck driver in is just as much at fault. They certainly would have been able to see ahead to notice a car on the side of the road. A small amount of common courtesy could have saved this woman's life. If the truck driver is charged, they should be charged, too. I hope they realize that they have contributed to this woman's death.

Again, what about his brakes???

Sure...things get crazy as a madhouse on the old I-40 interstate, but you have to understand the driver of the rig is sitting way higher than everybody else on absolutely flat terrain, pulling a load of approximately 80,000 pounds at 70 to 80 miles an hour. He was easily able to see a disabled vehicle on the side of the road at least 3/4 to a mile away, probably even better than that. Unless he wasn't paying attention on his cell phone or whatever, there is no excuse for him not to be able to use his BRAKES to slow down or even stop if he had to, regardless of who was beside him. This is simple and prudent commercial driver skills, not rocket science. This is not an incident where "a car on the side of the road just popped up out of nowhere" and caused an unavoidable accident. VISION...TIME...BRAKES...80,000 lbs, 80 MPH. (as a reference most automobiles are in the 2,500-5,000 lb weight class) Make sense now or are you one of those that says, "...the man with the biggest wheels wins"???

In addition to my last

In addition to my last comment: Don't feel as though the driver is suffering enough??? He has to deal with this as well. He didn't expect this to happen either!! You try driving a truck with a dozer on the back and trying to stop as fast as you can...picture what happens next....also he had someone on his left so where was he suppose to go...and I'm sure when he was driving he was fully aware of the vehicle on the side of the road and she stepped in the path at the last minute...lET ME ASK AGAIN..WHY WASN'T SHE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAR????Highly doubt he aimed for her...SINCE THE CAR DIDN'T GET HIT THAT WAS PARKED SO CLOSE TO THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!

He should have been driving

He should have been driving under the speed limit with that size load. He has the responsibility to get in the other lane. If it was not clear, then he should have slowed until he could change lanes or even stop. He knew his responsibility and he is up above the other traffic so he had a field of vision to where he could have seen her down the road. I drive on 40 on a regular basis and I have had trucks pass me so fast it is a wonder they did not peel the paint off my car as they went by. He was the vehicle in motion and he had the responsibility to stop or change lanes. He didn't so let the guardian of these children sue his insurance and provide for them. It is not like this car stopped short in front of him and he hit her.

My Opinion

Ok...I've read all the comments below and this is my opinion!!!! This a terrible tradegy but it could have been prevented by the mother!! Almost everyone that has commented here, has stated fault on the driver. Why? Why wasn't the car pulled over more off the road. The first article clearly states how close the vehicle was to the path of the highway (close enough that when she got out of the car the door would be in the road)Also, her children were in the car, so I would have made sure I pulled off as far as I could!! Also, why was she standing in the path of the highway herself when someone else was there fixing her tire for her...she could have stood on the otherside of the vehicle...common sense would have said to stay away from the highway!

because to change a tire,

because to change a tire, you need your car to be level, and the side where you pull off is just about the size of a car! Where else was she supposed to go ....... with a flat tire????? And it's not her fault that someone was there to help, that is just someone being decent, maybe she was watching him so she could do it herself sometime!

The large blade of the

The large blade of the bulldozer was sticking out beyond the edge of the truck. If this guy was carrying a wide load, he should have moved over away from a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the road. It would seem to me that unless she stepped out into the travel lanes of the interstate, this was not her fault. The wide load was larger than the travel lane it was riding in. I would be suprised if the company (and its insurance company) doesn't pay out a huge settlement in this case.

Opinion without common sense....

You seem to have a problem understanding that the lady was on the shoulder of the interstate in a disabled vehicle. She most likey did not have an opportunity to get farther off or she likely would have. That sweet woman would never have intentionally endangered herself or her children. That is an absolutely assinine comment! The point here is that there was a disabled vehicle. All other traffic should do due diligence and get as far over as possible...she couldn't. The controversy of the lady stepping over the "proverbial white line" is only a technicality. The truck driver hauling an 80,000 lb. load should have been well clear of her OR at least slowed down as he passed. His vantage point of vision gave him a great advantage and ample time to properly react and avoid this. There are zero hills there. A human being, a mother, a well liked person will be dearly missed because of this judgement. The truck driver knows exactly what he did, now he knows exactly what he should've done!

