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GE-Hitachi expands in Wilmington

A blockbuster economic announcement from Governor Easley today. GE-Hitachi is expanding its nuclear operations here in the Wilmington area, creating 900 jobs over the next five years. The company is investing more than 700 million dollars, complemented by a considerable investment by the state. Officials say the average salary will be eighty five thousand dollars, more than twice the current average salary in New Hanover County. "We're gonna have a 21st century work force all over this state," Governor Easley said. "We're going to have the best work force in the country over the next two years." "We envision hundreds of people being trained through Cape Fear Community College to make this expansion possible," said CFCC President Dr. Eric McKeithan. The new plant could include commercial nuclear technology unlike anywhere else in the country. Cape Fear Community College has already started training technicians to work at the facility.

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I'm supposed to believe that the average salary in NHC is $42,500/year? I guess by "more than twice" you mean... waaaaaaaaay more than twice.


Hummm isnt there a newly approved 2,000 acre housing development being built by the Trasks and Camerons out by the jail? Whew just in time! Talk about luck! Who would have thought...

Where did this money come from?

We are paying for a business to expand and create new jobs yet State Employees are no longer going to have insurance upon retirement due to the fact that our State used our retirement money on other things. Some State employees have worked for 20 years under the pretense that they would have insurance upon retirement... one of the only reasons for working for the State of N.C.. Furthermore, you can create all the jobs you want but how are these people going to afford living in Wilmington with the cost of living??? $30,000 a year does not begin to make ends meet in our area!

Good for the community

So the state/county/whatever gives the company a tax break. Would we rather have less money or no money? They could move it to another state or even another country (Canada, Spain, Japan, and soon maybe even India all have GE related nuclear groups). Be thrilled that the jobs are here in this part of NC and still in the US. It's way more than many companies are doing. Good paying jobs, a company that supports the community (Hands on wilmington, United Way, etc). I work there. Most people wish they did.


i work with a woman whose husband works for GE and she told me that the jobs are for college degreed engineers and the like. also, alot of those jobs will be taken by transferees from other GE plants across the nation. these jobs are not going to be for "joe average". so, who is going to benefit? realtors, builders to house these new employees, business owners to provide services, etc. forgive me for downplaying this, but it is not going to help the displaced working class person who was laid off from their job due to downsizing and no fault of their own. the media makes it seem so great that we are going to get x-amount of new jobs to the area, but they should be more specific as to what those jobs will be and the qualifications and education needed to fill them. I'm sure GE would be happy to supply the local media with this information.

GE bringing 900 jobs, HA !! That's a laugh ...

Sure they may have 900 new job openings in the area, but they fill them by transfering employee's from other GE plants. The people in this area probably have snow balls chance to get their foot in the door. Believe me, I've tried.

Why do we have to pay out?

Why do the people of the state of NC have to pay GE millions of dollars (or overlook them) in tax incentives to have GE here. If Hillary Clinton was in office she would make them pay like she will Exxon for doing a good business here, and they will be glad for it. They are the ones making all the money then they should be paying all the taxes.

I agree with your comment,

I agree with your comment, but if we didn't pay then another state would have and we would have lost out on valuable jobs. I don't know how the process started, but that is how the game is played these days.

Then you think games are OK?

You must be a life-long Democrat that just loves the NC state government on down to the local level. Politics to you is a game. Our tax money, the middle class tax payer's money should not have anything to do with a game. Games are what has Black and Wright in jail, and Easley in trouble. I hope your paying your fair share of the game money that you like to refer too.

You think Exxon doesn't "pay out?"

I'm not exactly sure how, in your mind, Hillary Clinton would have a say on tax breaks negotiated at the state and county level, or what Exxon Mobil even has to do with GE Hitachi, but if you run into your sweety, please ask her exactly how much Exxon Mobil SHOULD pay. How much is fair? Should we take all their money - every penny? Half their money? Consider this - last year, Exxon Mobil's pre-tax income was $70.474 Billion Dollars. On that, they paid *** $29.864 Billion *** in income taxes. Amazing how THOSE facts never seem to make it into the vacuum of political rhetoric, isn't it?