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Gas could hit $4 a gallon by Memorial Day

WILMINGTON -- By late winter drivers typically get a break from rising gas prices before the summer's busy driving season. But if trends continue, costs could reach beyond $4 a gallon by Memorial Day. Rising gas prices are hitting drivers where it hurts -- their wallets. Local business owner Mike Maltba said, "I think the gas prices are ridiculous and I think it's outrageous that we have to pay this kind of price for gas." Local resident Joseph Mitchell said, "I think the gas prices are extremely high, and it's just in March, so by the summer gets here, I'm thinking it will be around $4 or $5 probably a gallon." Recent predictions say gas prices could be on their way to reaching the $4 mark by summertime, making it hard for people like Robert Brown, an artist from Charlotte, whose livelihood depends on gasoline. He drives all over the state to sell his paintings, but the rising cost of gas may hurt his business. Brown said, "Gas does affect everything, I can't get higher prices for my products, I may try to work closer to home" Rising fuel prices not only affect drivers, but gas station owners as well. The owner of this Brunswick County independent gas station turned off his pumps because he says he can't recoup the costs he incurs when buying the gas. Some say while we can't control gas prices, we can control how we use it. Concerned resident Gail Berry said, "I really don't want to pay higher prices myself but I think we need to learn how to conserve gas and until the price goes up I don't think that will happen." This time last year the national average for a gallon of regular was $2.45, according to AAA. Now it's up to more than $3.16. And here in the Wilmington area gas averages a now record $3.18 a gallon.

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I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that as soon as talk of a "stimulus" package was announced, oil prices started upwards.It may sound like a conspiracy but hey.Lets take a look. Hmmm I guess Big Oil will get the lions share of the checks this time around.Do they think that we are blind as to what is going on here? We need to tell OPEC to shove it and keep our domestic oil here in the US instead of shipping it overseas. I worked in Texas in the 80's and I saw what went on there. drill, find the payzone, then cap it "until oil prices went up". Hello they are up but wait eveybody is invested in foreign oil. And where does the Alaska pipeline oil go? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

SUVs & trucks

I agree, we who own suvs and trucks are not the problem. People who think we are needs to get a life. OPEC and others are just greedy asses. Supply and demand is not the issue. What everyone sees on the news and tv is manipulated. But, I should not have to change my driving habits or change what I drive. Ill tell you right now, I DRIVE A V-8 Dakota. 10 mpg. So sue me. Yes, gas prices suck for me. I cant afford to buy a 4 banger. Wish i could, but i still wouldnt drive it everyday. Besides, you cant tell me that gas can go from 88 cents a gallon to $4 a gallon in 6 years. Inflation my ass.

Gas prices = supply vs demand

Just like most other consumer products...gas prices will continue to rise as long as we the consumers are willing to pay them. If we really don't want to pay what we consider high prices for gasoline, the only way to do anything about it is simply to use less gas. Carpool...combine trips...get a more fuel-efficient vehicle if you can...use public transportation where it is available...walk...ride bikes. Of course there are those who must drive for their jobs or what have you, but most of us could probably stand to sacrifice a little to save a few dollars at the pump. I know I could.

So what...

if gas is $4.00/gallon. People with bitch and moan about it for a couple of days and then what...nothing. You pay the price. The soccer moms will still drive their gas-guzzling SUV's so little Johnny and Little Suzie can go to soccer practice, so mom can walk the loop at Wrightsville Beach, and then drive to play tennis at the club. However, let the folks at WB or CB raise the price to park by .25/hour, and God forbid...WB and CB are taking advantage of the tourists and locals.


Why don't you stop complaining about the SUV's because you can't afford one yourself.

I hate to tell you

but SUV's and Vans are NOT the problem....if you use gas to run a flippin LAWNMOWER you are doing the damage. Until we can look at OPEC and tell them to EAT THEIR OIL....they control us.

gas prices

another tip is to do your grocery shopping on the way home from work if possible. we have to go to work anyway, so instead of making another trip, go on the way home. also, you can save money by buying marked down food. i bought a bag of red potatoes for example that were originally 4.00 and i got them in the mark down for 99 cents. alot of stores sell marked down produce etc because the expiration date is close or they bought too much of the same thing and want to get rid of it.

