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Gas prices at all-time high

WILMINGTON -- Just in time for Thanksgiving gas prices are nearing an all-time high. The average price at the pump is now more than $3 a gallon nationwide. And it could get worse as we approach one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. "Surviving Energy Prices" author Peter Buetel said, "It is possible that we could see $4 in April or May. Traditionally, the highest prices we see every year are in April or May, so that's when I'd be worried about it, not right now." At last check average gas prices for a regular tank of gas in our area were $3.09 a gallon.

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Gas prices at all time high

JUST in time for the holiday drivers.........hummm coincidence? I think not. Don't they rise in the summer traveling months too? How long will we get to line the oil companies coffers before someone steps in and stops this bull? The oil companies know we can not do a darn thing about this, we HAVE to have gas to make a living.

gas prices

oil companies posted record profits yet again...and the common public get screwed once again

It's about OIL prices

Revelation: Oil companies sell oil....billions of barrels of it. When the price of oil skyrockets, so do their profits. (It's identical to a corn farmer making more money when corn prices explode.) Their E&P costs climb minimally, but the value of every barrel pumped keeps going higher. If you check the figures, you'll find that major integrated oil companies make less than ten-percent of their profit from gasoline sales. The R&M side of the business is NOT where the money is!. So no one is getting "screwed," people simply have to pay the market price for a product that is refined from a commodity that's relatively expensive at this time. There are two ways that prices will drop: Increase supply or reduce demand.

to commonsensenotc

sounds like you are full of gas. must be talkin out your butt cause your mouth knows better. the consumers are getting screwed,they know it,we know it, and you know it. go blow your smoke up someone elses rearend!


Don't let the war profiteer get under your skin. He loves it!

Actually, everything stated

Actually, everything stated above is exactly right. If you aren't willing to change your lifestyle, start talking to the politicians who won't let us drill for our own oil. Lets increase supply with an American product drilled for by American workers. I for one am tired of making these middle eastern princes richer than they already are.

There is so much oil out

There is so much oil out there that all these prices are just highly inflated like the housing market. New oil fields are constantly being discovered and the price of oil is going to plummet like a rock soon as people figure this out. The new oil field in the Gulf of Mexico is Enormous. New ones have just been discovered off the coast of Brazil. Oil and gas prices will soon be taking a plunge.

I wouldn't short oil just yet

The large Gulf discovery by the Chevron/Devon/Statoil team won't be in full production for at least five years. Second consideration, even if every drop of that oil was dedicated to domestic consumption, it would represent only about two years supply for the United States. We of course know that when that oil is pumped, it's for sale to the highest bidder and every drop of it WON'T be going to the United States. It will help to reduce global oil prices, but with China expected to pass our oil consumption of twenty-million barrels a day in 2008 and global demand outside China continuing to climb, world supplies are simply not keeping up with that demand. Also note that in the past two-years, both BP and Shell have lowered estimates on their proven reserves. A lot of old fields are getting played out. (As the price of oil rises however, it's paying for new technology that helps us pump what would have been considered unrecoverable just five years ago.) Barring a global recession to reduce demand, you will see continued volatility in the oil sector, but with an overall rising long-term trend.

Guess who is not saying

Guess who is not saying anything about oil prices going up. Our President and Vice President. They are both oil men. I wonder how much their coffers will be filled when they go out of office. Right now the oil companies are getting richer and the American public is getting poorer because we have no choice. The only recourse is to use only the gasoline and other petroleum that are absolutely necessary. Maybe a glutten of oil will bring the prices down, maybe not. If our President and Vice President have their way, I don't think so. Maybe the next administration will care more about the American people and stop this price gouging.

You HAVE a choice

STOP BUYING! Try doing everything in your power to NOT buy anymore Oil Derived products than you can. B*tching about it never solved anything now has it? DO SOMETHING!

Go Electric

That's exactly what I've been doing. I have an electric mower, electric chain saw, and an electric weed eater. They cost a little more initially, but it will save me a lot in the long run

go electric?

Is your electricity free? I take it they run on rechargeable batteries? I can not imagine you mowing with a cord attached to the wall. For most people electric or battery powered lawn equipment is not powerful enough. We have 1.5 acres of lawn. Glad centipede grows slowly.

Electric mowing is easy

You simply start at the plug and move away from it, cutting rows that are perpendicular to the plug. As you move outward, the cord is always behind you.

Exactly right!

The days of cheap gasoline are gone forever. (In twenty years, we may look back on today as the days of cheap gasoline!) As individual consumers, all we can do is conserve by eliminating unnecessary driving and combining required trips into the most logically lain out, shortest duration route. Everyone is whining about gasoline prices, but so far very few have changed their lifestyle or driving habits one bit.

It's not price gouging

It's the result of a growing world economy all competing for the same commodities. Oil is simply the most visible to us, because we use so much of it. Have you seen corn prices over the past year? Between oil and corn prices, we pay more for a steak or bag of Doritos, but as ethanol manufacturers bid against food manufacturers, the excess grain that has fed the world's poor for decades is evaporating. Increasing demand for ethanol may actually result in hunger in the Third World. The entire globe is advancing culturally and economically at a phenominal pace. We are outpacing the production capabilities of most commodities.

Oil drilling

The drilling in the gulf of Mexico, off the cuban coast, is per contract between China and Mexico. By the way the most northern rig is to be 75 miles from Key West, but our Congress will not allow US drilling in the area.