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Gay pride hits the streets of downtown Wilmington for annual festival

Saturday marked the Fourth Annual Gay Pride Street Festival in downtown Wilmington. It's part of Wilmington Pride, a series of events promoting gay pride. Almost 40 artists, businesses and service providers gathered at the corner of Water and Princess streets to promote their services. The street festival has grown since its first edition. ”We've gone from the first year having about seven booths, to this year we've got 40,” said Amy Horgan of Out Wilmington. The Gay Pride Street Festival and Wilmington Pride are sponsored by Out Wilmington, a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender support group.

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Why don't we have

An EVERYBODY'S DAY like they do in Thomasville. It givers everyone a chance celebrate themselves. I would love to chair this and show the city what EVERYBODY needs.....Peace, Love, and Happiness

These comments show why we need these parades

I am a married white female, as straight as it can be. However, I am very sympathetic to my fellow humans who are gay or lesbian or bisexual. The comments listed below illustrate why such parades are needed. The reason we don't have White Pride Month is because for centuries white males have been a privileged group of people SIMPLY because of the color of their skin and their sex. Indeed, white males have subjugated others perceived as different or inferior (i.e., ethnic and racial minorities, women, gays/lesbians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc.). Now that our society has evolved (apparently not much, as per some of the comments), the people who were once (and still are) discriminated against are finally finding their voice and letting their communities know they exist. According to the U.S. constitution, which is the law of the land, all men are created equal. There is no distinction between races, religions or sexual orientations. We live in a country where all people should live freely and not be discriminated against. I, for one, respect my fellow humans, regardless of what gender, color, religion or sexual orientation they may be.

These parades are not needed

These parades are not needed to prove to me that you are human.

That's absolute nonsense!

"Indeed, white males have subjugated others perceived as different or inferior (i.e., ethnic and racial minorities, women, gays/lesbians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc.)." You actually believe that tripe? First, let's eliminate the obvious - Jews have done quite well in and for America. There is no shortage of billionaire Jews who have been integral to America's economic success. Many, MANY medical breakthroughs can be credited to Jewish doctors and scientists. I guess the White Guy conspiracy failed there.... Women? Until World War II, women stayed at home. Few wanted to go out and set the world on fire. They were wives and mothers, and that was fine with them. Once the war came and ended, we had a very short period of female activism that has resulted in female CEOs, female cabinet members, female Supreme Court justices, female senators, and female ANYTHING being quite common. I guess the White Guy conspiracy failed again..... and please don't forget that AT&T, headed up by old White Guys, was one of the first companies to hire more females than males, greatly increasing the number of women in the workforce. Blacks? Italians? Chinese? Irish? They ALL went through difficulties in being assimilated fully into American society. (BTW, you may note that two of those groups are "white guys.") We have had two Black Secretaries of State. We have a Black assopciate justice on the Supreme Court and let's not forget that we have a Black president. We have more Black millionaires in America than ever before. (This White Guy conspiracy is starting to sound downright incompetent.....) Now, if you'd care to open your mind and accept reality, you should study American history and realize that America was settled by White Guys who came from White Guy Europe. Any privledge or favor they enjoyed came from being the first to the party. They owned the land. They owned the water. They got here first - they owned everything. Did they do wrong? Sure. Slavery was wrong. The way we treated the Native Americans was wrong. But do not escape this fact: Those White Guys you love to hate basically built this nation. Of course women, Blacks, and lots of other demographic groups were involved and contributed. But those mean ol' White Guys were steering the ship. Men like Frick, Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller built the industrial giant that was America not because they were "subjugating" anyone, but because at the time, there WERE no women or Blacks ready to step up to the plate. America would never have reached the heights it did were it not for those mean ol' White guys! Ma'am, the day of blaming White males for all of society's ills ended about forty years ago. Since then, EVERYONE succeeds or fails on their own ability, intelligence, and perserverance. Failure will most assuredly come to those who say, "I can't" or "I quit" regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual preference. Perhaps EVERYONE will do better if we stop portraying ourselves as "poor, poor, pitiful me" victims, and got about the business of doing business.


Commonsense, you are absolutely right. We have raised a generation of kids to believe that they are entitled to everything without having to put forth an effort to earn it. It's easier to blame someone else for one's own short comings. We all have the choice to work to achieve success. If we aren't willing to do the work, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Life is about choices. When we make good choices, good things follow. When we make bad choices, bad things follow. That is true regardless of who you are.

Gay Pride Festival? what?

So, you want to quit being ostracized? harassed?made fun of? stared at? dealing with prejudice? QUIT DOING THINGS that bring ATTENTION to yourselves and making yourselves out to be something special and youll be treated normal, like everyone else. When was the last time you saw a Straight Pride Parade? Never, because straight people dont feel the need to cram their sexuality down your throats. Parades/Fairs etc should be reserved for Cultural & Celebratory reasons, not lifestyles...youre roughly 1% of 300 million people in the USA & that doesnt warrant enough people to have a stupid parade/ public spectacle. Its only possible for you because of lawyers, not because enough people care. The city is scared of a lawsuit, thats it. Same goes for any race or religion that gets a parade, tv station, holiday etc. Lawyers make it possible, not the choice of the majority. Youre Gay? cool. You want to be accepted? Work, pay taxes & quit flaunting your sexuality in everyones face and youll be treated normal by normal people. There will always be bigots, homophobes, racists etc, no matter what you do or what laws you pass. GET OVER IT! Want to get married? Find a state where the law isnt described as a union between a man and woman & use that loophole. Otherwise, deal with the laws in your state & quit trying to make everyone accept you. Your parades, rallies, violent outbursts etc are doing nothing but turning those of us that were cool with it before you started trying to MAKE everyone accept you, get tired of you and look at you with disdain for all the BS you create. Same goes for anyone else that wants special treatment for their sexuality, race, religion. THAT kind of stuff is what draws lines in the sand making you "different" than the rest of us.

