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Fuse lit on Operation Firecracker

Law enforcement is gearing up for the approaching Fourth of July holiday weekend. Booze It and Lose It’s Operation Firecracker started Monday. Law enforcement across the state will step up patrol and set up checkpoints to enforce drinking and driving. Over the Independence Day week last year, there were 377 alcohol-related crashes, the majority of which involved injuries, and 12 that resulted in deaths. "The summer is busy anyway; people are down at the beach enjoying their time and sometimes they get in situations where they probably shouldn't drive by they choose to do so anyway. It's basically a high volume traffic weekend, and we're out there enforcing the laws,” said Lt. H.G. Adams of the NHC Sheriff’s Office. Almost 2,000 North Carolina drivers were charged with D.W.I. during last year's Operation Firecracker. This year, it runs through July fifth.

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dwi / or traffic stops Just a shake down!

Yes thats correct.I believe in having our roadways safe for us to drive on is important.But the bottom line for all of this is only another tool of states to bring revenue to their system!Check points are a big source of revenue for local and a state agency. This is real and the truth . Look at what the state gets for looking for minor infractions you may have overlooked,IE a crack in your windshield, expired inspection sticker( An inspection is just a way for the state to get money from us its not in the interest of safety Bottom line this the truth. Get real).noisy muffler ,loud pipes,a head light or signal marker light not working.You go to court,Pay a court cost $99.00 and a fine,total up all the people that get tickets for nonsense stuff like this and not to mention your loss of income from work that day. It brings in a whopping income for the state offices.We have friends that work in 2 local court systems and the will attest to this as a source of income for the state. They depend on this and are required to show the monies derived to help pay for state and local programs.I agree that if its a a DWI stop and your ok, you should be allowed to pass.Not question you about where are you going , where have you been,ever had a ticket before.This is getting rediculous and will get out of hand if we the people let it. We just have to stand up and say something and quit being sheep to the system .Yes laws need to be in place to protect us and to help us. Not as a tool to make us feel uncomfortable or make us pay their bills.As or economey is in a tough situation now and a state shortfall on funds they are going to pound the hell out of us as and see more of these stops till we become stable again in our affairs durring this recession.Sure when you read the papers and hear the news they sugar coat it and say it with political correctness as the state and local agenceys place check points out to help fight crime in the community.Its all Bull $#%! .Quit being affraid to speak up and say something and do your research on this subject and see how much the state makes off of these stops.And once again let me make it clear I believe in laws that are relevant to our state and security.I believe that drunk drivers need to be removed off the road bad and careless drivers need to be removed off the road and all of the illegial immigrants that keep getting tickets over and over for the same offence and let back into our community need to be removed from here period!! But target what you are out there for.This is a great state and love it very much but we are slowly getting to the level of becoming a police state.Believe it or not. Do the research on this and take a look at this indept and see for your self.It all starts with us,The patrons of our state.

Just missing the swastika

The only things missing from this picture are some German Shepherds and Swastika arm bans. When are we as Americans going to stand up for our rights in this country? (in this case it would be our 4th amendment rights, just in case you were wondering) I see the same people over and over writing in these post talking about how we are becoming a socialist country, yet they are very quite when an article like this where it is a blatant travesty of our freedom being portrayed. Or is just when it comes to money that they get upset? Every since the 1990 supreme court decision, 11 states have seen the wrong in it and have not allowed them in their states, because they understand not only how wrong it is, from a constitutional view point, but also, that statistically it doesn't reduce drunk driving related deaths at all. It's main purpose is to raise revenues for the state, the insurance companies and of course defense lawyers. If the state was serious about reducing the amount of bodily harm and deaths caused by drunk drivers, they would revise there sentencing laws for repeat offenders. But wait ... that would also take money out of their (the lawyers in Raleigh making the laws) pockets. I would like for them to require anybody riding a moped on a public street to have a valid driver's licenses, because we all know why they are riding around on a moped.