Kristen Belair's Family

I'm a friend of Kristen's Family. Please help with a donation if you can. The horrific-ness of the accident is that it was one tragedy on top of another. Not only did a wonderful woman get killed violently but her son (8) and daughter (10) watched as it happened. The important thing is to help the children through this time with grief counseling (which they are already in) and to help them along a bit since their single mom did not have life insurance. Lawsuit is easy to say, but corporations fight back and lawsuits can take years to settle. This family is like most other families out there and they could really use aide in helping the children now. Thank you, on behalf of the family, for all your thoughts and prayers.

Kristen did not have a job

Kristen did not have a job or life insurance because she was receiving enough child support from her ex. These beautiful, loving children have a father who has loved, supported and cared for them since the day they were born. He saw them every other weekend, once every week and every holiday~never missing one. These children came from loving parents who simply divorced for the reasons that many other people have. For ANYONE to just assume this woman had these children by immaculate conception is just unbelievable. It will be a struggle, but their father will do everything in his power to continue loving and caring for his children.

No one assumes the kids

No one assumes the kids don't have a father. I'm glad he's a loving one. If he is too proud to accept the donations that people are giving from their heart, then fine.

Please help Kristen's kids

Kristen Belair was the little sister of one of my dearest friends in high school. I read half of this article on Thursday, having no idea who the victim was. I had to stop reading as soon as I learned her children were in the vehicle. When I got home from work I learned my friend had lost his sister, in this horrible way. I am so sad for the Belair family, and ask for all of you to please help this family in any way that you can. Kristen was so full of life, so funny and a wonderful and caring mother. She will be greatly missed. Please give whatever you can to help these children. Thank you!

wrongfull death

In a word - Lawsuit

Lawsuit!! Why???? Yes, this

Lawsuit!! Why???? Yes, this is a tragedy for the woman's family and of course the children but the article clearly states how close her vehicle was to the street, she should have pulled further off the road for the safety of herself and her children!!! Also it states a car was on the left of the truck so how was the driver suppose to pull to the left??? Causing another accident!!!

It doesn't matter if her

It doesn't matter if her vehicle was one inch to the white line. Her vehicle was disabled. We cannot always plan a break down. This driver should have had his vehicle under control. He should have been going less than the posted speed limit with that kind of load. I wonder how far over it he was going. And to your other post about how he feels, that is of no consequence. He is still alive, isn't he?

Bring a wrongful death

Bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent truck operator.

You say lawsuit... don't

You say lawsuit... don't you think that the driver has been punished enough by being the one that accidentially killed her. B/C that's what it was, an accident! A freak, unforseeable, accident!! what if it had been you driving that truck? would you have handled it any different? Considering the driver had no where to go, couldn't get over!! The driver's family is hurting too!!!! would you honestly want to drag it out for either family by taking things to court?! Have a blessed day! May God be with both families and their friends in their hour of need!! Especially the children!!

I'm 100% with you on this

I'm 100% with you on this one. The driver I'm sure is suffering enough and a lawsuit is not going to bring her back!!! Everyone only thinks about revenge!! What has this world come to?????

What is your problem? A

What is your problem? A lawsuit is not about revenge. It is about providing a means of support for two motherless children now. These kids are 8 and 10, and for at least the next ten years, they need food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, not to mention education. And since their mother, who was apparently their sole care giver is no longer here to earn a living and provide this stuff for them, then obviously SOMEONE has to do it and the logical consequence of every accident like this since automobiles and automobile insurance came into existence is to file a lawsuit and have the insurance company pay up. It is not revenge, people do it every day, what other reason do you think we pay insurance for? To make insurance companies rich? Ask your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, people you meet on the street, and see how many of them have ever been involved in a car accident and either sued the other driver's insurance or the other driver sued theirs. It is business. It is the accepted practice. It is what insurance is for. The way that you are all over this website screaming about it makes me think you are either the driver or his wife or something and that he does not have any insurance. Is that the case? If not, then what is the big deal?

Slow down and move over!

Anytime I'm on the interstate, or any other road for that matter and someone is disabled, I slow down and move over for safety! It is only common sense, but too many people are in too big of a hurry, especially the commercial drivers. I've been on the side of the road with a flat and cars passing at 70-80 mph is nothing less than scary, much less take a 80,000 lb+ heavy equipment rig and not even move over. The vortex alone from that passer by can suck a person into the path. I-40 is not a mountain road in that area, the driver had ample time and vision to move over OR slow down OR stop. I'll bet he wishes he weren't in such a big hurry now!

Guest 461 how do you know he

Guest 461 how do you know he was in a hurry? You have never driven something bigger than a car and how do you know what all commercial drivers do? I drive and haul oversize and see more cars do stupid stuff ten times over. Stastics show over 85% of accidents between trucks and cars are caused by the CARS....