People like you are why we

People like you are why we DO HAVE PRIDE!!!! When you as a straight person kissing your significant other, nothing is said but if we as gays do, a lot is said. If we were treated equal then we would not need a Pride as we would be like everyone else, able to express our love and feelings in public with nothing said as well as have the same rights! I agree with the comment a few up from yours that said we should do an EVERYBODYS day as in Thomasville. It is a lot of fun and LITERALLY EVERYONE is welcomed and is treated the same. Once our nation gets to this point then there will not be a need for it, but until then, it ia a GREAT event!!!

So irritating...

Of course homosexuals are different than heterosexuals, but you're completely ignorant if you think that a festival is a chance to "flaunt their sexuality in everyone's face." Would you say that about the Greek festival that they had in May? They're a group of people with similar views and lifestyles different than the majority of Wilmington. YOU, like so many other ignorant fools, have such a skewed view of homosexuals, mostly either because of what your bible says and you're too afraid to accept something you don't understand. Honestly, minority groups are always going to be minority groups. But it's festivals like this one that allow the members of those groups to share in a commonality for a time. Ha, I don't know why I'm attempting to explain this at all. If you didn't already get it, ya ain't gonna get it. Oh well.

True enough, the Greek

True enough, the Greek Festival is a celebration of Greek society, culture, religion and history that is held on the private property of its church. Aside from some traffic jams on College Road there is no public impact... D'ya REALLY think that a group wishing to celebrate evangelical Christian pride would have the proverbial snowball's chance in Hades of being granted the permits to use public space???

Thank You Wilmington

To the folks of Wilmington! This was our first time being a vendor at the Wilmington Pride Festival. The Riverfront is such a beautiful area. It was very successful for us. I would like to thank all the citizens who stopped by our booth (pictured in this story) to check us out. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. The next time you are in Raleigh visit us at the Raleigh Flea Market at the Fairgrounds or visit our website Thanks, Rusty Sutton, Owner of The Green Monkey.


Why do we have Gay pride,Lesbian pride, Black pride, Hispanic pride etc.....? All these people pitch a fit about being discriminated against and then they have all these celebrations that celebrate themselves only. What about a Wilmington Pride celebration that is geared toward all people? Try being an American instead of prefixing American with your sexual preference or race.

Gay Pride

Well.. my opinion on this factor is that God/Jesus for those of your who go to church.. God made a boy and a girl in the beginning. Maybe, just maybe, if God wanted for humans to be Gay or homosexual, he would have made Adam and Steve. Guys, lets be reasonable here, I'm not against Gay pride, but still if it was okay for guys to marry guys, then why do gay people talk like the opposite sex? Would it be right if you were lesbian, and talked like a man? Is that what makes it right, this just shows that you should be matched with the opposite sex, not change your voice so you can lie to yourself thinking of yourself as a different gender. I'm just saying, be yourself, don't change anything, God made you special so honor him and keep it that way.

as a gay women i understand

as a gay women i understand completely what your saying. people of all kinds should celebrate together. but you have to understand discrimination i know for me to this day, a 21 year old female, has yet to stop. sometimes celebrating and being around others not ashamed of what some of society says helps me feel more confident about me myself. alot of people i talk to with more of your view dont quite get it.. why? because you may have not been through it.


Try to have one of these... Confederate History Month Confederate Pride Celebration White History Month White Pride Celebration Christian History Month Christian Pride Celebration SEE what happens... I saw a great bumper sticker... I'm Male, straight and there ANYTHING else I can do today to tick you off?

Think about it...

Did you know that America is comprised of Minority groups, i.e. homosexuals, african-americans, hispanics, etc.? It is because there are minority groups that there are special events for those groups to share a commonality and be proud of who they are, even if most of America does not approve of their lifestyle. On Television, there is a channel called BET (Black Entertainment Television), a medium for that minority group to express their views on entertainment. Why do you think there is no WET (White Entertainment Television)? Think about it...

"What about a Wilmington

"What about a Wilmington Pride celebration that is geared toward all people?" Great idea 284516! sound like a good candidate to start a celebration such as you've mentioned. Keep us informed :-)

gay pride

How totally ridiculous to have a gay festival.The gays in Wilmington are obvious enough without having them sashay around at a festival. I say that we ought to have a homeless fest next. Times have gotten bad when we have to celebrate the fact that abnormal people exist.

Imagine if we had...

a White American Pride Day parade. Can you imagine the response! But...let anyone question the need for American Indian Heritage Day parade, Black History Month parade, and now the Gay parade, and that person is labeled a racist, bigot, etc.

I think we should have a

I think we should have a "Red Hat Day Parade" becuase i like to wear a red hat. Not everyone i know likes red hats, so i feel oppressed. Anyone else want to be in my parade? because its just as important as a gay pride parade. Im proud of my red hat and all that it and i have gone through together. Our struggle should be celebrated!