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Gas prices increase again

If you thought gas prices couldn't get any higher, think again. According to Triple A and the oil price information, the national average price of a regular gallon of gas jumped to more than four dollars for the first time ever. Wilmington's gas prices haven't hit four just yet. Triple A says gas prices have gone up an average of about thirty three cents a gallon since this time last month. Analysts say that's almost a dollar since this time, last year. By the end of the week, analysts say the average could hit $4.15. "Half of my paycheck goes for gas, and I don't know how we are going to survive,” said Jerold Antonucci of Wilmington. “If you're not rich nowadays, i just don't know how we are going to make it." In North Carolina we're below the curve, with an average of $3.92 a gallon. Gas in Wilmington averages $3.90 a gallon for regular gas.

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Obama, Durbin, Reid, et al..... how much is enough?

While Democrats whine about "windfall profits" and attempt to greatly increase taxes on the oil companies, let's see exactly what oil companies are paying now: Exxon Mobil - 2007 Income before taxes - $70.474 Billion Income taxes paid - $29.864 Billion 42% of their income was paid out in income taxes Chevron - 2007 Income before taxes - $32.167 Billion Income taxes paid - $13.479 Billion 42% of their income was paid out in income taxes When the Democrats claim that the oil companies are getting away with murder, the figures and facts prove they are lying. The truth is that the Democrats simply want to steal the money that currently goes to the owners of these companies: People with IRA's, 401k's, pension funds, teacher retirement funds.....if you own a mutual fund, odds say that YOU own a piece of Exxon Mobil or Chevron.... ....and that means to Obama and his Socialist cronies, YOU are the enemy.

Look up the term Peak Oil

Not only has supply outstripped demand, as India and China massively increase their dependence on oil, but the supplies are running out. The largest oil fields in Saudi are petering and all the big new discoveries are turning out to be a bust. Here's a good place to start: The politicians are all pointing fingers and acting like the handful of minor fields we have not tapped within our borders will make a difference. They do this by shouting out the most optimistic estimates of what these untapped fields could bear, even though recent world experience is that many of these promised bonanzas have turned out to be busts. The long-term truth is that supplies are running out, costs are not going up, none of the miracle alternatives are bearing fruit or proving cost effective and our society is geared from the ground up around cheap oil. Sometimes there are no good answers. All you can do is hold on and hope you survive the fall.


It's all just a plan for the oil companies to continue to protect their interests in the Middle East by hiring people to guard the oil fields over there since the Bush regime will be out of office soon and the Democrats vow to withdraw their private American armed forces. In the meantime, they are bankrupting Americans. We've been paying for this war in taxes and now in the high price of gas. Mr. Bush is probably up in Kennebunkport having his usual summer vacation, no comment, of course. As Alfred E. Newman would say, What, me worry?

Gas prices

Everyone can blame someone but overall, we are the blame, we buy big old SUVs and then we drive them around the Walmart parking lot several times looking for a parking place close to the store so we wan't have to walk so far, then after using up a gallon of gas to save walking 10 feet, we are tired so we will not cook tonight so we take the SUV by the drive thru at the bank, hey it's hot and I've already walked today, and get money out of the ATM so I can go by the drive thru at McDonalds and wait in line for 15 minutes, hey I ain't the only one who had to walk at Walmart, to get my supper and now I can finally go home and complain about gas prices and plan how we all are not going to buy any gas for 2 days and show the oil companies that we are boss. Guess I better fill my SUV up today because then I will not have to buy any gas for 2 days and Exxon will become my slave, hey I can then send them to McDonalds can't I???

GAS mileage

If you all want to complain about something that can actually be fixed SOON.........ask Ford, Saab, Audi, GM, Volkswagen why in the heck they have cars in Europe getting at LEAST 45MPG (some 50-60) and we have cars getting at the MAX 39 on a hybrid. These cars in Europe are mid size (seat 4 comfortably) ,w/ gas & diesel engines. We just drove a 4 door Saab wagon with a turbo diesel for 3 weeks and got avg 45 MPG in England. I read where Ford was going to start producing a diesel in Mexico in 2010 for the American market, assuming the gas mileage would be the same. I wrote them a letter and even though it was on their website they would neither confirm or deny. Don't start with the "those cars wont pass our emissions standards" crud either. They might be slighty worse on emissions( NO idea) but at 50-60 MPG we would be burning/using less gas therefore emitting less emissions. This technology has been available for many years. Ask yourself why our auto makers wont bring it to us?

