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Indecision about shipping Jose Montalvo's body

READ MORE: Funeral home in Mexico threatens not to pick up Jose Montalvo's body
The situation with shipping Jose Montalvo’s body to Mexico has a new snag. Widow Maria Sanchez doesn't have the money right now to pay off the $13,000 in total expenses covering everything from funeral expenses and for transporting the body; workman's comp only covered $3500. Sanchez's attorney Eric Altman said the funeral home in Mexico told him if they didn't receive almost $3,500 by 5:00 p.m. Friday, they wouldn't pick up the body from the airport. The funeral director in Sumter, South Carolina agreed to send Montalvo's body to Mexico without being paid up front on good faith he'll be reimbursed. However, upon hearing of the issues about picking up Montalvo's body, they decided not to send it. Sanchez’s attorney Eric Altman said a Lee Construction spokesperson and attorney told him Lee will not help pay any expenses. “Sometimes companies will just step up and help out." Montalvo was working for Lee Construction on the new Oak Island bridge when a tragic accident took his life. Not in this case, leaving a widow needing all the help she can get. Emerson Thompson, the lawyer for Lee Construction, had no comment. This story has generated a lot of discussion on our website. Several people questioned why Altman didn't advance his client the money for the funeral. Under North Carolina law, he can't. He said he would lend Sanchez the money if he could.

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Why doesn't the lawyer loan her the money until he finishes sueing the construction company and everyone else he can!

Jose Montalvo's

I feel very sorry for his family. I am confused as to why he must be buried in Mexico. He apparently earned his income in the USA. Was he a citizen, guest worker or undocumented alien? The widow should consider having his burial here or collect donations from those in Mexico.

another cockeyed north

another cockeyed north carolina law ,oh well state senator, will just get some dry ice until our case goes to court and we finally get our settlement 5 years from now .that law should have been veto or amended ,why cant altman loan mrs sanchez the money , oh altman is legimate and not covered by fdic,or government kick backs like bank of america and the tax payers cant foot the bill if the loan goes bad ok i see