Guess you are one of the sots planning on driving around this weekend? Don't want to spend your beer money on a cab? Knowing that these stops are out there make some people avoid driving or take cabs. I cant not believe that you are complaining about officers trying to protect us all. Comparing them to Nazis is ludicrous. When your Irish luck runs out (or maybe already has)I hope they catch you before you slam into a tree. English1

Drinking and Driving

I believe Check Points can be valued, but only if they do as they say. Unfortunately, they don't. If it's a DWI Check Point, then if the driver is sober then he should be waved on. That isn't the case. Not only do they see if you've been drinking, but they then ask for a Drivers License, Proof of Insurance, Car Registration, and also ask some unrelated questions such as, Have you ever been arrested before?, etc.. If you wish to be thoroughly screened at every stop, continue supporting these UNCONSTITUTIONAL ROAD BLOCKS. We will all see how this will only get worse and bigger as time goes by. We all forgot that: People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. Wake up...sheeple.

George gets it!

George gets it! Even ended with a quote from one of (if not) the greatest Americans ever ... good ole Ben Franklin! That is why Chief Justice Rehnquist knowing that their decision did violate our 4th amendment rights at least made sure there were rules to limit the way these checkpoints were conducted. So, if you have the money to get a good lawyer you can usually get out of a DUI the way these things are run, but if you are poor and can't afford adequate representation, then you are the victim to this revenue raising scheme. So once again the government subject the poor to a different set of rules. The other 3 descending members especially Stevens knew that the states would abuse the decision, just as it is being abused.

Ludicrous? I don't think so

Yes, I do plan on driving around this weekend, as I do whenever I want to go somewhere ... that is as long as this government lets me freely travel. You comment was very assuming don't you think. I have in my past had a drink and drove a car, when I was twenty! (it was legal then so you do the math) But in your assuming, you do however accidently raise the point I was making. You say that the police (government) are trying to protect us all, but at what cost, taking away our rights that this country was founded on! You go right ahead thinking that roadblocks without probable cause isn't comparable to Nazi Germany all you want, and you keep right on letting this government take away your rights under the pretense of protecting us from ourselves. And one day when the roadblocks are eveywhere and you hear the phrase "have your papers ready" 4 or 5 times a day, think back to your days when your head was in the sand and you let it happen.


It is a drunk stop. Been going on for years...many years, I remember them as a kid. NO different than what they used to call a drivers license stop. If you are not doing anything wrong then it is no big deal. If my head is in the sand then it has been there through 30 years of these random stops and frankly I never thought about them as negative, just a pain in the butt. Whole world is going to hell in a hand basket, none of us can stop it. Once the nukes get going in camel land we will all be dead.

Sheriff McMahon taking it to drunk drivers

Thank you Sheriff McMahon for stepping up DWI enforcement over the holiday weekend. I'm glad to see your aggressive about getting these folks off the road. Thanks again!

step up patrols daily

What? Yea, thanks to the sheriff that's great, but isnt stepping up patrols, check points, etc. something that's done EVERY major holiday? It needs to be daily w/all these horrible drivers out...3 accidents alone yesterday & one fatality.

always good to see drunks being taken off the streets

I bet most of us know someone who has been killed or involved in a wreck, because of a drunk driver. My wife is involved with MADD. I applaud the Sheriffs dept and other agencies who take the initative and crack down on drunk drivers. These efforts usually involve overtime and extra officers working. It's surely worth it. I hope the new Sheriff continues to work towards reducing drunk drivers in our community. Lord knows we need him on Carolina beach.


Officers do their jobs most of the time...Holiday or not!

Now, if only they will

Now, if only they will ticketing vehicles that pull trailers with no lights or license plates.

Too bad they can't ticket

Too bad they can't ticket cell phone/texting drivers. A woman nearly hit me head on this morning, talking and not looking where she was going.