High gas prices

It seems we are quick to blame everybody else but ourselves. I drive a small car, conserve as much power as possible & including energy saving lightbulbs in my home (power bill last month was $28.77 no A/C on til about 8days ago). We've become so dependent on our vehicles & oil. Why are we so adament about increasing our oil production & drilling off the Atlantic coast or ANWR & blaming the "tree huggers & enviroloons" when it doesn't happen. I've been to the northern California coast where they drill for oil offshore & there was a line of oil at the shoreline. The locals told me that is normal but the officials said it was safe. Personally I don't want to view that when I go to the beach & can't go swimming because there's a line of oil on our shoreline. It's time for the folks with the money & power to do what's right for the future & our environment & provide for the masses. It can be very profitable for the corporations bottom line for the long term plus it can create jobs which in turn will increase our economy. New Hanover County can start by bringing in companies that will do what's right for our precious commodity-our environment-how about creating jobs for people to update our failing infrastructure. Plus tourism is on the decline with rising cost of living & little or no pay raises.


I guess we know where the terriost are. Right here in our own back yard. I don't understand why people can't see this and the government can't and won't do anything about it. You can have talk show after talk show about it. The fact is the oil companies are getting richer by the minute. We can't just stop driving because if we do then we won't eat, keep our house, cars or anything else. Something has got to give slow down the driving people. When we stop buying so much of it at free will they will It will hit their pocket and then you will see a change.

Gee, Mom.....

...exactly what would you like the government to "do about it?" Do you also gripe about corn farmers making more money because corn prices are high? Here's a clue - neither corn farmers nor oil companies set the price of the underlying commodity. They simply PRODUCE the underlying commodity. What is so shocking about an oil company making record profits when the oil they own is selling for record prices? So, assuming that you aren't ready to resort to Marxist seizures or nationalization of the oil industry, here are a few suggestions: * Drive less, walk more. I now walk to the dry cleaners, the grocery store, the post office.....if it's under three miles, I walk it. I don't have to - I could easily hop in the car and blow the money on gas, but why would I? * Consolidate trips, plan routes. If you're going to the same locations several times a week (or even in a day) start scheduling your trips to make sense and eliminate the unneeded trips. * Start trimming unnecessary expenses to help pay for fuel and food. How many cellphones does one family need? How many cable channels? How many TVs??? * Carpool, even if it's only with your spouse. You don't both have to drive. * Stop griping about oil prices and start investing in oil companies. Nothing takes the sting out of oil prices better than that dividend check coming in every three months. A few of the big integrated companies pay some fat dividends, too. This is just the tip of the iceberg, people. We will see $200 oil within a couple of years - some are predicting this year.


Here is information you need to know and really think about. No new refineries or power plants have been built in the last 20-30 years. Our population hasn't stopped growing. Check the sticker on the gas pump when you fill up next time. The Feds get 15 cents per gallon! What do have to show for it? Check out our state gas tax?? This tax was suppose to be for taking care our highways and biways? Don't you just love all these new roads in NC? Have you noticed how there are no pot holes inn any of them?? Oh one little fact for all you newcomers. The Martin Luther Parkway went to the DOT either in 1960 or 1961! When was it completed? sound like govrnement working for you? If a business is slapped with a tax by either federal or state government, do you really think they aren't going to pass this tax down to we consumers?? By the way. As of June 9, 2008 the oil companies make 4 cents- not 40 or whatever NC is per gallon of gas sold. What is wrong with this picture there mom? Shouldn't a company be allowed to make a profit in the US? Lastly, if you elect Obama hold one to all the money you have. He has already proposed $1 billion in subsidies--taxes--- if he is elected to take care of you from cradle to grave. Can you name one program run by the US government which is making a profit today? Nope. Hope you think about these facts. You don't have to leave home to find them. Unless you don't have a computer of course. Then go to the library and look them up!




Guestwho you are so right! I wish people would try this. I'm all for it!


HEre is my question.. I raced to GoGas this morning to guzzle up the $3.83 fuel before it went up to $359 before lunchtime. While standing at the pump, I looked down at a little sticker with outlines of several states... N.C. by far, was the highest in gasoline tax.. Almost more than twice of S. Carolina.. So here is my question.. Why isn't gas in S. Carolina several cents cheaper since their taxes are several cents cheaper?

Re: Why

Because they (SC) have a Republican Governor. Do a google and see what SC has done to curb illegal immigration. Hats off!!!! Too bad Tax Hike Mike has NEVER done anything like this for us, much less a tax decrease. Oh yes Democrats, look what Tax Hike Mike did to Sylvester Smith...just do a google. $359 per gallon is a bit steep but not out of the question.


only that...we are a major port along the east coast...gas doesn't have to come very far....its because this state is GREEDY...I would agree with the cost being more say in the NC Mountains...but NOT HERE...


