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Gay advocates want legal protection from hate crimes in NC

WILMINGTON -- More than 40 states in the country have legal protection for gays and lesbians when it comes to hate crimes. North Carolina is not one of these states. A movement is evolving around a murder that happened 18 years ago in Wilmington. Talana Kreeger was an open lesbian. On February 21, 1990 a man named Ronald Thomas, whom she had just met, got into an argument with Kreeger about homosexuality, then brutally beat her. He then left her in woods off Shipyard Boulevard and Carolina Beach Road where she died from a loss of blood. Thomas was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Kreeger's murder was not considered a hate crime because gays and lesbians are not a protected group -- unlike race, religion, or gender. To try and change that Tab Ballis has started making a documentary about Kreeger's murder. Ballis said, "My hope would certainly be that the lawmakers of our state and our nation would recognize that everyone who pays taxes deserves a similar level of protection under the law." Ballis already has the backing of state Rep. Catherine McCall. Ballis will be showing excerpts from his documentary Friday night starting at seven o'clock at St. Jude Metropolitan Community Church of 26th Street in Wilmington. Other advocates for protection for gays and lesbians will be speaking at the event, including Rep. McCall.

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George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes

Speaking of hate crime(s): George W. Bush had been a hate-crime criminal. George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes. Bush was absolute evil. George W. Bush is now like a fugitive from justice. Bush will go down in history in infamy. Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996 Messiah College, Grantham, PA Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993 “GEORGE W. BUSH IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY” BLOG OF ANDREW YU-JEN WANG

Why Hate

When do we start teaching our children about loving? Love is patient and kind. Love is not boastful or jealous; it is not arrogant or rude; love does not insist on it's own way; it is not irritable or resentful; love is not easily provoked. Love bears all things; believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things; Love knows truth; Love never fails! Imagine if we all knew love, how joyful life becomes.

Some guy wrote "Every man is

Some guy wrote "Every man is created equal". If someone kills someone else for whatever reason, it is murder and nothing else. Black, white, gay, male, female, yellow, red, albino, fetus, cats, dogs. Kill it and it is murder. Hate crime laws are really discrimination against murders of the normal? kind.

hate crimes

When does the liberal bs stop??? We have enough groups protected by special laws in America. If a gay guy was to hit on me I would let him know real quick to leave me alone and if he persisted I would hit him. Does that make me guilty of a hate crime? I think that it would be the gay guys fault for egging the problem on but you die hard liberals would blame me and try to destroy me for simply defending my beliefs. Stop trying to impose your liberal ideas and beliefs on the rest of us. We are giving special interest groups and racist people to much power by protecting them . Enough is enough

"Hate" Crimes

Government nor society can legislate what goes on in the mind of its citizens. It can only make laws against ACTIONS of those citizens. A criminal is punished for what he did, not what he thought about while doing it.

"Hate" crimes?

Aren't all crimes hate crimes? Which are done out of love.. this is stupid. Crimes against a homosexual deserves a greater punishment than against a heterosexual? These are crimes against humans. Those drawing the lines of distinction are the bigots.


Murder is murder, no more or no less.

He KNEW she was a lesbian

He KNEW she was a lesbian and in his first statement to police stated that he was arguing with her about homosexuality and got infuriated by it and started beating her. He stuck his ENTIRE fist in her vagina and ripped out her uterus and intestines. Based on the HATE of how she was living her life. So yes... hate crimes should be treated differently. Why don't you people stick to what you know. Laws are enforced based on what happens. Why was Medgar Evers killed? Because he was BLACK. Why are our soldiers killed? Because they are AMERICAN. Matthew Shepard? Cause he was GAY. The Jewish people??? Because they were Jewish!!! Think about it.

Sara, regardless of his

Sara, regardless of his motivation, had he done that to a woman who was NOT lesbian, should his punishment been any less? Why should any harm done to anyone of one "group" bring a greater punishment than if it's done to anyone else? That's stupid.

So if there was a hate craime law....

you could have sentenced him to TWO life sentences? Every single "hate crime" is illegal to begin with. There is no need to add additional laws. Enforce the ones already on the books. There is no need to establish protected classes of people. Everyone deserves the exact same protection under the law. I don't care if you're a Black Jewish Lesbian, you rate no greater protection under law than anyone else. You're not "special." Why don't YOU read the Constitution, so you can learn what we're talking about?

The bigger picture

Hate crimes laws are about a lot more than this one particular instance. The broader picture is that NC needs to get its head out of the sand and catch up with the times. Hate crimes should be outlawed in every state of the nation, and sexual orientation should be protected right along with race, religion and gender. We all deserve protection under the law.

So, I don't quite understand

What is the difference in a hate crime and if a white baptist man kills a white baptist man? Is it not just as bad...I thought murder was murder and assualt was assualt. So does this mean if I commit an assualt or murder on someone that is the same race, religion and sex as me...and we are both straight non bi sexual individuals, my victim would not have the same rights as if he/she were a different race, religion or sex and Gay? Sounds to me like there needs to be something else to complain and cry about other than those who have a little different skin color, religion, sexual preference, etc. We all bleed the same... Of course the media could help the bleeding liberals out a little more by forcing the issues on everyone else.

