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Ghost hunter to search Battleship NC


Tales of ghosts aboard the Battleship North Carolina are nothing new. Next month a world-renowned expert will check them out for himself.

Dustin Pari, from the SyFy channel's Ghost Hunters International show, will lead a ghost hunt investigation of the battleship April 9. The event includes a meet-and-greet, lectures and group investigations of the ship.

Tickets are $100. Click here for more information.

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Port City Paranormal

Port City Paranormal has the honor of being able to repeatedly research and investigate BB55 ! The Port City Paranormal team has completed our Tenth Investigation of this very haunted site.
We invite you to see evidence we have posted on our web site There is a lot of information there and we keep adding more. Photos and videos with a narritive of each investigation is being updated each month.
We invite paranormal teams to contact and to join us on research based investigation for 12 or less people.( all money for investigations goes directly to the USS N.C.)
The Battleship can be contacted directly for unguided investigations by calling 910 251 5797.

Port City Paranormal

I found no evidence on your site..... Just a history lesson that I can find in the USS NC Battleship's website.

Battleship NC

I visited the USS Battleship NC yesterday but didn’t have a clue that it was hunted until I came home. I remembered below where the bunk beds with no mattresses, when I was going in with my son who is 3 years old he stood at the door and told me he is not coming with me and ran back to his daddy. I stayed and toured it by my self until I went into the bathroom and I thought to my self here is a bit dismal and I came out but as I was walking back on the corridor I saw a door and as I was about to put my hand on the door, a red laser light came on as said do not enter and I got scared and walk off. Then my family came in and I told them to come and hear this but nothing came on . I don’t know if this had anything to do with there being hunted or if management had alarm on that particular door.


WaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaa!! Crybabies! Ghosts or no ghosts, if people find this exciting, leave them alone!!


If you remember years ago the Battleship had a nightly program call "Sound and Lights". I was one of the equipment operators back then. During the show the equipment operator was the only ones on the ship. There was more than one time I heard walking up and down the ladders and on the deck above the room I was in. I have walked out of the equipment room when I heard the noise coming down the ladder and find no one there. Do I believe the Battleship is haunted? Yes, I do..

Ghosts aboard the USSNC

If Dustin wants to come behind TAPS and Investigate the USSNC then he has the right so long as it has been granted to him. The ghosts of the Ship mentioned ARE That of the Sailors/ Hero's killed in action aboard said Vessel, and Ghosts are infact real, and tend to have parting words for their loved ones.. some are evil some are not.. some cause harm.. some don't.. if you have not experienced such an entity.. then Congrats.. you are among many that haven't... But God help you if you ever come across one that is not happy about the afterlife.. because your life will be miserable... Biggest thing to remember is that a GHOST.. is nothing More than a Person who does not walk this earth in the Human Physical Form anymore.. But carries on his or her lifestyle in unearthly forms, such as Apparitions.. or Voices/noice phenomena. Maybe someone should turn these ghost hunters onto the locations of Downtown Wilmington as well.. Bellamy Mansion too...

Ghosts on the Battleship

I do not believe in Ghosts. They are "apparitions" of Demons waiting for the perfect moment to possess someone.

They've already done this

They've already done this once before and claims were it was haunted. Guess they wanted to come back.

Ghost Hunters Search on Battleship

Ghosts do not exist. When a person dies, they "sleep" in death. They can not speak, hear, move or see. They can not help or harm the living. That is the Bible's view at John 11:5-14 and Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, and 10.
Those who believe these scriptures simply need to show it by not attending this event.
We need to share these scriptures with others. This is a fine way to show love of our neighbors and God. Don't criticize those who attend or hold some type of protest-it is their choice to attend and criticism and protests only serve to give a bad name to Christianity.

Ghost Hunters

Speaking of Christianity, Christ died. He's referred to as the Holy Ghost. He appeared before His disciples. There are no ghosts?

When people die...

When we die,..... we become worm food.. End of story.. Literally...

Christ is the Holy Ghost?

Perhaps you need to study Christianity and the Holy Trinity a bit more.

Ghost Hunters

A ghost is defined as a disembodied soul; the soul of a person who appears in bodily form. Humans do not have souls. They are souls. When Jesus appeared before his disciples he was not a disembodied soul. It was the person himself. He had been raised with a spirit body which is invisible(1 Cor. 15:45), but appeared to his disciples in human form so they could see him just as angels had appeared to humans before(Abraham, Lot).

Ghost Hunters?

Ghost Hunters on the USS North Carolina? Give me a break. Some one is giving away their money or someone else's money for this. If there are ghost on the Battleship, they are the ghost of the brave souls that gave their lives for our freedom and that ship is their home. If there are ghost on board, leave them alone. Allow them to continue to serve, protect and defend HER. They gave HER life in a time of war so let them live together with HER in peace. I gave some of my nickles and dimes so that she could come here and rest in peace. Give them and HER that peace.

Sounds more like he's an expert on....

...bilking suckers out of their money.