I thought about it the other day when I filled up my truck, which I fill up on average once a week....took 50.00 to fill. Basically it is costing me 25 bucks more per fill up, 100 bucks a month....that really isn't hurting me...I can think of better ways to spend that 100 bucks...but I can survive it...the issue is that SOME CANNOT absorb you have to add in the added cost of food, etc...somethings going to give..AND SOON

What kind of truck do you

What kind of truck do you drive it cost me $60 to fill my Honda Accord?


I dont understand how certain gas stations had prices of 3.95 & 3.99 this weekend & some were still at 3.83. That seems like gouging to me. I also watched a news report on "another" station & they entioned how certain stations were selling "bad" gas, but didnt want to name which stations....

Everyone, say goodbye to

Everyone, say goodbye to America...and in such as short span of time with the gas-ah-mania crunch. In a country where so many years have passed with alternatives to the use of this fuel for travel...or: 2.are the alternatives being silenced? If you don't believe the oil companies own us it again and again. You may come to believe #2 is the final answer.

Thanks a LOT!

Thanks to all you tree huggers and environmentalists out there for driving our gas prices up so high because you have been preventing us from drilling for our own oil within our own country and off our own shores and for preventing us from mining our own oil shale from within our own country. I guess it is ok with you for China and Cuba drill 60 miles off our shores in the Gulf Coast, but we aren’t allowed to do so ourselves. I also guess it is ok with you for all of us to send our hard earned dollars to other countries, some of them being terrorist countries, so they can have way too much power over our economy, and have unending amounts of money to use against us and our troops. It will be a long, long time before we can replace all our vehicles with alternative fuel ones, and who knows how high gas and oil, and groceries, and etc., etc., etc. will be by then. Some of us have no choice but to use gasoline, I guess it’s a good thing all of you don’t have to depend on these products.

You said it !!!!!!!!!

It's time something happens. My question is when it gets to the point we can't feed our children, what kind country is going to be dropping rice bags over our land???? Advertise to feed the hungry American children by donations on their TVs???? Allow Americans to move to their country and receive FREE benefits within their welfare system...oh that's right...they don't have one!!!!! It's time America starts taking care of America. Let's close the doors at the borders. America is adopting way too many people in this country and the country is starting to starve.

Tree Hugger Comment

If you think Tree Huggers are the one to blame then I will have to educate you a little on Supply & Demand and how we got ourselves into this mess. Does anyone remember when gas was really low in the late 90's? I remmeber it being aroun 79 cents per gallon. It was no problem to fill up the gas hog of a Jeep Wrangler that I had. What was going on with Oil back then that made it so cheap? Well, that was when we had major projects in the works to drill off shore in Gulf just off the LA coast. This would have made us more independent from foereigh Oil (OPEC). So to prevent this from happening OPEC flooded our markets with Cheap Oil. So cheap that it did not make sense to even begin drilling because there was no way that we could produce domestic oil at the prices that OPEC was selling it to us for. Now it makes sense but this is what will happen again if we begin producing oil more domestically. OPEC will increase their production to hinder our own production and to compete against us and to maitain market share. What we need is the medias help...Help us by telling the stories of our own production efforts and how they will lower the price to X, Y or Z....In other words use the media to help set traps for your competition...

It's called competition

Why WOULDN'T they produce more to discourage our increased domestic production and maintain market share? It's called competition. BTW, at that time, Midesast oil only made up about 15% of our oil. It's now topping 20% on some weeks. But thanks for confirming that the only way we're going to get prices down is by producing more oil. If only the idiots in Congress could recognize that....

thanks for clarifying that.

thanks for clarifying that. all this time i was thinking the greedy corpothugs and hedgefundsters might have had something to do with us weathly tree huggers sacrificing our bus fare.

OR..we can thank all you

OR..we can thank all you "gas guzzlers" for your resistance to the serious development of alternative fuel/power. The technology has been around for a very long time, but you "oil dependent" people are too scared to transition off the "bottle", and the people making money off it know that. There is plenty of blame to go around without going after the people trying to preserve the environment for future generations.

You're a Bush voter, aren't

You're a Bush voter, aren't you?


When in doubt, BLAME takes less brain power.