Re; Hate Crime

You can't punish people for the way they think. That's one of the perks of living in this country. I'm gay, however, hate crimes legislation is a bunch of crap. A murder is a murder, no more and no less.

Hate All Crimes

I've just learned that it is not a "hate crime" murder, if the victim is white, of no particular religion, and male. If, on the other hand, the victim is a female, African,and Muslin, then in addition to a murder, it is a "hate crime." We should hate all violent crime, and view all people as equal.

what about the rest of us?

So then what about the time someone hates someone for their car, house,dog,cat,hair color etc.etc..... do you people think you are the only one who get "picked" on?? why do you think you deserve special laws and special rights?? Since you are the ones choosing to live the lifestyle you have chosen then you take the consequences of it. It is not a "natural" thing nor is it genetic just like all vices it is a choice and the choice can be made to stop. Thousands have done it, you can too. Quit whining about your "rights" and get right with the one who created you.

What absolute nonsense!

The fact that he beat her to death because she was a Lesbian is somehow worse than if he beat her to death for any other reason? Did he still get a life sentence in prison? Yes, he did. Why do liberals always think new laws are the answer? Try enforcing the existing laws.

Idiots will be idiots.

To think that someone gets brutally sexually assaulted and murdered is think that someone gets brutally sexually assaulted and murdered for a lifestyle choice is even worse. that poor girl.

not a choice!

Please know this.. BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE!!! Once everybody realizes this, people will be more accepting. Could you choose it? My point exactly. God Bless that GIRL!!!

Choice or not?

That is your opinion....there are no facts for either side

oh no it is not!

I am gay, always have been... could you choose it? Do u think we wake up and make that decision? for what reason? What would be the point? Get an education man!

Nature vs Nurture

I believe fervently that the vast majority of homosexuals are born that way. Being so if you are gay I can no more judge you than if you are born with brown skin. Scientist have found in studies that homosexuals have subtle differences in the biology that sets them apart. The problem with this theory is it opens up Pandora's box, are some people born with a predisposition to being a criminal, murderer, or even a leader. I personally feel some people are born with certain predispositions and based upon how they're raised they can be steered away from or gravitate to it. Nature vs Nurture.


I agree, they are born that way just as heterosexuals are born that way. We can not choose our sexuality only suppress it. There are studies showing the male homosexual brain is similar to a womans, also studies on serial killers that show similar brain traits to one another. Makes sense. Not that gays and serial killers have anything to do with each other at all. Also done was a study on "heterosexual" men that had unusually strong aggression to gay men. Turns out they doubt their own heterosexuality and are somewhat attracted to the gay men which turns into aggression against them denying their own homosexual tendencies. I think it was a college in Ga. Fascinating how they conducted it, look it up.

Studies go both ways

There are also studies that say sexuality is learned. The fact is, there is no proof one way or another whether you are born with it or not. What do studies say about bisexual people? Are homosexuals actually bisexuals that perfer the same sex?


Based on your statement all children being raised by straight parents will be straight. How is it that a family that has several kids only has 1 gay child when they were all raised the same? How is it that a gay couple that adopts or has a child normally grows up straight? No explanation, because it is genetically in the child to be gay or straight and no matter how you raise them they will be what they are born to be. Gay people are just the same as non gay people in my eyes. As far as bi-sexual people go, perhaps they are born gay but still feel the need to try and have "normal" relationships as well. Like all the gay priests that go into seminary to try and abstain from their feelings only to have them come out later. It is not possible to abstain from them therefore having to abstain from human connections or love. As humans we all need those connections. One thing I do despise is a homophobic. To me it is the hight of ignorance.


Das....did you even read what I wrote??? What I said was that there are studies that go both ways. Nowhere in my statement can you base your first sentence. I am not a homophbic and I do have gay friends, both women and men. My point was this, for every study you show me that says being gay is genetic, I can show you a study saying just the opposite


Yes, you said that it was learned. Therefore i assumed that you mean it would be learned from the environment that the kids grow up in? I did not say you were homophobic just that homophobics are ignorant. If you have gay friends then you should ask them if they were born that way, ALL mine say they were. The studies that say nay are crap. I was born heterosexual and no amount of learning could have made me gay. I am glad you have an open mind, there are too many that do not and make life miserable for those that are different. BTW: I always read what you write, i just do not always agree and that makes us comment. ;)

Fair enough...

Some of my gay friends, especially the women have liked others from the opposite sex, but they say that they prefer the same sex. Now this isn't something I would just come out and ask, but you know how people are when they are drinking. My whole point was that no matter what one "expert" says there is always another "expert" to contradict what the other said. Until they can come up with exclusive scientific evidence, noboday and say another person is wrong

I agree

I agree



You left wing Democrats

You left wing Democrats need to worry about enforcing the laws we already have.