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Ghost Hunters are here in Wilmington

People who are intrigued by the possibility of ghosts and the paranormal are in for quite a weekend. Steve Gonsalves and other cast members from the popular Sci-Fi Channel show "Ghost Hunters" are in Wilmington. They're taking groups of people onto the USS North Carolina battleship to spend hours investigating. They're doing it Friday and Saturday night, spending hours on the ship into the early hours of the morning. Gonsalves said they wanted to come back to Wilmington after filming an episode here a few years ago. "The last time we were here, we did have some interesting things happen. It did sound like on a few occasions that things were following us around the ship and closing doors behind us and even some of the crew members, like some of the production crew members that filmed would claim to experience some things and we always said that we had to come back." The cast members aren't filming an episode this weekend...just hosting the event onboard the battleship with their fans.

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Nothing Spotted

OK, this hobby is way out of control. Just go here to vivit the WWII ship and honor those who served. Been here and the Queen Mary and other sites folks say are haunted, nothing on my films. You want a great hobby, go help out somewhere where folks are alive and in need. So far I have no bigfoots, no aliens and no ghosts on my 8MM, videotapes or mini DVs. Live your life, use your God-given talents to do your best. Never waste a moment of life watching someone else or wishing, get out and do, tomorrow is promised to no-one. vet & disabled

Weird experience on the NC

I went on the USS North Carolina for a tour several years ago and had what I thought was a claustrophobic panic attack, although I never really had claustrophobia and had never felt anything like it before or since. I was in the bottom area of the ship and just had this overwhelming feeling that I had to get out of there. I almost ran to the top of the ship. After seeing the Ghost Hunters episode on the USS NC, now I wonder if I was sensing something else? Maybe not, but I think I like the "chased by a ghost" explanation better than claustrophobia :-)

Violent Deaths

There were quite a few violent deaths on the Battleship during WWII. Whos to say the spirits of the men who died there didn't stick around and whos to say the spirits of the men who served on her and have now passed on didn't come back.

Ghosthunters (TAPS) Are FAKE

I'm sorry but after the OBVIOUS FRAUD they committed on live TV (Go to Youtube and search TAPS FAKE together to watch) their prior evidence and all future evidence is forever contaminated. On media suck ups and "Wannabe's," follow them. No one in serious research respects them anymore. Furthermore the media is really "Lax," on not addressing the fraud issues with them.


a few things...first you will NEVER get mainstream scientists to admit life after death. It doesn't hold with their way of thinking about our Universe, how it formed and how things fall into the laws we have come to hold as fact. Second, while I don't believe in "ghosts" I DO believe in demons, evil spirits. I like the show, I do watch it because I find it interesting. If you were the devil...what better way to attack the very existence of God than to make it look like loved ones were still hanging around after death.....Just my opinions...and that's all they are.

Admit? How can you admit

Admit? How can you admit what you have no proof to be true. All you have is your faith. And many scientists ARE spiritual and DO believe in the afterlife, but scientificially you simply cannot prove life after death. Therefore, it has no relation to science. Not until it can be proven or disproven. But to think no mainstream scientist believes in God, thats laughable.


I would say that a LARGE majority of the scientific community DOES NOT believe in God. Very FEW scientists that DO would announce it in front of their peers during a presentation of any sort. Second...I think a LOT of people have seen proof that paranormal activities DO CANNOT explain them so simply dismisses the whole idea. There are things that happen in places that simply...are STRANGE...cannot be explained by mainstream science and therefore...paranormal. IF there is life after death..then it MOST CERTAINLY relates to science and how we view the Universe...


Very interesting way of looking at it. I would agree that most in the scientific world don't believe in god.

Ghost hunters ( TAPS)

Does anyone know if anything happened while they were on the battleship? I found out too late that they were coming and their website said Sold Out...

Ghost hunters (TAPS)

My son went Saturday night. According to him they had a lot of experiences and he caught an extended video but I have not had a chance to watch it yet. One of the group members (TAPS) said that the night was the most active (including the first time they shot here) and that they wanted to come back to film there again. Not sure if they will.

When your sons reviews the

When your sons reviews the videos keep us all posted on what went on. Like I said before I would have loved to go either on Friday or Saturday, but both nights were sold out.. I hope I get a chance to go at a later time.

But are they objective?

I Watch two program on Ghost Hunters where they were set-up with fake evidence. Both times they caught it. One was an edit camera shot which happened on the Queen Mary. The camera was shut off then someone went up under the bed. Someone else turned the camera back on while they pulled a blanket down. Then the same thing to exit unobserved. The Ghost Hunter video tech caught it while they were going over the footage and they were mad. But they were such professionals the way they handled, just being honest without pointing fingers. But what really bothers me is how mainstreamed scientist don't look at this seriously. It is way beyond hoax. It's repeatable evidence and it is verified by film sound and on sight experiences. These teams which go out with a skeptical outlook prove something is happening. The scientist of our time are not practicing science, hey are practicing opinion based upon a preconceived notion. These experience and evidence of consciousness happen all over the world by people of various religious cultures weather they believe or they don't These spirits can be any religion or of no religion. The Ghost Hunter are practicing real science they go to out and look at the evidence. Dinosaurs would have never been discovered in a lab or on a computer. Joe Capp UFO Media Matters Non-Commercial Blog The other one was a bar that had intentionaly install spooky gear for the paterns. The never told the Ghost Hunters and they caught it imediately and then were ever they were.

I may listen more to your

I may listen more to your line of thinking, but wow, you really need to work on your grammar and spelling when trying to convince other folks of the reality of ghosts.