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Gas prices to skyrocket this spring

If you're looking forward to spring, the government has news that may make you wish winter would stick around. The Energy Department says Americans are in for an unpleasant surprise. When spring arrives, prices at the pump are going to skyrocket. Government experts say gas prices will top $3.40 cents once we leave winter behind. If their predictions come to pass it will mark the third straight year of record prices at the pump. High oil prices are partly to blame, as a barrel of crude hovers near $100 -- where it has been for months. Also, the nation's refineries are stretched to their limits during high traffic seasons like the spring and summer. Recent surveys show Americans are making changes in response to the high cost of fuel. A recent Nielsen survey says more than 40 percent of Americans are eating out less. More than three in ten of us are finding ways to entertain ourselves at home. And the survey says Americans are listening to expert recommendations about combining their trips and following other tips on how they can reduce their fuel consumption. As of right now the average price of gas in our area is $3 a gallon for regular.

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State and Federal taxes

Don't give them a pass for their role in the high prices. Cross the border and gas falls 10 to 12 cents a gallon.

profits and prices

Let us keep in mind that Exxon Mobil reported a record-breaking 2007 profit. Chevron also reported a record-breaking 2007 profit as did European oil company, Royal Dutch Shell. They are making RECORD profits off the consumers' back in light of economic turmoil and high oil/gas prices. Lets not even discuss how much the company officers pocketed. By calling it PROFIT, this means they already accounted for the expense of state and federal regulations, costs, oil well maintenance, exploration, new equipment, disposal, R&D costs, and OF COURSE salaries, perks, and benefits, etc.. And, as usual, most Americans apathetically just ACCEPT IT - rather than exert themselves and raise their voice. I am dismayed that this report can parlay the future high prices and not remind us of the RECORD profits oil companies made in 2007, that it doesnt push us to stop and think WHAT?!? - that it gently guides us to apathetic acceptance.

Yes, we accept it!!

We accept Capitalism and free enterprise. The system works very well. please take this simple test: 1. When the price of corn rises, corn farmers make: A. More B. Less 2. When the price of gold rises, gold miners make: A. More B. Less 3. When the price of oil rises, companies that own billions of barrels of oil make: A. More B. Less Are you truly so naive as to expect oil companies to sell oil for LESS than it's worth on the global market, just to be nice guys? "Current value" is totally independent of "cost." But you expect them to ignore current value? What kind of a fantasyland do you live in? BTW, if you bother to do the research, you'll find that very, very little of their profit comes from gasoline sales - usaully around ten percent. That's because their refineries have to pay full value for the oil. It's the only way Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, et al will even stay in the gasoline business. A lot of independents don't even bother - they simple sell oil for other people to refine. The lions share of the profit comes from selling a barrel of oil that cost you $5.00 to get out of the ground for $90.00 The big money is in E&P, not R&M....and if you don't know what those initials mean, do you really know enough about how the petroleum industry functions? Welcome to real life.

Brilliant Idea!

BINGO! Brilliant idea! We can sell this to the good folks of the USA under the guise of capitalism, freedom and democracy. In turn, we can eventually bring the economies of third world nations (like our true friends, China) up, while we bring the economy of the good 'ol USA down. Then merge the economies like the Euro Dollar and the up and coming Ameri Dollar, open boarders and merge civilizations together as one! We can make those kind hearted Americans pay for huge corporate welfare projects through their taxes, just like the new TransAmerican Highway that IS in the process of being built in Texas. They will be one global village under transamerican Socialism! The heck with those who think corporations owe the American public anything at all. After all, they provided a safe and true capitalist society for corporations to thrive for over 200 years. Let's spit on them. Hurray for your wonderful support while we enact Fabian socialism. Your a brilliant man!

Terrific job of whining and ranting.....

...but rather thin on any alternatives; just run-of-the-mill, anti-corporate raving. Get back to us when you have some alternative ideas. Perhaps you'd like to nationalize the oil industry....or have the United States unilaterally tell the rest of the world what a barrel of oil is worth? That ought to be good for a laugh. Do you think that the United States is the only nation being impacted by the price of oil? One economist estimates that for every five dollar rise in the cost of a barrel of oil, we see a one percent decline in GLOBAL GDP. Those Chinese you're moaning about are paying the exact same anount for a barrel of oil as we do, and they're no happier about the cost than we are. They're especially unhappy that the oil is priced in dollars. The whole world is getting fed up with oil priced in dollars, because as the dollar weakens, the price of oil just keeps on climbing. So while oil pricing is mostly driven by demand, the value of our own currency has more to do with the soaring price of oil than Exxon-Mobil or Chevron. If you want to help the economy of this country, stop jousting with economic windmills. You cannot re-write the law of supply and demand, and you're not going to accomplish anything by trying to monkey with it. Oil is a shrinking commodity with an exploding global demand. The price is going to rise. It's going to rise even faster when it's tied to a declining currency. How you can help is to try and slow down or stop the devaluation of the dollar by voting for candidates who will enact programs to reduce the national debt. This nation is trillions in debt in large part because of entitlement programs that are spiralling out of control. Our national "credit rating" will be in the toilet in my lifetime. Meanwhile we have candidates going out of their way to increase that national debt by promising to enact new entitlements.... ....but you want to blame oil companies? Oh, here's the tradeoff for you - go too far in trying to achieve a strong, stable US dollar and that just might be the final nail in the coffin of American manufacturing. Right now our heavy manufacturing is booming because of the cheap dollar. A strong dollar would mean slowdowns and layoffs at Caterpillar, Boeing, Terex, etc. Here's the sad fact you and many people can't come to grips with - this nation HAS to learn how to work in a global economy, because we no longer possess the economic strength to play by ourself.


Do you really expect people to jump up and say something is wrong? To actually stand up and protest getting ripped off? To want to do something? To display civilian honour? It is a crying shame that we as Americans have lost the stick-tooitiveness this country is famous for and founded upon. Todays Americans are too afraid to lose the security and comfort of what they and their families have. We get eaten alive with taxation such that over 70% of our money goes to some form of tax. This fuel issue is another burden that is flat ripping us off. Yet we lie there like floppy fish on a deck, helpless and gasping for one more chance. It is proven in history what happens to democratic governments, they never last and eventually destroy themselves. Apathy of the people is one of the last big steps before a really big change takes place in this country. Prepare yourselves and be prepared to either "submit" or "fight".

A last GASp??? I have been

A last GASp??? I have been thinking of this for awhile. Pehaps Opec and the oil companies and partners-in-crime see on the horizon the new technologies that will make oil prices plunge. Cars that get over 50 m.p.g. will certainly put a dent in their BIG money. More electric hybrid cars that use hardly any gas will kill the oil industry. Maybe they are just trying to suck as much money out of us as they can before people buy their next car that kicks gass out the door.

gas prices

This is a out rage. How come every time the wind blows Overseas, the gas prices go up. They are making money. The next report will be how some big wig at a gas company has made millions in profits... This will make everything go up. Except wages. People don't seem to mind look at the highways.

Bring it on. We will just

Bring it on. We will just keep bending over and take it. BULL!!!

Don't forget the regional and seasonal blends

The exact figure varies from time to time because of local requirements that change with air quality, but the last figure I saw was that there were no less than eighty-two regional and seasonal blemds that the refineries have to produce, nationwide. It would be totally illegal, for example, to sell gasoline blended for the Carolinas in California or New Jersey. This also raises prices through regional shortages, when supplies of one blend run low. You may not be able to simply pump in a substitute blend.