The only way gas can go

The only way gas can go cheaper now is to boycott a certain brand such as exxon/mobil. They would have such an enormous stock of oil and gas after two months that they would have to sell it at a cheap price. Tough luck on the owners of these stations. High oil prices are destroying the economy and making us pay high prices on just about everything now. Our paychecks have not increased by 100% in the last two years so why should gas, food, clothing, and everything else increase? Pass it around to boycott exxon/mobile for a few months and don't listen to the whiners. Wendy Whiner. Wah Wah Wah.

2 years ago

I suggested the same thing and it would have worked then but it's to late now. Your just gonna have to quit voting for bush's. After a democrat finally fixes this mess, jeb bush will probably run. Please remember what his dad and brother did. WAR MONGERS! Send the bush daughters to war.


Do you mean a Democrat such as Jimmy Cater.

Won't work

"The only way gas can go cheaper now is to boycott a certain brand such as exxon/mobil. They would have such an enormous stock of oil and gas after two months that they would have to sell it at a cheap price. Tough luck on the owners of these stations." >Sorry there Skippy, but that won't work either.

Just in time for the Bush

Just in time for the Bush $1,200 rebate. Guess they knew what they were doing...Ya think? This money will have to go back to our governments. 1. The US Government 2. The Government of Oil

Not Bush

high gas prices have little to do with george bush. they have a lot to do with oil being traded based on the dollar, and with so many americans spending too much money and making not so smart mortgage moves the dollar is very weak. thus the price of oil for us is very expensive, but overseas is relatively inexpensive. it also has to do with the fact that no new refineries have been built since the 1970's and that the general population in china is now allowed to own a car. taking it all into account, minus bush, the very weak dollar, sharply increased demand, and no higher supply=EXTRAORDINARILY high prices

re:Not Bush

Check again...we have family in what used to be East Germany. The dollar is weak everywhere; a LITTER of gas is just below double what we pay a gallon.

Care to share with us where

Care to share with us where oversea's it is 'relatively inexpensive'? Last time I checked, the U.S STILL had the cheapest gas prices in the world. Scary thought, isn't it?


Brazil, Cuba, Taiwan, Lebanon, South Africa, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia, Puerto Rico ($1.74), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Nigeria, and Venezuela are all significantly cheaper. The reason Europe is so expensive in USD is because 75% of their gas is taxed by the Euro, which is dominating the dollar and when converted their gas is expensive for us (and intentionally fairly expensive for them).

Unfortunately we need gas.

Unfortunately we need gas. What my family now does is only go shopping once a week, if that. We try to get two weeks worth of shopping at a time. I would do more but since I only get paid every other week, I cannot afford to buy more. We have also cut down on unnecessary travels. I think if more people would do this, the rise in gas won't hurt as much and the gas companies won't get as much from us. But they will still rape us


First of all the price is ARTIFICIALLY inflated. If a knat keels over while flying across the Atlantic...gas prices go up. Second, it IS going to get worse. Pelosi in her INFINITE wisdom in the House along with the House as a whole have passed NEW taxes to hit the gas companies. guys DO realize who gets to pay for that...some accountant for Exxon is going to figure out the projected taxes and divide it all up...and pass it RIGHT DOWN THE LINE to US! HOPEFULLY this won't pass the Senate, but don't hold your breath. Unfortunately, until we come up with an alternative, which some are on the horizon....the oil companies are FREE to rape an pillage.

Of course the gas companies

Of course the gas companies are going to raise prices simply because it is expected. They continue to report record profits while the rest of us have no choice but to pay the higher prices. Maybe if the media started reporting that gas prices were going to start dropping it would happen.


Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!! The news media stated today that gas prices will rise to $4.00 a gallon and, so it will be. The recent refinery explosion followed by the refineries needing to blend all these different special blends for the summer wouldn't have any effect on it at all. I guess the government should take the profits from the oil companies or even run them. Then you'd be tickled to get gas for $4.00 a gallon.