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Gang forum draws hundreds

WILMINGTON -- A growing gang presence in Wilmington has community leaders asking parents to be aware of what their children are doing. Wednesday night hundreds of people of all ages came out to a forum to learn about gangs and how to fight them. Ronald Davis of Wilmington attended to better understand the issue. He said, "This is something new to me and I'm interested in what's going on and the magnitude that it's happening in the city." Regina Randolph of Wilmington said, "I'm real concerned about our community and the gangs. I have a niece that's at that age now that's in the area they're recruiting a lot of them from." Members of Union Baptist Church, the Wilmington Police Department, and the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office called for a change that starts at home. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous encouraged parents' involvement. He said, "They've got to get involved in their kids' lives very early on and be a real positive role model for them." Chief Evangelous referred to youth violence as a sickness. "We cannot arrest ourselves out of this problem in this country, can't do it. It takes a community effort," he said. People learned which colors, symbols, tattoos, and other signs symbolize gang activity. They also saw pictures of gang graffiti from nearby neighborhoods. It was useful information for parents and kids. Alexis McNeil of Leland came out with her mother and sister. She said, "If any of my friends could be a negative influence on me, I'm hoping to learn what I can look for, like signs that may show that they are in a gang." By learning signs here, community members are one step closer to tackling Wilmington's gang problem.

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Gang Forum

There is another option. Round up the law breaking, wayward gang members; load them on transports headed for Parris Island; drop them off; and allow some straight thinking, motivated Drill Instructors to transform these youngsters into disciplined, law abiding citizens. Notice there is no mention of race, creed, or ethnic origin. One thing's for certain; their transfer to the care and nurturing environment of the Green Machine may give those youths, thinking about gang membership, an alternative to consider.

Tom, the Corps doesn't want them

They stopped taking dirtbags over twenty-five ago, when the Depot Aptitude Boards in both PISC and San Diego were in session full-time, heaving maggots out. MCRD is not a rehabilitation facility. The recruiters get their fannies handed to them if they sign up one of these criminals, and the hats are too busy to dedicate all their time to getting through to the "hard cases." These people have spent their entire life growing up on the street with no ethical guidance whatsoever, and three months in boot camp can't make up for that. The very few that do make it through usually revert to their original nature once a drill instructor is no longer breathing down their necks. Before the "no convictions" policy change, it wasn't unusual to see a Corporal getting court-martialed for dealing drugs. I actually had a staff-sergeant arrested for armed robbery in Los Angeles! Rather than using the Corps as social workers and saddling them with failures, a far better option is for the criminal justice system to start doing its job, and start locking these people up for a lonnnnnng time. We need to stop coddling criminals, and start treating them like the dangerous animals they are.

The Corps Don't Want Them

The Corps may not want them; but the Corps has never shied away from a tough assignment in its history. The Corps would hesitate only because of budgetary constraints and the mamby pamby, weak hearted liberals who would second guess the Corps from Day 1. Where there'a a will there's a way. Your way makes no attempt to redeem those who might just need a little motivation. Perhaps humping a pack for 7 months or so in some lovely environment like Afghanistan or Iraq is just what the Dcotor ordered; after an orientation period in Parris Island and at the School of Infantry. Your way will likely never happen; if it would it would already be in effect. There are too many sobbing, weak kneed liberals who will never let either option come into play. And there will never be enough media attention to entice the Reverands Jackson or Sharpton to make an extended stay in our area to address the issue.

I think it would have been

I think it would have been beneficial if the article had more information in it, like giving examples of which colors, symbols, tattoos, and other signs symbolize gang activity for those parents who were unable to make it. Typical reporting, i guess.

I think that if the school

I think that if the school systems would get back the job training skills that they offered years ago, this would give the students something to put their minds to good use. There would be no time for a gang to form. All of the idle minds would have better things to concentrate on. When the job training skills were offered in the schools, there were less violance and gangs.

Part of the problem

Part of the problem is that parents don't care. That's why kids join gangs, they don't actually have a "family" at home. I would bet that a lot of parents have a feeling that their child is in a gang, but they have too much other stuff to worry about it.

Could care less what you think!

All parents DO care. If it wasn't for the white people trying to take everything away from us in our communites. Just like in 1898 when we start to have something good the white people come along and take it away from us. All the time the rich white machine is working to take away from us. I look at Creekwood as a sign of what the rich have taken out of the community NOT what we have done to it.

I certainly hope you are not

I certainly hope you are not raising children. I can only imagine what kind of future any child would have after having been influenced by you. Its people with your ignorance that feed the problem. Grow up and take responsibilty for you and your own.

what do creekwood have to do with the rich

I live in creekwood and the rich havent taken anything from me. Its the ones that dont live out here that make it bad for us. I as a parent am worried about my kids every day theres somthing happening or going on thats gang related.I feel like if we as a community have to work together and get rid of these want to be gang members. I have a son thats at the age where they push kids to be in gangs but me as a good parent I keep him in sports and after school programs.Everyone look at people that stay in creekwood as bad people some of us work hard the same way you do so dont judge someone because where they stay it might be all the can afford at the time.

Average Af-Am Parent R U serious?

Average Af-Am Parent I think your post is a joke to rile up these bloggers, NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY BE AS STUPID AS YOUR POST INDICATES. Maybe back in 1898 white people were your problem but now in 2007 its black people. Not one person in Creekwood is denied the opportunity to succeed if they really wanted it. It is entirely up to EACH individual.


WHERE YOU ARE TODAY! I could give a RIP what you have nor do I care to have what you DO have! I have my OWN family to care about and to be honest...DON'T CARE about yours. You will have something good when YOU want to have something. Your children are...HERES THE SHOCKER...YOUR responsibility. When I drive down Castle street and see middle school children walking down the sidewalk skipping school...THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM...its the parents problem. Whitey is not the blame for a child not being in school. 1898? What did YOU loose? NOTHING because unless you are the oldest person in Wilmington YOU weren't alive were you? You have lost something because you NEVER wanted it. As long as people, no matter color, rely on government programs to live...the US Government OWNS you!


You could care less? Well that gives us room to improve! Or did you mean to say that you COULDN'T care less...gah...those lil wayne cd's are messing with our mindsssssssssss!

Could care less

Two problems with what average af-am parent said: 1) gangs aren't a black issue so don't blame the "white machine" for it 2) from personal experience, parents really don't care and/or do not know how to care properly programs are emerging from within communities, by people from those communities, to teach parents how to be effective parents and not pushovers. if parents stood up to their children like they do teachers, police, and other people of influence, many of these problems would be much less widespread than they are now.

That's your first problem.

That's your first problem. You look at everything as "taken away from you". You need to look in the mirror and contribute instead of sitting back feeling victimized. Or don't! Then you can expect your kids to have the same idea and nothing will change. The choice is yours. I'm sure you will choose to do nothing, since that's easier and involves only the flapping of the jaw...