Gas prices

The real cause of high gas prices: 1. TAXES - Federal and State taxation accounted for 12.3% of its average cost, approximately 0.40 per gallon, higher in some states like California. 2. REGULATION AND MANDATES - Oil is a simple commodity, but gasoline is a custom blend made to order. That is being placed by bureaucrats, not engineers. Those who think the government has done a great job with the IRS and Department of Education probably believe it makes perfect sense that Congress (Democratic Majority right now) should be the world's experts on motor fuel engineering and chemistry. Congress now thinks that Ethanol should be added to gasoline, it is expensive, corrosive and highly evaporative. It requires special refining equipement, increases maintentance costs and makes transportation by pipeline problematic. But it buys votes in the Corn Belt. 3. WEAK DOLLAR AND OTHER GEOPOLITICAL UNCERTAINTIES - The shrinking dollar does not help the price of oil. The uncertainty over geopolitical situation in the Middle East, West Africa and in Venezuela. 4. SUPPLY AND DEMAND - This is the main factor contributing to gasoline prices. Every oil producer on Earth including those in OPEC has the taps wide open as they try to sell all the oil they can in this bull market. The imbalance between supply and demand is not only caused by the increase in demand in China and India, but also by a decrease in relative supply. Environmentalist and the Democratic Party should be proud of this accomplishment, since they have it made it against the law for drilling off the coast of Florida, California and on the North Slope of Alaska. The environmental threat posed by any of these drilling operations is quite small - offshore platforms actually attract marine life. By contrast the national economic threat posed by denying ourselves the energy in these regions is hugh and apparent. It is quite probable that the U.S. is keeping more oil and gas offline domestically than is purportedly being denied to us by OPEC. Alaska alone is estimated to have a peak productin of more than a million barrels per day. This is equal to most of OPEC's current excess capacity. Taxation. mandates, a weak currency and willful ignorance of the dictates of supply and demnad - these are the reasons behind gasoline prices in the United States and they are all within our own control. We have the gas prices we've have chosen buy voting in a majority Democratic Party, and a possible Democratic President in November. If that happens the gas prices will only continue to rise, for there will not be enough Repubilcans to help maintain a check and balance. For those that can remember, just think back to what it was like during Carter's Administration, it will only be worse this time around. Think before you vote this November, don't react to feeling good about a candiate, research what the candiate has stated he will do for this country. Raising taxes for more spending programs is not the answer. The cause for high prices are from an article by Mac Johnson, in the article he wrote "self-inflicted Pain".


I agree 100% with you. You hit the nail on the head. If the democratic party is elected this fall without a balance in the Republican party to off set their votes, we are going to see soaring prices like we haven't seen before. I remember the Jimmy Carter years and the long gas lines. The sad thing is that many voters who may elect Mr. Obama are too young to know or weren't even born during that time. Before all is said and done, this may make George Bush look good HEAVEN HELP US! The democtatic party is going down the same blind path that the republican party went down four years ago... the end results will be the same. America has sold the heart and soul of our country out to political parties. Both are equally to blame for the mess America is in.


Whoever wrote the above entry should be read by every person who is interested in a fare shake from our illustrious government. Headline,June 9, 2008- Over the past 20 yrs, we the consumer have been financing the Senate cafeteria for the past almost 20 yrs the report said, to the tune of $15 million. It has not made a profit during this whole time. And you want government to run your lives? Where did this money come from?? Not out of their pockets that is for sure! Look at the gas pump like someone has alaready suggested. 15 cents to the feds and I think it is 40 plus or minus 5 cents to the state, and 4 cents to the oil company. Do you feel the oil companies are screwing us? If they or any corporation has to pay higher taxes, they sure the heck are not going to pay them. We will! Look at Social Security. OOps somehow those people in CONGRESS now put this fund in the GENERAL FUND in the Treasury. Is it solvent? Heck no?!!!!!! This is our money technically the way the law was originally passed. Why am I taxed on my social security payment each month to the tune of almost 10%. Isn't this money a tax and paid into the federal coffers each pay check by you and I? So why am I being taxed on this again??Wait until yu start receiving yours!!! Another fact. Environmentalist have pressured our illustrious Congress some much on saving every little thing on earth causing us not have a new refinery or power plant built in the US in almost 30 yrs. The other day on the Discovery Channel they showed a wind power field of 100's of these machines. How many houses does it generate power for? Four Hundred homes! How many of these wind mill will take to power New Hanover county? Fact- environmentalist held up the repair of the levees in New Orleans for over twenty years in the courts because of their concerns over what ever athing or animal theywanted to save! All of this information is taken from a news conference with a LT Gen of the Corp of Engineers about 2 weeks after Katrina! C-Span was the only network who showed it. In this same report, the Gen also said the city of New Orleans and it's parish had already been given about $50M[i am pretty sure this is correct] for the repairs. It was held up for all these years too in the litigation by these same environmentalist. Now I would like others to answer two questions. Discounting shipwrecks around the world, when was the last time we, the US, or any other oil producing country had a major oil spill disaster from any oil pipe line source?? Remember these pipelines run on land and underwater all over the world! China is going to drill just below the Florida Keys? Huge oil field there. And where is our government on this!! NO DRILLING!!!!!!!!! DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO YOU? Last question. How has the Alaskan pipe line in the over 30 yrs it has been in operation, caused any and if any, environmental damage to any living thing or the land?? The Caribou herd by the way has grown 5 fold as they say! If you can't answer none to those questions, where have you been? Blame Congress and the environemntalist for our gas prices today!!