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Gateway Project rezoning approved

READ MORE: Gateway Project rezoning approved
The proposed Gateway Project along Wilmington's riverfront has been a controversial topic. It is a residential and business development that would change the face of Wilmington as you drive across the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. After two hours of discussion at Tuesday night's city council meeting, council members voted unanimously to approve rezoning the nearly ten acres of land at the base of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge for the mixed use and residential plan. The project's developer, Ron Pickett, said, "What's exciting is that it was unanimous because it's great to have the full support of the city as you move forward." During the meeting, council member Laura Padgett said, "Reality is people want to move here and developers want to come here and our best bet is to have the best kind of planning that we can have." Not everyone at Tuesday's meeting was excited about the vote. Several opponents spoke up, including downtown resident Norman Robinson. "We still have concerns about the mass and appearance of the building and we have to trust that the architect is going to deal with that in a favorable way and we still have some concerns about traffic," he said. Pickett said, "It's very gratifying when everybody, especially for a controversial project, can come together finally and say let's move forward and make the best out of this."

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We could have moved in this direction eons ago. The Historic District folks are probably not happy. They were on the front lines for keeping the Historic skyline. Just ask the president and ex mayor.


The right applicants must have stepped up to the plate this time. Result: approval. You must be in step with the realtors, developers, and builder community of the city council, or you are stamped rejected.

Way to go City Council, it was the right vote

It's about time we move forward with something much nicer than the ugly nasty eye sore that is there now. The new developement is a win-win, better looking gateway into the city, more tax base for the city and county and more badly needed jobs.

You left one out....

...turning an already nightmarish traffic problem where the bridge meets Third Street into a true vision of hell.

Sick and Tired of Downtowners

Traffic on Third?, please move to live in the DOWNTOWN AREA! WALK! TAKE A TROLLEY! TAKE A DAGGUM BUS...BUT if you think for one second anyone in Wilmingotn on New Hanover County gives one flip about your "traffic" are whistlin in the wind bubba...try enjoying that you live in such a great place with investors who want to make it even better...I swear I am glad I have not run for office, cause I would cuss you and your kind OUT at council having to listen to your whinny, selfish, ridiculous, high end mess!

Re: You left one out

Get over it. The traffic isn't that bad coming into town or leaving town on the Wilmington side unless the Bridge is up. The only people that think there are traffic problems there are the ones that can't drive in the real city Wilmington is turning out to be. Want a lesson? Go to NYC. I'm guessing you drive a 94 Cadillac...the one with the left turn signal always on?

Traffic isn't bad?

I don't know what you are thinking. Even in NYC they have sense enough to make road improvements before approving development. I'm from the south and one of the good things I can say about up north is that they have good road systems. It would also help if the highway patrol here would grow a brain and not approve road side clean up that is not in the way of rush hour traffic.


No one with a brain would want to recreate anything even remotely resembling New York City. If you miss it so much and feel that it's the best driver training ground in the world, why not go back? What's rather funny is that you are questioning my driving skills when I simply made an observation about one of the documented "most accident-prone intersections" in the city. BTW, in case you haven't seen the bumper sticker, "We don't CARE how you did it up North."

Ever see a car accident in

Ever see a car accident in NYC? Nope. Someone not paying attention causes accidents. And of course I've questioned your driving skills. You see in others what you see in yourself. See a bad driver? Pull down the visor and look in the mirror.

Good post, some idiots don't no what real traffic is....

I go thru that area several times a day and rarely encounter a problem. Some people have to little to do and too much time to gripe over nothing.

Lower Castle Street is a

Lower Castle Street is a quiet street that does not need extra traffic. Also the proposed building is ugly. I am all for downtown revitalization as long as it is done tastefully and with respect to the current residents. The city should demand a redesign of the project. 11 stories and 260 condos is out of proportion for the space. Plus there are so many empty condos and bungalows in wilmington already why build more. Renovate!