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GE-Hitachi offers early retirement packages, will hire new entry-level workers


By Alison Lee Satake
Greater Wilmington Business Journal

During these lean economic times, even one of the largest local employers is looking for ways to stay competitive. On July 21, about 60 employees at GE in Wilmington were offered voluntary retirement packages, said Michael Tetuan, public relations manager for GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.

The company plans to promote from within to fill those positions and has already begun to recruit for 60 positions at the entry-level - reports the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

“We are committed to this area and want to remain viable for business and to remain competitive,” Tetuan said. “We are not lowering wages for anybody or laying anyone off.”

But, the company needed to align its wages with the local market, he said.

The company offers an entry-level hourly wage that is about 25 percent higher than average in Wilmington’s job market, he said.

In addition, about 70 current contract positions will become full-time positions. After reviewing its workforce, the company decided that hiring for these 70 positions at a higher full-time rate with benefits outweighed the expense of contracting them out.

GE Wilmington has used contracting company, Granite Services International, in the past to fill the contract positions.

Combined GE Hitachi and GE Aviation employs about 2,000 as the fourth largest local employer, according to the business journal’s Book of Lists.

The company will fill the 130 positions, the majority of which will be in the nuclear division, during the course of the year.

According to the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina, about 1,700 applicants have applied for the positions so far.


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People are never satisfied.

People are never satisfied. Be glad they are offering jobs, I am sure the unemployed person will be grateful.


REALLY SUCKS...actually..I know there are individuals that need jobs...but making 10-12 bucks an hour...while the guy next to you doing the same work is making 28-30 bucks an hour...THAT JUST BLOWS!

Are you kidding me?

This is coming from a previous GE employee, anybody would be lucky as heck to get one of these jobs, even at $10-$12 an hour. GE is a fantastic company to work for! Great benefits, plenty of vacation time, yearly holiday elections, on-site medical care, on-site credit union, on-site food service, flexible scheduling to meet family needs, 3 shifts running 24/7, multiple employee recreation events each year, on and on and on. GE also does yearly performance reviews with raises commensurate with performance so someone making $10 an hour can easily be making $15-$20 within a few years.

Oh, and your comment about working next to someone making 2-3 times what you do? Guess what, that's called seniority. You should feel privileged to get to work next to someone like that, those are the people that know their stuff and can provide the greatest learning opportunities to improve your job skills and rise through the ranks at any job!


First of all..the benefits are dwindling...they cut them back all the time. It's getting worse...As far as the seniority comment..LOL..what the employees do out there isn't exactly rocket's like a ditch digger saying I HAVE SENIORITY...your being paid to do a job and the job is worth you have X making one hourly rate and Y making a totally different rate...DOING THE SAME EXACT WORK..if you want to tout seniority...seniority comes with added responsibilities...

Good Opportunity

The entry level positions start out at $14.90. At the end of your first 9 months it goes to $17.80. I don't know about you, but that still sounds pretty good. Especially, considering these people that are filling the positions have are not making $30.00 /hr. But, don't get me wrong, I would love to make that kind of's just not gonna happen. First get your foot in the door, learn the job, the possibilities are endless. There are other jobs that are being posted weekly. It may not come to you in the beginning, so, just wait on it. It will come.

Thats why its called "entry

Thats why its called "entry level" kid..Prove you can do the job just as good as the guy next to you and you'll make what he makes in due time.


Entry level USED to be three times as much....and you wont be getting to that rate any time soon! I am not saying GE is right or wrong..but they are using the current jobs market to take advantage of the situation...

Nuclear energy jobs pay a

Nuclear energy jobs pay a lot more than 10-12 bucks an hour. Been in the industry 12 years, first year was60,000 year with no college. This year 150,000. Sounds like lots of good paying jobs for people in the area.


NO..the nuclear side is now going to be paying 12 bucks an say I come on today..I make 24,960 bucks a year...the guy beside me has been there a YEAR..HARDLY considered having "seniority" and is making 58,240, a difference of 33,280..for doing NOTHING different than I am...same responsibilities. I wouldn't disagree if the pay was in the same RANGE...but these aren't even in the same ballpark! What is going on is that GE is using the current lack of a job market to take advantage of the new guys....all in my opinion, of course

Guess What?

It's a trend all over this country. If you don't like it, vote against the candidates who are for NAFTA, CAFTA and other such legislation that supports so called "free trade", which it isn't. It's all about redistribution of US wealth around the world. As for your comment, after 53 years, I've not found very much that is fair except for the big show that comes to town every year. I'd take one of those jobs in a heart beat if I needed to feed my family!

Everyone hates NAFTA....

...but they just lovvvve those small color TVs that used to cost $599, but now cost $199 because they're assembled in Mexico. What did you do with your $400 savings?

That's what people don't seem to get about globalization: Thousands of Americans suffer when they lose their manufacturing job, but tens of millions benefit by paying lower costs and having more disposable income, which increases the quality of their life.

Sorry, I Don't Buy It...

Never have and never will. Go ahead, put a set of Chi-Com tires on that Bimmer of yours. You complain about taxes? Just wait until more jobs leave America (service and manufacturing), you'll see more some taxes! With attitudes like that, we are doomed

Your buying it isn't essential

It is an undeniable fact widely acknowledged by economists. The big-box stores and their inexpensive imports have saved trillions for American consumers and improved the quality of life for the vast majority of Americans. Are there trade-offs and negative consequences? Sure, but they don't outweigh the benefits.

Light manufacturing involving minimal skill is dead in America. It will never return until labor costs drop so substantially that they are less than the sum of offshore manufacturing plus shipping. As long as it costs less to manufacture that widget in Malaysia and ship it here, it will be made in Malaysia.

Of course, our weak dollar is making that widget more expensive every day, so if we totally collapse we may see some jobs return because WE will be the cheap, Third-World labor market. I don't see it getting that bad, however. I just see us transitioning to a country that is dominated by service jobs spanning the spectrum from menial to highly skilled and high paying...

...because heavy manufacturing, our last solid footing as a manufacturing nation is following light manufacturing across the ocean. For example, Caterpillar is planning on hiring three-thousand workers this year. Only nine-hundred of them will be here, in America. The American middle class, blue-collar factory worker is following the Dodo and dinosaurs into extinction because our wages are so high they make us non-competitive on a global scale....and don't forget our idiotic tax code, making it even easier to decide to set up operations offshore...

BTW, the only crummy, prematurely failing tires I ever owned were manufactured in the far off land of Ohio.

Ahh...such is life! Get with it or quit whining!

You or your friends don't want the jobs because you think "...THAT JUST BLOWS"?? Move the heck over and get out of the way quickly because there many that do!!! 25% above average area pay and wonderful benefits? Nothing at all wrong with that!

You DO have an alternative! Just practice these lines, "Paper or Plastic, Sir?" and/or, "Would you like to Supersize those fries?".

We still need people like you and your friends at $7.25/hr. with zero bene's...providing of course that you correct that snotty attitude and learn to pull your pants up!


Any idea what the entry level position actually starts out at and benefits provided?

The entry level pay right

The entry level pay right now for the nuclear side or what the call FMOX, is 14.90/hr and after 9 months it goes to 17.80/hr.


seriously? I bet you think its fair for women to make less than men too...