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GE holds hurricane expo

GE employees are better prepared for a hurricane, thanks to the company's hurricane expo. The second annual event took place all day on GE's campus. Various agencies and companies supplied hurricane information and hand-outs to employees who stopped by. Among those in attendance were New Hanover Regional Medical Center, New Hanover County fire services, and the American Red Cross. The expo is especially helpful for new GE employees who have moved here from different regions. GE emergency preparedness leader Matt Allen said, "We're hoping people walk away with an appreciation of hurricane season, what it means, how they can better prepare themselves, their families, so they feel more comfortable in the event a hurricane does hit this area. They're prepared, they know what to do and take the proper course of action." NewsChannel 3 meteorologist Sonya Stevens represented our station. She talked about how people can prepare for severe weather, and answered questions from GE employees.

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Went to the exhibit and it

Went to the exhibit and it was for all. Had a pleasant conversation with a local meteorologist about upcoming weather forecast. The show did benefit the new employees here from San Jose that really don't know much about hurricanes as such. As for locals getting jobs in this facility and qualifications, step up the educational levels here a bit, and you'll have a shot at these jobs too, soon enough.

Proofs in the Pudding

Tada...just what I was looking for. "The expo is especially helpful for new GE employees who have moved here from different regions." So much for those LOCAL incentives and those LOCAL jobs... NHC should have done better research before giving away all the incentives they have. GE has the money....if they want to come here...make them pay like all the other local businesses do! The deeper pockets get the biggest breaks while the local small businesses get nada. This sucks...

Proof of what???

In an effort to satisfy your possibly curious mind and educate you, please note the following: GE employs thousands of local workers at rates well above the area average. In efforts to expand operations, GE has been able to offer many more additional jobs to local people as are available. Unfortunately though, due to the high-technology aspect of their business, some talent must be brought in from other areas to fill technical and managerial needs that are unavailble in the Wilmington vicinity. The hurricane expo was likely constructed to educate those that are new to coastal areas and the dangers presented by potential storms. Preparedness is key and you should be aware of that if you have been here more than a few years. Sorry to hear that you think GE and it's local area effort "sucks", but perhaps that would be the attitude of an individual that is uneducated in area knowlege and likely works at you local burger joint or supermarket. Just remember, "Mayo or Mustard with that?" and "Paper or Plastic?".

It's spelled

It's spelled Knowledge.....with a d.

Actually, I like mine plain...

Actually, GE feeds my family every week, and I am a proud card carrying MBA recipient. Please read my posts and understand the intent. My thoughts are not against GE, but against the local government using the "new jobs" as a way to sway the public to jump on the band wagon to support all of the tax incentives that are given up. I just do not feel that the numbers are accurate...and they are not. Plain and simple, local kids should get priority to the programs at CFCC, since the incentives for the program are given at a local level. Blogging is not to attack someone personally, but the situation. Did I strike a nerve?

What are the numbers, do you

What are the numbers, do you know? Did GE bring in 99% of the employees that work there? Are we talking about 1 transferee for every 100 local jobs....just what are the numbers truth seeker that you are up in arms over? If you can provide those that would be a reasonable place to start an argument against the Govt. and GE, well sort of. Are'nt the people who transfer here still paying taxes, buying groceries, houses, cars and spending money on entertainment? Does'nt this all support local busines and the economy? I'm not sure what your gripe is here? Are you a native of the cape fear region? Most people I know that live here are not. Would we really want large companies to build elsewhere and provide zero jobs to our area? That seems quite foolish during these times of uncertainty. I don't think it's wise to bite the hand that feeds you.


Now JefreyJ.....thank you for your time to provide correction on how to spell "knowledge", a real helpful addition to this blog. My turn: 1. Are'nt should be: aren't 2. Does'nt should be: doesn't 3. Busines should be: business Plus a host of sentence structure and other grammatical, punctuation errors.....sorry Braniac, couldn't resist this one!!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAAA!!! : ) Regardless of our handicaps, we are on the same page! Salud!

I'd love to know the numbers...

Yes, I am a local...lived here all of my life. I would love to know what the ratio of local hires is to transfers, but you are so missing my point. Why not accurately report the actual number of jobs that are hired on the local level, that's all. As a recruiter, I know the stats on the availability of MS to PhD level folks around here...bare to none. I understand the fact of having to recruit for those positions...just don't fabricate the numbers for the media. I'm thrilled with the expansion here, and if you had read my posts previously, you would have seen that. But let's be real, with this expansion most of the jobs are managerial to the professional level. The skill set needed does not fit the demographics of this area. I'm glad these folks transferring in are boosting our local economy...but I don't like the fact that one of the healthiest companies in America is receiving tax incentives for coming here, that's all. And as for the post of the education level in this area...another point about locals being given priority to the program at CFCC.