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Getting stiffed, what are the victim's rights?

READ MORE: Getting stiffed, what are the victim's rights?
If you've ever waited tables or driven a cab, it's probably happened to you. It's time for the person to pay, but they've already taken off. They stiff you. According to the law, that's theft. What rights do you have if you're the victim of a crime? Marino Ranj, owner of Mr. Taxi, said, "If you put all the taxi drivers in a room, and said 'how many people have been stiffed on a fare by someone running out, I'm sure out of 150 people you are going to get at least 120 hand raised up in the air.’ " That's just what happened to one of Marino Ranj's drivers in December, except now his driver is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. NHC District Attorney Ben David explained, "You can't bring a knife to a fist fight, you can't use a car to hit someone on the street." Police say the driver was taking his customer to an ATM to get cash. When he ran, Ranj said his driver tried to chase after him. Ranj said, “I think the guy was trying to do a ditch move, and I think he took a curve and hit him." This opens up a much larger issue, how do you protect yourself, or your business? David said, "If they are not in danger of losing their life, of having serious injury on themselves, they can't use deadly force because that is said to be both an aggressor and excessive." The bottom line is you can't use force greater than what is being used against you. The driver no longer works for Mr. Taxi.

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I was employed by a taxi

I was employed by a taxi company for several years as a mechanic. I saw things like this happen frequently. One driver chased a passenger that ran and fell and was badly hurt. I would like to see cab companies go to accepting only credit cards which would pretty much curtail robberies, and/or when a customer gets into a cab, the driver should check his/her driver's license and relay all info to the dispatcher. This would not stop all such things from happening, but would stop a lot of it. Cab drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs anyone could have and anything that makes it safer for them should be considered. If the passenger does not have proper ID, let them walk.

Can't bring a knife to a fistfight?

Can't use undue force? Match force with force used against you...hmmmmm? Well, all I can say is that I carry a "assisted opening" knife clipped to my pocket at all times. It is not a switchblade and it is not illegal. It is easy to open with one hand and my primary reason for a knife such as this is while boating. It is a necessary tool and may likely save my life in certain circumstances. However, when walking downtown in precarious areas or other areas of this lovely town where criminals may tread, my hand stays very close to that pocket. To the very best of my ability, the thug that attempts to attack me will have to stay behind trying to collect his intestines from the sidewalk. I will not wait to see if he happened to bring his club, knife or gun during his attempt to attack me! Now, lets bring this on in front of 12 of our peers, huh?

Also charged?

Was the guy that ran charged with the theft of service? I don't have a problem with the driver hitting him. Too bad the driver is being charged.


I've been the victim of this type of crime twice. In the grocery store a customer did the bait/switch routine & I fell for it which left my drawer short & it came out of my paycheck since I was responsible for the contents of the drawer-believe me clerks don't get paid much & I had to eat less that week-I don't eat much to begin with. As a waitress my table walked out leaving the tab & my boss made me pay because it was my table-a mid price seafood restaurant-he held me responsible. 100% of the time the thief gets away with it. Most of the time the low paid clerk, driver, waiter/waitress has to pay out of pocket. If the thief is reading this you're not just robbing the business you're robbing the LOW PAID worker.

You got screwed twice

Sounds like you got screwed twice. Your employer (neither of them) have a right to make you pay for what happened. If your drawer is short several times they might be able to get away with it, but if it's short only once and it's not a lot of money, they cannot force you to pay it. Same when you were a waitress. You cannot stop someone from walking about on their tab, especially if you are helping out other customers. Your boss had no legal right to force you to pay for their tab.


Gratuity –noun, plural -ties. 1. a gift of money, over and above payment due for service, as to a waiter or bellhop; tip. 2. something given without claim or demand. How can it be theft when a tip is a voluntary gift by definition. What if your waiter is horrible and screws up your order and truly does not deserve a tipZ? This is opening the door for abuse. Who is going to arbitrate these cases? Did the worker deserve it or not. Can you give a penny just to avoid breaking the law?

Hey Webster, Read The Article

Thanks for the dictionary entry, but read the article. It's not about tips. It's about not paying your bill.


They are talking about the cost of the meal or the cab ride, not the tips.



More needed

Add in child-proof locks that allow the customer to get in the cab, but the driver has to let the customer out. The drivers should also carry Tasers. If it was up to me, I'd give a medal to the driver who ran that worm over. It's absolutely perverse that the state tells us that they can't protect our property rights, but that we can't either.

It's about time someone

It's about time someone stood up for what's right....maybe we should go back to the way things were handeled in the wild west. Less people stole, skipped out. If you could be shot for stealing then you might not steal. I think the charges should be dropped the poor guy was defending his livly hood. Now he's out of work because of some crook. the rules should be changed. Protect the working man. hold the crooks accountable with leathal would stop some of these little crimes, Fear is a good thing

"What rights do you have if

"What rights do you have if you're the victim of a crime?" After this statement, the whole article was about a story--not what victims can do. Could they possibly ask for photo ID (in a taxi) before providing the service? Then return it upon payment? Could they take these people to court? Or would there not be enough proof? It seems that many of the stories lately have catchy headlines to bring you in, but drop the ball when it comes to reporting a story that's relevant to the actual headline.